27th December 2021, 5pm Seoul Time ( GMT +09:00 )


27th December 2021
5pm Seoul Time

( GMT +09:00 )

12 Korean Companies Named HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021

11,955 employees from 79 Korean companies took part in the HR Asia employee engagement survey via the TEAM platform. A new proprietary platform specifically built which measures employee engagement in real time.

Among the employees who participated in the survey, 85% of the survey participants stated that they are willing to assist colleagues who are in need or having troubles in completing their tasks; and 83% are determined to do more than what they are expected, to achieve the goal of the organization.

The result from the survey concludes that 82% of the survey respondents have a clear understanding of what they were expected to do at work. This shows that the Korean employees has a clear and concise communication with their employers and is happy to continue to achieve for excellence and growth even as the Korean economy begins to reopen.

Although, there are clear objectives and communication between the employers and employees, the survey showed that 75% wished that their organization has recreational facilities be it on-site or off-site, as this would help the to boost employees’ productivity and morale.