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17 Changi South Street 2,
Singapore 486129

17 Changi South Street 2, Singapore 486129


Supply Chain


To be the leader in multi-modal
transport and integrated logistics
using cutting edge technology
and innovative processes. Our
customers acknowledge us as a
highly competent and strategic
partner to manager their
supply chain.

To be the leader in multi-modal transport and integrated logistics using cutting edge
technology and innovative processes. Our customers acknowledge us as a highly
competent and strategic partner to manager their supply chain.

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“Take Care of our People, and They'll Take Care of Business”

This is our company ethos. We recognize the importance of our people as they are the key drivers of the organization’s success. Hence, their wellbeing and development are our priority. In Schenker Singapore, Human Capital is at the heart of our business. Due to our continuing and multifaceted efforts, we have been awarded the Human Capital Partnership by the Ministry of Manpower.

We have captured these efforts through the acronym – C.A.R.E

  • Caring For Our People – Their Wellbeing First!
  • Advancing Forward – Keeping Up with the Times
  • Realizing Every Potential
  • Empathetic People – Contributing Back to Society
C.A.R.E was designed to pave the way for our people to grow and thrive in their journey with Schenker Singapore!

Caring For Our People – Their Wellbeing First

Providing an optimal work experience is an ongoing process. Changes were implemented after having taken employees’ feedback and welfare into consideration. Some of these changes include:
  • Installing a Ball Deck in our warehouse enables our operation staff to handle and move heavy cargos more easily and efficiently.
  • Having Adjustable Workstations to allow our staff to work in a more comfortable and optimal posture.
  • Chartering Buses to provide transportation for our staff to travel from multiple locations to work and vice versa. In addition, transportation to eateries is provided during lunch breaks.
Aside from these changes, subsidies for more forms of treatment have been introduced to enhance the physical wellbeing of our employees. These include Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A Singapore Mental Health Study conducted in 2016 showed that 1 in 7 adults would experience some form of mental health condition 1. Hence, we have engaged a mental health group practice, Annabelle Psychology, to enhance the mental wellbeing of our staff. Workshops on mental health and company sponsored psychology/counselling services (including phone and text-based support) are available to all staff. Furthermore, a standby service will be provided in the event one requires immediate attention, whereby psychologists or counsellors will be activated within the hour.

Advancing Forward – Keeping Up with the Times

It is imperative for a company to continually enhance its culture, to adapt to the changing needs of its people.

It was reported that only 7% of Asia’s workforce wanted to commit to a completely on-site work arrangement, with the majority preferring to work 2-3 days remotely2. Due to changing work preferences and needs, we have decided to move towards a hybrid work arrangement that encompasses both on-site and on-line work practices, providing employees with greater work flexibility.

In addition, the Singapore office has embarked on a major renovation to create a more conducive working environment. An open office concept will be adopted to allow more communication and interaction across departments. In addition, a recreation corner will be provided for our employees to enjoy their break and to connect with each other.

It was also found that adult learners showed an increasing preference towards online learning3. Therefore, plans have been made for our training room to be redesigned to allow for multiple modes of training - onsite, online and blended learning.

It is our privilege and honour to be recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia.

At the heart of our success is Schenker Singapore’s underlying philosophy: "If we take care of our people, they will take care of our business.”

This award stands as a testament to the dedication and invaluable contributions of every member of the Schenker Singapore Family.

We will continue to be a People's People Organization, putting our employees at the heart of everything we do!

Wendy Xia – Chief Human Resources Officer

Realizing Every Potential

Schenker Singapore strives to stay ahead of the competition by pushing our limits, providing our employees with opportunities to maximize their potential.

At a macro level, we have taken the trajectory of preparing our people for both the present and the future – Industry 4.0. In 2020, the Centre of Performance Excellence was introduced to help raise the standard of digitalization across the entire company – to benefit all departments, and every employee across all levels.

Along with this Centre, we have invested a sizeable amount of funds in our training programmes. In 2021, a dedicated budget of $1.21M was set aside to train our workers for their career development. We had also conducted a Digital Readiness Audit across all levels in 2020 to ascertain their digital readiness, allowing us to cater courses and workshops to enhance their knowledge and skills. Additionally, bi-monthly online talks have been arranged to benefit our staff with new insights and knowledge. They are scheduled during lunch hours so that all staff can attend these talks.

Our training platform – Schenker Learning Portal (SLP) was created for employees to have easy access to our full catalog of trainings which include a wide variety of e-learning programmes. SLP can be accessed on mobile devices and personal computers which allow employees to view these courses at their convenience.

Empathetic People – Contributing Back to Society

Schenker Singapore has an established Corporate Social Responsibility arm – Schenker Cares. Various initiatives involving financial assistance and practical help have enabled our organization to reach out to both the local and regional communities. These initiatives which encourage our employees’ active participation are instrumental in developing a socially conscious workforce.

Aside from community work, Schenker Singapore is a strong advocate of environmental-friendly practices. Some of our green initiatives are:
  • Several green worksites which are partially powered by solar panels.
  • Furniture made from recyclable materials.
  • Green Fingers – an ongoing project where our employees’ plant and tend to the gardens within our premises.
The C.A.R.E for our people is what sets us apart as a company. Through these initiatives, we have created a workplace and culture that is employee centric, a place where our employees can thrive because we believe that when we “Take Care of Our People, and They'll Take Care of Business”.