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2F., No. 258, Liancheng Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan




A World's Leading Memory Brand
Founded in 2001, ADATA Technology
Co., Ltd. is committed to providing
top-notch memory solutions and
enriching people’s lives. The company’s
dedication to integrity and
professionalism has made ADATA a
leading memory brand globally with
one of the most comprehensive
portfolios of award-winning products.

A World's Leading Memory Brand Founded in 2001, ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. is
committed to providing top-notch memory solutions and enriching people’s lives.
The company’s dedication to integrity and professionalism has made ADATA a
leading memory brand globally with one of the most comprehensive portfolios
of award-winning products.

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Innovating the Future

ADATA was founded in 2001 in Taiwan. Since its founding, it has expanded its presence to five continents, with fourteen branch offices located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, South Korea, Japan, India, the Netherlands, Germany, US (Los Angeles and Miami), Mexico, and Brazil. ADATA is the world's second largest vendor of DRAM memory and branded solid state drives, and ranks among the top 25 international brands from Taiwan.

Under the leadership of founder and chairman, Simon Chen, ADATA has developed a people-oriented corporate culture that provides its 1,700-strong workforce with a foundation for delivering meaningful technologies and products to its customer, including memory, storage, consumers electronics, gaming, and industrial-grade products, as well as electric powertrains. ADATA is always looking to the future and continues to maintain a diversified portfolio of products to meet the ever-changing needs of our modern world.

Advancing Technology Together

ADATA is committed to cultivating a diversified and modern pool of talents. Based on the values of "compassion, professionalism, righteousness, fairness, honesty, hard work, ability, cooperation, love, and newness" it embraces individuals who believe in decency, fairness, honesty, perseverance, ability, harmony, tolerance, and innovation. ADATA recruits talents and employees that display these characteristics to promote technological progress and give back to society.

In the past year, organizations the world over have felt the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and have had to streamline their labor force to reduce costs. ADATA on the contrary has continue to hire and expand its workforce. ADATA’s human resources department has been duly carrying out the recruitment of talent based on the company’s core recruitment philosophy set out by ADATA’s chairman, they are: Employ Capable People, Train Capable People, Develop Capable People. In addition to helping employees become effective employees, ADATA management also seeks to ingrain the importance of corporate social responsibility. As a result, in the past two decades, ADATA has strongly encouraged its employees to partake in activities that help promote social welfare with a key philosophy of: We benefit from society therefore we must give back to society.

Recruiting and Nurturing the Right Talent

ADATA embraces the ideals of loving talents, cherishing talents and utilizing talents, and expects all employees to give full play to their strengths and continue to develop their skills. ADATA’s employee education and training program is based on the Taiwan Talent Quality-management System (TTQS) promoted by the Ministry of Labor of Taiwan. It starts with an organizational vision and examines functional gaps while also taking into account compliance with customer and regulatory requirements, and environmental protection. ADATA was recognized for its outstanding implementation of its employee education and training program by the Ministry of Labor with a silver medal award. ADATA’s employee education, training, and incentive programs encompass the following:
  • Career Development: Newly on-board employees are given introductory courses to understand the company’s organization and culture. They are supervised under a three-month training plan. ADATA regularly offers annual promotion opportunities for outstanding employees to give affirmation and encouragement, for the level of development. ADATA also offers many opportunities for vertical development through inter-departmental transfers to provide more comprehensive. Well-rounded job-training. In addition, ADATA’s headquarters is located in Taipei, with subsidiaries around the world so it also offers overseas assignment opportunities, short-term travel opportunities, or long-term overseas postings.
  • A Happy Workplace: ADATA has a staff restaurant and offers daily meal subsidies. It also offers a gym and has more than 20 employee clubs. What’s more, it offers employee bimonthly birthday parties, gift certificates, birthday gift certificates, semi-annual movie tickets, book gift certificates, and departmental meal subsidies There are also a vacation subsidies and education subsidies of over NTD10,000 yuan per year per person to encourage employees to strengthen their competitive advantages outside of work. In addition, every year, ADATA hosts an annual family day, annual meeting, Taroko Marathon, movie event, art events, music appreciation events, and more.
  • Employee Training Programs: ADATA awards colleagues who match its corporate culture and brand spirit. Outstanding employees recognized as “high potential talents” through internal recommendations are given special learning opportunities. At the same time, ADATA provides abundant learning resources to all employees. It regularly organizes basic and advanced lecturers to offer opportunities for increasing knowledge and enhancing practical skills. In response to the pandemic, ADATA has adjusted its learning system with the addition of up to 4,000 hours of online courses to provide a safer environment for training and learning.
  • Incentive Programs: ADATA utilizes multiple internal competitions to encourage colleagues to give play to their strengths while creating a teamwork atmosphere. In terms of team competitions, a monthly departmental competition, “The ADATA Model Unit” is held to select the most outstanding department based on employee votes. The winning department is provided with generous meal vouchers to encourage project implementation results and cross-departmental cooperation. In terms of personal awards, ADATA encourages employees to be innovative and productive by honoring outstanding managers and others employees every year at its Chinese New Year annual parties.
  • Internship Programs: ADATA hopes to take root in campuses throughout Taiwan with its internship program and establish engagement with the school to cultivate the next generation. It also believes that young people can inject innovative vitality into the company. ADATA and the School of Engineering at Tsinghua University have a long-term partnership to provide students with learning opportunities via overseas summer internships at ADATA’s Suzhou factory. A guaranteed salary, high-quality accommodations, training courses, and mentorship training are provided. In addition, ADATA has a half-year semester internship program with Ming Chuan University, which commenced in 2021, to encourage students to grow through on-the-job learning.
  • Youth Employment Project: ADATA is people-oriented and believes that talents are the company’s most valuable asset. In addition to the company’s fixed internal training budget and external training subsidies, ADATA looks to give young people start on life, especially during the post-pandemic world. ADATA provides young people that are staring out with an excellent salary, training, rotational internship opportunities within the company, and mentoring by experienced employees. As of the writing of this report, 60 college graduates have taken part in this program.  

Quality First. Sustainability

ADATA believes that companies must continue to operate, in addition to mastering global market trends and industrial technology, in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. ADATA products meet ISO9001 (quality management), IATF16949 (automotive products), IECQ QC080000 (hazardous substance inspection) standards. It also complies with EU RoHS hazardous substances requirements and environmental and labor safety standards through ISO 45001 (International Labor Occupational Health and Safety Management), ISO14001 (International Environmental Management System) TOSHMS (Taiwanese labor occupational health and safety management) certification. ADATA holds itself to high standards and is committed to the pursuit of growth and meeting customer needs in a socially responsible and sustainable way. ADATA believes that becoming a sustainability-minded company starts from the daily habits of employees. For example, ADATA no longer uses paper cups when serving water to its visitors, using mugs instead. ADATA’s employee canteen has also done away with disposal utensils and all employees are encouraged to use reusable bottles for beverages.

The Cycle of Goodness. A Harmonious Society.

ADATA chairman, Simon Chen, believes that a positive, proactive, and positive corporate culture is beneficial to the company’s steady growth. A quote by Liu Bei, the famed Chinese leader, best illustrates this idea. He said: "Do not fail to commit an act of kindness just because it is small in scale. To encourage ADATA employees to show their kindness, Mr. Chen has led all colleagues and partners to jointly create social value.
  • ADATA considers children as the foundation of an innovative future. With ADATA core values in mind -Agile, Swift, Exploring and Lively, it develops educational programs suitable for children of different ages, and realizes the vision of “Using technology to create colorful experiences and enrich customer’s lives with a smarter way of life.” In the past 20 years, ADATA has rallied its employees and partners to jointly create social value and promote four major projects:

    A. Early Childhood Education and Care – ADATA has cooperated with the "ChungYi Social Welfare Foundation" for 18 years. Through close cooperation with ADATA, this organization has given young children inspiration and opportunities to ensure they have fair access to a high-quality education at a young age.

    B. Beneficial Educational Environment Program – Since 2004, ADATA has work alongside the Renewal Foundation, local governments in Taiwan and China, and the Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, to help foster a safe, proper, and conducive environment for children to learn and grow.

    C. Creativity Inspiration Program - ADATA believes that children should dare to imagine and reach for the stars. In order to cultivate creative thinking and innovation, ADATA launched a parent-child painting contest. Mobilizing all ADATA colleagues to participate, we also invited disadvantaged children to take part in order to improve the comprehensiveness of education and foster creativity among disadvantaged children.

    D. Youth Guidance and Student Aid – Under the sustainable development framework of the education plan, ADATA launched a guidance and student assistance program for young people. This program is a joint effort with the Puren Youth Care Foundation, which had 30 years of experience in supporting children Taiwan. The program works directly with school principals and teachers to help enhance the learning opportunities of disadvantaged children.
  • Corporate Support: ADATA believes that an enterprise is a practitioner of solving social problems and a provider of solutions, and it is the responsibility of the enterprise to create offer its resources and provide value to society. To this end, we provide equipment and scholarships to the following organizations: PWSA Taiwan, Children’s Hearing Foundation, Children Are Us Foundation. ADATA uses technology to show its love to the disadvantaged and help them realize their potential and move towards a better future.
  • Participation in International Sports Events: ADATA believes that health is the foundation for the future and therefore encourages employees to jointly support Taiwan's internationally renowned sports events, including the IESF World E-sports Championship, Taroko International Marathon, and Pacific International Dragon Boat Festival. ADATA was honored with a Gold Award in the sponsorship category from the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education Taiwan. In addition, it has joined hands with Dongtai High School in Hsinchu County to support aspiring athletes. What’s more, ADATA works with e-sports clubs at colleges and universities across Taiwan to organize events to implement the brand concept of "innovation leads the future".