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7F., No.399, Ruiguang Rd.,Neihu Dist.,
Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

7F., No.399, Ruiguang Rd.,Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)




Air Liquide’s ambition is to lead
its industry, deliver long-term
performance and contribute
to sustainability.

Air Liquide’s ambition is to lead its industry, deliver long-term performance
and contribute to sustainability.

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Founded in 1987, Air Liquide Far Eastern (ALFE) is a joint-venture between worldwide gas leader Air Liquide Group and Far Eastern New Century Group. ALFE has been the number 1 industrial investor among French companies in Taiwan in recent years, with over 1 billion NTD capital invested every year over the last 10-years.

A world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 78 countries with approximately 64,500 employees and serves more than 3.8 million customers and patients. Air Liquide’s ambition is to be a leader in its industry, deliver long term performance and contribute to sustainability.

Leveraging on the advanced technology developed by Air Liquide, ALFE supplies high quality gases and total solution for the needs of electronics & large industries markets, industrial merchant customers and healthcare patients. Today, it employs more than 630 employees and has 20+ offices/plants presence in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and the major Industrial Science Parks islandwide.

The Way We Work - BeActEngage

The environment is characterized by accelerated change in society and economy. Air Liquide needs to adapt its ways of working to meet the challenges and to leverage on new opportunities. Hence, in 2020 ALFE is implementing a Group program - BeActEngage - that defines its working principles, its basic ethical attitude, and its ability and willingness to act in an agile manner in a constantly changing environment. 3 pillars of BeActEngage are:
  • Be: Living its fundamentals (Safety, Ethics, Long-term performance)
  • Act: Acting for its success (Deliver, being proactive & taking ownership; Care about customers, patients & colleagues; Adapt to the changing environment)
  • Engage: Creating engaging environment for its teams (Give purpose sharing the Why; Trust and be trusted; Grow its people, giving guidance and learning opportunities)
ALFE is making BeActEngage simply the way employees work here.

MyVoice & EX Roadshows - Listen to the voices of employees

In 2019, ALFE was chosen as one of the four countries in the world to launch the new Group initiative - MyVoice, a very key milestone for the company transformation journey and for its “Employee eXperience (EX)” improvement ambition.

In 2020, 96% of all employees participated in the MyVoice survey, and 850 insightful comments were received from across the company. After gathering feedback, task force teams for each action item were assigned, and 12 physical roadshows were organized to report the action plans and improvement results. Through the company-level actions, ALFE hopes to enhance EX and make it a better place to work.

Covid Mitigation - To protect whom we care the most

Since the beginning of 2020, Covid-19 has been changing the way people live. To protect the health of its employees, customers, patients and partners, all plants and offices in ALFE were mobilized at the beginning of the outbreak to take multiple precautionary measures to ensure the continuity of its business and services, including:
  • Establishing a Covid Committee right away to monitor and make decisions on a daily basis.
  • Deploying hygiene related measures, such as environment disinfection, health-protection regulations, and virtual meetings/interviews...etc.
  • Activating BCP and practicing Team A & Team B.

EAP Program - Safeguard Employees' Physical & Mental Health

In 2020, ALFE launched the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide employees and their family members a professional and confidential counselling/advice service on a wide range of work and life topics/issues where COVID-19 virus pandemic impact is also included. As part of the EAP, 4 lectures covering topics from work to parenting were conducted. Up to March of 2021, 74 times of EAP consulting services were applied by ALFE employees. Furthermore, a new Nursing Service at sites is also in place to look after employees’ occupational safety & health. Employees are eligible to biweekly face-to-face consultancy with medical professionals.

Sports Month - Walk into a Healthy Lifestyle

In the context of COVID-19, many physical activities are limited. In order to encourage employees to exercise more, a one-month online walking campaign - Sports Month - was organized in 2020. A total of 370 colleagues, more than 60% of ALFE’s employees, have participated in this activity. In terms of the overall performance, 27.3 laps of walking distance around the island was achieved eventually. That means every participant walked 8,208 steps averagely per day.

Nonstop Learning - AL University Virtual Campus

Air Liquide’s stated objective is to become a “learning organization” in which employees' development is its top priority. In 2020, Air Liquide University (ALU) decided to create an opportunity out of this Covid crisis and to “bounce back” with a new offering: ALU Virtual Campus. ALFE proactively leveraged the Virtual Campus and encouraged employees to join. Through different professional fields and diverse domestic and international rotation programs, ALFE assists each employee to create an individual career path. In 2020, the total training hour of ALFE is 23,344 hours, equivalent to nearly 40 hours per employee.

Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Week - Embrace Individual Differences

Inclusion enables people to leverage the differences, and contributes to creating sustainable and innovative solutions to society's major challenges. Establishing a corporate culture of Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) is one of the keys to enhance employees’ sense of identity and create a better working environment in Air Liquide.

On International Women’s Day in 2021, ALFE held its 1st "I&D Week", covering topics including Gender Equality, Bias Challenge, and Generations at Work. In addition to the physical events, a one-month "BINGO Challenge'' was launched to encourage employees to learn 23 I&D e-learnings through its learning platform.

Sustainability Month - Cleans Up the Beaches and Our Lifestyle!

Air Liquide just committed to a 33% reduction objective in its carbon emission by 2035 (compared to 2020), and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. As part of efforts to work towards the objective, ALFE has extended its CSR efforts from a “Volunteer Day” to a “Sustainability Month” in 2020. The company organized four week-long activities covering subjects in line with AL Group’s Climate Objectives: the daily use of plastics, the responsible management of email inboxes, and sustainable mobility. Those taking part were therefore able, for an entire month, to advance their knowledge, propose solutions and take effective action for the planet.

The climax of the Sustainability Month is the Volunteer Day. In 2020, ALFE held the 4th year Volunteer Day to clean 3 beaches in North, Central and South of Taiwan. To amplify the impact of the event, ALFE also invited Nanya Technology, a key customer of Electronics, to join the beach cleaning activity. In total, nearly 300 volunteers from ALFE & Nanya cleared 2.4 tons of garbage. Whether the number of participants or the amount of garbage cleaned, both set a new record!

Safety Education - Long-term contribution to tribe students

Furthermore, ALFE continuously contributes to the safety and gas science education. Inheriting the Group’s core value on safety, ALFE rolled out its School Safety Education program in 2017 at Mekarang Elementary School, a remote aboriginal-based school in Hsinchu. Through bi-weekly courses, ALFE volunteers are dedicated to enrich children’s knowledge about gas science and safety education, to stimulate students from the tribe and to unlock the door to a wider world of knowledge.

Upholding the business philosophy of Air Liquide Group in safety, health and environmental protection, ALFE is not only committed to creating value for customers with innovation, but also focusing on developing local employees, enhancing Employee eXperience, helping disadvantaged groups, protecting the environment, and giving back to society.
亞東工業氣體(簡稱:亞東)係由全球第一大工業氣體公司,營運超過百年的法國液空集團(Air Liquide)與遠東新世紀集團(Far Eastern)於1987年合資設立於台灣。在過去十年中,每年投資超過新台幣10億,是法商在台投資規模最大的製造商。



  • Be:落實基本原則(安全、道德和長期績效)
  • Act:為成功而努力(積極主動且承擔責任,關懷客戶、病患和同仁,適應變化的環境)
  • Engage:創造同心協力的環境,以吸引團隊成員投入(制訂目標並分享原因,信任他人並獲得信任,發展人才並提供指導和學習機會)





  • 成立新冠病毒危機小組,每日及時調整決策。
  • 執行衛生相關措施,包括環境消毒、訂定防疫規範、線上會議及面試等。
  • 啟動業務持續營運(BCP計劃),實際進行A/B組演練。


2020年,亞東啟動員工協助方案(EAP),提供同仁及家人在工作和生活的多項議題上,專業且保密的諮商/諮詢服務,其中也包含新冠疫情所帶來的影響,以保障同仁的身心健康,並針對全員舉辦四場涵蓋從工作到育兒等主題的講座;截至2021年3月,亞東員工共使用了74次的諮詢服務。此外,亞東在廠區也推出廠護服務(Nursing Service),由具專業證照的醫護人員,兩周一次為同仁提供職業安全和健康上的把關與建議。




液空集團的既定目標是成為「學習型組織」,員工的發展為其重中之重。2020年,液空大學(Air Liquide University)決定在這場新冠危機中,創建「虛擬校園」作為對抗疫情的學習平台;亞東亦積極鼓勵員工報名線上校園相關課程。藉由不同的專業領域,多元化的內部及海外工作輪調計劃,亞東協助每位員工發展個人職涯楷梯。2020年,亞東總訓練時數達23,344小時,平均每位員工受訓時數近40小時。

包容與多元週(I&D Week) - 擁抱並尊重個人差異

包容能使人們善用彼此差異,並貢獻於發展永續及創新的解決方案,以因應社會重大挑戰。建立包容與多元(Inclusion & Diversity)的液空企業文化,強調尊重且保有個人差異性,是提升員工認同感,並創造更好工作環境的重要關鍵。