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5F., No. 100, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd.,
Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

5F., No. 100, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Financial Services, Insurance


To be the Company of Choice by
delivering: products and services
that our clients recommend, a
great company to work for and
the best combination of profit
and growth. At our heart is our
caring nature, our innovative
capabilities and our capacity
to embrace change. Our
expertise is caring, and our
purpose is “We secure your future”!

To be the Company of Choice by delivering: products and services that our clients
recommend, a great company to work for and the best combination of profit and
growth. At our heart is our caring nature, our innovative capabilities and our capacity
to embrace change. Our expertise is caring, and our purpose is “We secure your future”!

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About Allianz

With around 150,000 employees worldwide, the Allianz Group serves more than 100 million customers in more than 70 countries. The Allianz Group is one of the leading integrated financial services providers worldwide. Here you can learn more about who we are and what we do. On the insurance side, Allianz is the market leader and has a strong international presence. Our retail and corporate clients enjoy an extensive product selection in all insurance business lines, designed to protect them against any risks. We are one of the leading insurers, both property and casualty and life and health. In fiscal year 2020, our employees worldwide achieved total revenues of 140 billion euros. We are one of the largest asset managers in the world managing assets with active investment strategies.

Allianz Taiwan Life

Allianz Taiwan Life with over 500 employees provides a full range of life insurance protection and unit-link savings products and services to its customers throughout Taiwan through its extensive network of agents and business partners. Leveraging on strong multi-distribution channels with over 3,000 agents, 35 sales offices, 33 banks/financial institutions and 49 broker partners, it serves about 316,282 customers. As one of the most important life insurance markets for Allianz, Allianz Taiwan Life’s business enjoys profitable growth.

Committed to the development of financial technology

Financial technology (FinTech) subverted traditional financial service models; “Comprehensive development of digitalization” is an important global operation strategy for the Allianz Group. Allianz actively invests in FinTech and devotes all of its resources in the development of prospective and iconic digital tools. It was the first to create the customer need oriented anthropomorphic interactive need analysis that not only satisfied customer’s protection needs, but it also helped its salespeople transform successfully in the FinTech wave, and trained them into professional and highly efficient digital life insurance consultants, winning opportunities for success in the digital technology era and displaying irreplaceable competitiveness!

Our People

As an international financial services provider, we focus our human resources strategy and initiatives on being the employer of choice for the best talents around the world. Our goal is to effectively support our staff via various development programs and opportunities. Diversity is also a key competitiveness factor, and we continuously encourage diversity in order to best serve various client needs worldwide.

“If you dare, there is an opportunity for you!”
“DARING “is key to challenges we all face every day. Megatrends such as digitalization, climate changes and demographic shifts disrupt our industry and instill us to rethink our business. Together with our employees we have the courage to believe in achievements others may consider impossible. We truly care about our customers' needs and strive to empower them with the confidence to dare and grow in their lives. Therefore, we are searching for talents who dare to revolutionize the whole industry with us. You can only blaze new trails with a strong team supporting you. The breeding ground is a friendly and reliable work environment that makes you feel confident - and on the base of tradition innovations can arise. Our mission is to build a real HOME for you that enables you to work and develop the very best way.

Friendly Work Environment
We believe in the power of diversity, in mutual respect and support. Our work well program and other employee-friendly services testify to this care and appreciation. For not only creating a workplace, but a home.

First of all, thanks for HR Asia to select Allianz Taiwan Life as the “Best Companies to Work in Asia Awards” again. This is a great motivation to the team especially under the current situation. The global pandemic has been a profound impact on the global community. No business was immune to the ravages of COVID and Allianz Taiwan Life selected to focus on adapting to the changes by taking the safety of our people first. Our best in class digital supports couple with the team’s dedications and passions, we continue to provide the best services to the customers. I would like to express my sincere thanking for the team and proud to be part of the team.

Danny Lam, President and CEO

You are in focus: We care for our employees

Your benefits: Your performance pays off
We are the best places to work for where employees are compensated well above market value. Besides the monthly gross salaries, we reward your entrepreneurial spirit and contribution to achieve our goals: employee stock program and annual bonus for employees based on the company and personal goals achieved each fiscal year.

We designed work time models that give our employees flexibility in planning and arranging their work and leisure time.

Health Management
We care about your health and support you to stay fit and healthy with fitness courses, sport clubs, global program for stress prevention and reduction, health forums, and company doctors for medical consultations.

Diversity & Inclusion
We at Allianz believe in a diverse and inclusive workforce. Employing people from different backgrounds and making them feel they belong is a major driving force behind our success.

Our Global Inclusion Council ensures the implementation of a diversity strategy in all Allianz entities and has been in place since 2007. In addition, some Allianz entities have set up local councils.

The Global Inclusion Council also monitors the implementation of Inclusion & Diversity plans within Allianz Group. The Group Head of Inclusion helps to coordinate the various programs and sees to it that they are in line with Allianz goals.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We take our responsibility for environmental and social issues seriously. This is why we encourage our employees to get involved in volunteering.

Career Development
You are encouraged to expand your skills and create a career across functions, levels and regions. Take your opportunity and benefit from our development offers: Allianz University: functional, soft skill and leadership training, talent management for leaders & leadership potentials and regular feedback conversations with your manager

Allianz Engagement Survey
The world in which Allianz operates is changing rapidly and as we proceed on our journey of change and renewal, one thing remains constant: our people are our strongest asset. The engagement, trust and commitment from our employees are critical to shaping our company for future success.

While we rely on your crucial feedback all year round, the AES is our opportunity to collect and consolidate feedback from each and every one of you in a targeted way.


  • 2021~2028年成為奧運與帕奧全球保險合作夥伴
  • 2020年榮獲Interbrand全球最佳壽險品牌第一名
  • 2020道瓊永續指數,全球最具永續性保險公司領導企業
  • 2019年榮獲富比士(Forbes)公佈為全球2000大企業中,全球壽險業總資產第一名
  • 2020年第五次入選彭博性別平等指數,致力將多元化與包容性融入企業當中



擁有國際級保險經驗與豐富的集團資源,致力於多元化的通路發展,並依據客戶需求,提供廣泛的人身保險商品,包含:壽險、意外險及健康險等服務,給予客戶最周全且完整的保障。 在競爭激烈的金融壽險業裡,憑藉精質優異之專業人才、全方位之行銷通路以及多元化之商品平台,屢次展現傲人的企業競爭力。安聯人壽近年來營運表現優異斐然,在競爭激烈的金融壽險業裡,憑藉精質優異之專業人才、全方位之行銷通路以及多元化之商品平台,屢次展現傲人的企業競爭力!


  • 安聯「Allie艾莉」壽險業最強AI客服機器人
  • 「安聯i 探索」取得金融科技「發明專利」
  • 「安聯行動王」全台第一個保經代數位保險銷售工具
  • 「安聯e服務」提供保戶多元且實用的服務功能,隨時隨地體驗行動生活的方便與樂趣
  • 「安聯i 探索」創造與客戶間的每一個互動都可以有不一樣的體驗



『掌握機會 無畏向前!』





員工的健康是安聯人壽最關切的議題,一間好的公司更應該讓職場不是只有工作,更是一個促進身心靈健康的場所:安聯全球路跑大賽(Allianz World Run) 、Sports Day、減重營與健康樂活講座、臨廠醫師諮詢服務、員工按摩紓壓服務及員工社團等。另外,為了提供同仁更全方位的關心與照顧,我們亦提供同仁員工協助方案 (Employee Assistance Program) ,目的在於發現並協助同仁解決可能影響其工作效能的個人問題,使其能以健康的身心投入工作。EAP員工協助方案提供同仁24小時且全年無休的免付費電話專線,讓同仁可以即時與個案管理師洽談,並根據專業評估擬定可解決問題之目標與可能的改善方法,讓同仁可以在身心健康的狀態下展現工作最佳戰力。


本著「取之社會,用之社會」的理念,安聯集團藉由投身公益活動,期對社會有所貢獻。透過旗下許多基金會的運作,關心歐洲整合、青少年問題、環保等議題。2008年更成立社會責任小組(CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility),實際推動文化與社會性活動,落實社會責任,進而為社會大眾創造永續性的價值。


連續多年舉辦的「安聯小小世界盃」對於台灣青少年運動的培育發展不遺餘力—安聯人壽除了不斷深耕「足球小將」的概念,持續為年輕球員提供接受頂級足球訓練的機會,為了讓台灣足球可以向下紮根,更自2014年起針對幼稚園及國小兒童舉辦「安聯小小世界盃」,兩年下來已成為全國最大幼兒足球賽事,為台灣基層足球運動的發展積極培育新血。另外為了喚醒社會大眾對失智老人的關懷與注意,台灣安聯人壽自2006年起,結合天主教失智老人基金會,攜手為失智老人募款,並邀請藝人為銀髮樂活系列公益活動代言,所籌募的愛心款項全數做為照護低收入失智老人及失智症知識宣導的經費。 安聯集團堅持企業對社會責任的實踐與回饋,積極從事各項社會參與行動,在永續經營上的努力,更連續16年榮獲「道瓊永續經營指數」(Dow Jones Sustainability Index)旗下的標竿企業獎。