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Save and Sustain Life/拯救並延續生命
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Baxter Drives Top Quantile performance in Best Practice to Work and Brings our Mission to Life

Baxter, a global healthcare company with over 50,000 dedicated employees, drives top quantile performance in best practice to work across the globe. We are committed to providing an engaging, rewarding work experience that reflects the passion our employees bring to our mission of saving and sustaining lives.

Our culture fosters personal and professional growth. Employees are encouraged to learn and innovate while making a meaningful difference for millions of people.

Baxter has been operated in Taiwan for 40 years and we have initiated the All Baxter Care (ABC) career development structure to build a Best Company to Work for:
  • Align. Check-in. Execute. (A.C.E) development model – Invest in people and develop talent to their fullest potential through A.C.E.
  • BeWell@Baxter –Foster “BeWell” culture, hence our employees can do better by being well.
  • Culture transformation journey and social responsibilities culture bedded in Baxter – Provide friendly working environment to maximize flexibility and contribute back to society and be a responsible corporate citizen with strong volunteerism culture.

A) Align. Check-in. Execute. (A.C.E) development model– Invest in people and develop talents to their fullest potential through A.C.E.

At Baxter, we invest in the growth and development of our employees and offer comprehensive programs that develop leaders driving patient-centered innovation. Our approach to career growth is based on the company’s development philosophy, which emphasizes that professional evolution occurs through a combination of work experiences, relationships and training, and is a shared responsibility between employees and their managers. Not only do we provide needs-based training opportunities with clear segmentation of different development strategies across the organization. but we also focus on the roles of managers, ensuring they are equipped with the mindset and skills to provide constant feedback, guidance and support to the employees’ development through the monthly A.C.E model (Align, Check-in and Execute).

We encourage employees to pursuit diverse and growth-based experiences for individual career development. Take one of the local initiatives as example, “Plus Me” Program, it designed for our talents, along with internal/external coaches to guide them through each step, from identifying the root causes to proposing strategies and solutions. We provide multiple trainings which include digital and cognitive courses, strategic thinking, problem solving, project management, presentation skills, etc. We have many amazing projects such as Smart Working Committee, Live Streamer and Inclusion Boss. In 2021, we will continuously optimize the “Plus Me” program with new projects such as “Digital Transformation Council”, “Digital Brain”, and “Future YOU programs”. Our goal is to equip our employees with the capabilities of “Adapt, Agile, and Anticipate” by launching “AAA (=Attack All Around)” journey to foster career development.

B) Foster “BeWell” culture, hence our employees can do better by being well.

As a global healthcare company, we take the health of our employees seriously and recognize that a healthy, productive workforce is vital to achieving our company goals. We believe that a sustainable health culture, BeWell@Baxter, shall lead to improved employee health and productivity.

The initiatives we have implemented in Taiwan seek to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual health of our employees. We have a variety of employee clubs, e.g. hiking, camping, fitness, mountaineering, photography, bubble bump football, and badminton etc.; we also offer annual physical training reimbursement to encourage employees to take regular exercise plan; we launched “biggest mover” health awareness campaign every May to encourage all employees to incorporate regular exercise into their daily life; and we organize monthly lunch & learn programs on topics like healthy eating/cooking, stress release and continuous learning. In 2021, we will launch ““Challenge 2gather” campaign to foster the culture of “BeWell” and strengthen the bonding and collaboration of our employees at the same time.

We have been certificated as one of Healthy Workplaces by Ministry of Health and Welfare Taiwan since 2018.

Baxter Healthcare is committed to develop a high-performing organization where employees maximize their experience and take pride in contributing to our mission: save & sustain lives. As a healthcare company, we also promote our employees to pursue physical, mental and spiritual health and proactively contribute back to our local community. It is great pleasure that we are being awarded as Best Companies to work For from HR Asia

Mr. Gary Wong, General Manager HK/TW

C) Culture transformation journey and social responsibility culture bedded in Baxter

Provide friendly working environment to maximize flexibility and contribute back to society and be a responsible corporate citizen with strong volunteerism culture.

Baxter believes a diverse and inclusive workplace can drive innovation, create trusted partnerships and contribute to the success and sustainability of the business. Baxter Taiwan is committed to provide a friendly environment that supports employees from all backgrounds to achieve balance between work and their personal lives. In 2020, we initiated an Inclusion Boss 2.0 activity with a 4-week campaign with quizzes to increase the awareness of diversity and differences of our job nature between individuals, functions and business units. By promoting the concept of inclusion and respect differences, we successfully shared Line stickers with our employees to create a fun and engaging experience.
Our office is designed to spark discussion and promote sustainability. We provide a boundary-less, agile-working-friendly environment to embrace an agile organization concept. In addition, we offer diverse programs such as flexible working hours and working from home, so our employees are confident that company support is always there even in case of personal challenges.

Our benefit program also includes family-friendly elements. We provide a comprehensive medical plan that covers dependents, and employees can apply for extended sick leave as required to need to care for ill family members.

In Taiwan, our employees are strongly encouraged to contribute their skills and expertise to benefit the local community. In 2020, Baxter Taiwan employees completed a total of 354 hours of volunteering through 6 different charities to benefit approx. roughly 500 underserved children. Employees help to foster such culture through their daily work efforts and passion for the business. They understand that they are accountable for society’s welfare and surroundings. With this understanding, the purpose of our work - “save and sustain lives” - is truly embodied by everyone at Baxter.

Besides the above, we have embarked on culture transformation journey to support business and organization transformation to emphasize “Simplicity”, “Speed”, “Collaboration” and “Courage” culture. In Baxter Taiwan, demonstrating “Simplicity” and “Speed”, we implemented Line Chatbot to create a timely communication tool for employees. We also utilized the Line channel embedded recognition tool to promote the “collaboration” culture across the organization.

Along with the 4 culture levers, in 2020, we promoted a whole organization “Digital transformation” culture journey, providing employees micro-learning courses via mobile-friendly app, which enables them to learn anytime, anywhere they want with their own comfortable pace.

In 2021, Baxter Taiwan has named to HR ASIA magazine’s list of Best Employers for the 4th straight year. This recognized our dedicated efforts and belief around the development of our culture – “All Baxter Care (ABC) “friendly working environment to build a Best Company to Work for. With Baxter’s unique market position and outstanding corporate culture, we will keep attracting the top talent to work with us.


百特醫療,全球擁有超過50000名員工,以領先業界的最佳表現為指標。我們致力於提供美好的工作體驗,藉由打造幸福健康職場,從根本推動企業永續發展,由內而外推己及人,以打造 “拯救並延續生命” 的使命為傲。


百特深根台灣40年,為員工尋求一個人性化、包容性和重視員工職涯發展機會的工作環境;專注推動ABC (ACE/Bewell/Culture)百特好發展、好健康、好文化,從共好開始,由內而外推動企業永續發展。
  • 百特好發展A.C.E. - 幫助員工依照個人需求規劃職涯,鼓勵良性的人才流動,全力培養員工發揮潛能
  • 百特好健康BeWell - 強化“BeWell”文化,身體、心理與健康兼具
  • 百特好文化Culture - 員工照顧及社會公益文化,深植百特心,並致力於『簡明』、『迅速』、『合作』與『勇氣』的文化轉型

百特醫療致力於發展高績效的組織,讓員工充分發揮經驗,並為我們的使命-- 拯救並延續生命,做出貢獻而感到自豪。身為醫療產業的一員,我們同時鼓勵員工追求身心靈的健康,並積極回饋社會。很榮幸獲得 HR Asia 評選為最佳雇主!

香港/台灣總經理 Gary Wong

A) A.C.E.百特好發展:

在百特,我們支持每位員工的個人成長及職涯發展,並提供全面的計劃,培養領導者以病患為中心的創新能力。我們的職涯成長方向以公司的發展理念為基礎,強調工作生涯的發展是透過結合工作經驗、直屬主管與同儕互動反饋,以及培訓課程,並且為員工與主管共同的責任。我們將整個組織中不同的發展策略進行清晰的區分,不僅提供基於需求的培訓機會,同時也專注於管理者的角色,確保他們具備思維能力和技能,通過每月的A.C.E模式(Align: Goal Alignment目標設定 / Check-in: Monthly 每月面談 / Execute: Execution 有效執行)為員工的績效與發展提供持續的反饋,指導和支持。

我們鼓勵員工多角度發展與跨領域的歷練。『Plus Me』斜槓青年專案是為我們的人才而設計的,它由內部/外部訓練講師共同指導,從確定根本原因,到提出戰略和解決方案的各個步驟。通過提供多種培訓來培養人才,包括數字工具運用,戰略思維,問題解決,項目管理,演示技能等。我們有許多出色的項目,例如智能工作小組,直播主;在2021年,我們將持續推動『Plus Me』斜槓青年專案,如因應數位轉型的數位化轉型委員會、數位大腦,未來組織大使等。我們的目標是透過AAA的整合計畫,幫助我們更好地Adapt (適應) 過渡並Agile (敏捷) 抓住這個瞬息萬變的世界中的任何機會,並Anticipate(預見) 新未來。

B) BeWell百特好健康

擁有健康的員工,組織才能成就最好的績效是百特深以為信的宗旨。為關懷每個員工的身心靈全方位的健康,百特全球有著共同的打造員工健康福祉的目標 Be-Well。在全世界各地因著當地員工需求及文化,有著不同的作法及計劃。

百特台灣當地的BeWell計畫,基於三大概念:生理、心理和心靈健康,五大訴求: 健康體魄、自信態度、樂活生活、協力合作和貢獻社會持的精神,除了多個自主社團如露營社、健身社、登山社、攝影社、泡泡足球社、古道健行社、羽球社等七大社團活動外,為促進員工對健康管理的重視,公司也組織多元的健康規劃,如運動月競賽、流感疫苗施打補助、運動健身補助計畫、辦公室健康及養身課程等,以凝聚員工向心力,達成工作與生活平衡。在2021年,我們將發起“BT40 線上挑戰賽”活動;不僅培養BeWell的文化,更強化員工之間的向心力和合作精神。


C) Culture百特好文化


百特相信多元化及包容性的工作場所可以推動創新,因此我們打造互相信賴的合作夥伴關係,為企業帶來成功及永續發展的貢獻。百特台灣致力於提供一個友好的環境,以支持不同背景的員工,取得工作及生活上的平衡。在2020年,我們成立了 “包大人2.0” 專案,透過為期四周的活動,提升員工對個人、不同部門與不同事業單位之間,多樣性及工作性質差異的認識。通過倡導包容和尊重差異化的概念,我們成功地與員工分享了百特熊好Line貼圖,進而創造了有趣又高度化互動的員工體驗。



在台灣,我們強烈鼓勵員工貢獻自己的技能和專業知識回饋社區。百特台灣員工在2020年完成354小時的志願服務,總共幫助了6個不同的慈善團體,約使10萬人受益。因為百特台灣的CSR活動曾受到幫助,預估全台有約500位學生及兒童受惠。 員工通過日常工作和對業務的熱情,培養志工文化。他們了解自己要為社會的福利和環境負責。有了這種理念,百特人都可以真正體現我們的工作宗旨“拯救並延續生命”。

除了上述內容,百特為因應全球產業發展及變化,我們持續進行全球文化轉型,包括『簡明』、『迅速』、『合作』與『勇氣』。在百特台灣當地,我們運用手機智能科技來簡化與員工的溝通,藉以推動『迅速 簡明』的文化;同時,也結合手機即時認可平台的機制,來促進『感謝 合作』的文化。


2021年,百特台灣連續第四年入選HR Asia Award最佳企業雇主的殊榮。這認可了我們對文化發展努力不懈和信念-“All Baxter Care (ABC) “友好的工作環境,持續打造最佳雇主品牌。憑藉百特獨特的市場地位和傑出的企業文化,我們將繼續吸引頂尖人才與我們合作。