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No. 157, Shanying Rd.,
Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City 333,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

No. 157, Shanying Rd., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City 333, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


IT, Communication


Be an innovator in designing and
manufacturing of electronic
products, elevate the life quality
of our fellow humans, and be
friendly to Mother Earth.

Be an innovator in designing and manufacturing of electronic products, elevate
the life quality of our fellow humans, and be friendly to Mother Earth.

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BenQ Qisda Group, founded in 1984 by K.Y. Lee., is a corporation group that dominates across designing, manufacturing, services providing and branding of electronic products through its diversified business success over 30 years. Currently led by the chairman Peter Chen, the corporation group aims to be a value-added total solution provider which elevates life of mankind based on the corporate vision: “Bring Enjoyment N Quality to Life”. “BenQ “, a well-known electronic Brand is one of the subsidiaries of the big group. With the leading by CEO, Conway Lee, BenQ offers electronic products with premium quality and caters for end user needs across commercial and home.

360° All-round Employee Consideration

Fully understand that corporation business success relies on the efforts of every employee, BenQ Qisda Group values each employee as the most vital enterprise asset and provides competitive compensation and benefit to reward everyone within the Group. The Group has been listed to the position that higher than PR 75 in the Taiwanese Tech industry for years according to the salary survey held by Willis Towers Watson Consulting firm. Furthermore, for employees’ retirement planning, the Group offers “Employee Stock Ownership Trust” to enhance long-term motivation and engagement. BenQ Qisda provides all-expense-paid annual health examination to every colleague. It also hosts and encourages employees to take part in company leisure events such as hiking, bike riding and regular gymnasium training courses. Under the threat of COVID-19 Pandemic, although the congregation activities are forced to be suspended, on-line activities such as on-line liking, on-line KTV competition, and the streaming annual party are arranging through creative and high mutual-interactive approaches. Furthermore, BenQ Qisda’s cafeteria across each office site both satisfies every employees’ appetites with balanced and nutritious selections. Staff dormitories has also undergone overall refurbished. The mentioned changings are few examples that the group tries to create a great work life balance with our group members.

BenQ Qisda Group upholds employees’ growth as its core value. We have spared no efforts in pursuing continuous enhancement of welfare services, employee development and education, and our corporate responsibility. The reception of the award again shows that our hard work has been widely recognized and positively approved by our staff member, which drives us to keep moving forward.

Peter Chen, Chairman

Dynamic Personal Training & Development Program

BenQ Qisda Group is dedicated to maintain the highest quality of employee training and development program, and is one of very few companies awarded with both the “National Training Quality” and “Golden Prize of Taiwan Training Quality System” awards. The Group’s academy training system consists of 4 major academy focuses: “Leadership & Management”, “Learning & Growth”, “Innovation & Improvement” and “Professional Development”. The training structure is tailor-designed according to the needs and requirements across various employee levels. To make the organization Learning shifting to the next level, an “internal knowledge sharing platform” was launched this year to maximize Knowledge Transferring, employees can share their own ideas and keep knowledge alive within the organization. Both internal and external learning resources providing colleagues with rich content.

The high Compatibility of PC and mobile devices fully realizes the comprehensive digital learning. cater for learning anytime, anywhere. To the employees’ proud and delight, the average employees’ learning hour in 2019 is more than 70 hours and is going to increas year by year.

Prospective Business Operation and Strategy

With visionary strategies and execution, BenQ Qisda Group is a frequent winner of multiple enterprise awards. BenQ Qisda Group has won “HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia” two years in a row. In 2020, won the” Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards” and “MAPECT Taiwan M&A Awards” In 2019, Peter Chen, chairman of the Group won “EY Entrepreneur Of The Year” and represented Taiwan to the Global Award. In 2020, BenQ Group is listed on the 14th of 50 Group-based company by CommonWealth Magazine. Furthermore, we are at 31st ranking of listed company at Taiwan stock exchange market for high compensation. In 2018, BenQ Qisda was selected as the Top 100 Tech Leaders worldwide by Thomson Reuters.

BenQ Qisda has proven itself as one of the most potential candidate to win the Best Companies to Work For in Asia award

明基佳世達集團努力提升員工的成長,人對了,事就對了,我們對於員工福利、訓練發展乃至於社會責任,都不遺餘力! 此次再度得到亞洲最佳雇主殊榮,讓我們獲得同仁的認同與肯定,也成為我們持續大步向前的動力。

Peter Chen, Chairman