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11F., No. 132, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Rd.,
Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104,

11F., No. 132, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan




BlueX Freightech enables ocean
carriers to improve supply chain
transparency, efficiency and
security while providing AI-driven
insights to enhance an ocean
carrier's bottom-line

BlueX Freightech enables ocean carriers to improve supply chain transparency,
efficiency and security while providing AI-driven insights to enhance an ocean
carrier's bottom-line

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BlueX has built a high performance culture based on open communication, empowerment, and flexibility. Since the majority of BlueX’s leadership team comes from Silicon Valley, California, we have worked to incorporate the better parts of that startup mentality into how our team operates here in Taiwan. Many of the employees who work at BlueX have said that it is very unique compared to other companies they have worked at in Taiwan, and believe that it is one of the best places to work for in this country.

One of the top reasons why BlueX is a great place to work is our practice of open and timely communication. By encouraging consistent dialogue across and within teams, we are able to create a culture of trust and transparency. We have monthly company meetings where the CEO and management team shares the strategic vision and priorities. During this time, we also provide updates on fundraising, revenue, P&L as well as other key metrics with the company. These meetings are a time for anyone to ask any questions they might have. We emphasize to everyone that all managers have an open door policy so anyone should feel free to raise concerns or issues. By being transparent, our goal is to impact each team member’s contribution by having a better understanding of the bigger picture. As part of our open communication efforts, BlueX also constantly reviews what we have learned: we do not frown on failure but rather seek to look for how we can learn from our mistakes and consistently improve.

BlueX believes in empowering each team member to make good decisions. Regardless of how senior you are, or how long you have been at the company, team members are encouraged to share their opinions, and make the best decision to accomplish an agreed upon goal. We have recent hires making critical decisions on major product features as well as defining how the product should be built. We believe companies in Taiwan tend to be more hierarchical, where employees feel like they must be at a company for a long period of time before they feel like they are trusted to work on something critical. At BlueX, we believe in empowering each of our employees to do good work from day one. We also strongly believe in professional development – giving team members a chance to grow and explore different opportunities in the company when appropriate. We have a clear career map plan so team members know where they are at and where they can advance to in their career. In addition, we assign mentors so that new members of the team feel comfortable knowing there is someone they can turn to with questions at the company.
BlueX also realizes that employees have lives out of work, so we value work-life balance. We have an unlimited floating leave policy, where we encourage everyone to take the time they need, when they need it. Employees are given the flexibility to work flexible hours as necessary – if they need to take time off to pick up their kids or care for family, they are encouraged to do so. We treat our employees as professionals, trusting in their ability to complete high caliber goals in a timely manner. When COVID-19 hit Taiwan, BlueX pro-actively instituted a work from home policy so that our employees could stay at home and reduce the risk of contracting the virus on public transit or in the office. We purchased more Zoom accounts for all the individual sub-teams, so that there were dedicated meeting rooms, where developers could speak to each other spontaneously. We also implemented SOPs that made it more easy for employees to know what to expect when someone works from home. We were able to protect employees, while keeping team communication going and still hitting our product deadlines. Even now, while Taiwan has not had a “shelter-in-place” policy, BlueX still encourages anyone who does not feel comfortable coming into the office to work from home. This is quite rare for Taiwan – most companies here are strict about employee working hours, with specific arrival and departure times.
To build camaraderie, BlueX brings in lunch in the office on Fridays and afternoon tea on Wednesdays. Each department has the opportunity to pick the restaurant they would like to try for that week, and everyone can choose what they would like. In addition, to help with team building, BlueX encourages employees to get together outside of work. For example, a team of employees played badminton together regularly, and BlueX would pay for the gym rental costs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we temporarily stopped these events for safety reasons. However, we hope to resume team bonding events like these soon. We believe this further facilitates in building high performance teams as communication and trust is further developed across team members.

Lastly, we believe we are on the forefront of an industry that is experiencing significant product innovation, which further helps to keep our team interested and engaged. Strategically located in Taiwan, we are working to revolutionize the logistics industry, and have created a diverse and collaborative team to help deliver our vision globally. Our clients and product partners are from all over the world, which challenges us to continue to develop and grow BlueX’s culture of excellence, open dialogue, inclusion of opinions, and transparency.
BlueX 在開放溝通、授權和隨機應變的基礎上建立了高性能文化。由於BlueX的大多數領導團隊都來自加州的矽谷,我們努力將創業的心態融入到團隊在臺灣的運作方式中。許多在BlueX工作的員工都表示,與其他工作過的台灣公司相比,BlueX非常獨特,他們相信這是台灣最好的工作場所之一。

BlueX 之所以成為最佳工作場所,其中一個原因就是我們致力於實踐開放和即時的溝通。透過鼓勵跨團隊的持續對話,我們能夠創造信任和透明文化。在每月舉行的公司會議中,CEO 和管理團隊分享戰略願景和優先事項。並藉此機會,我們還提供有關公司資金籌措、收入、損益以及其他關鍵指標的最新資訊。任何人都可以透過此會議提出任何的問題。我們向所有人強調,所有管理者都有開放的政策,因此任何人在有顧慮或者問題時都應該隨時提出。經由透明化的管理,我們的目標是透過全盤的瞭解來影響每個團隊成員的貢獻。作為我們開放溝通努力的一部分,BlueX 還不斷回顧學到的東西:我們不反對失敗,而是尋求如何從錯誤中吸取教訓並不斷改進。
BlueX 相信每個團隊成員都有被賦予做出良好決策的能力。無論您資歷如何高,或在公司工作多長時間,我們都會鼓勵團隊成員分享他們的意見,並做出最佳決定,以實現共同的目標。因此我們最近有員工對主要產品功能做出重要的決策,並定義了產品應該如何構建。我們認為臺灣的公司往往比較階級化,員工覺得他們必須在公司工作很長一段時間後,才能被信任從事一些關鍵的任務。在BlueX,我們相信從進公司的第一天起,每個員工都能做好工作。我們還堅信專業發展,讓團隊成員都有機會,在適當的時候在公司中成長和探索。我們有一個明確的職業規劃,讓團隊成員知道他們現在在哪裡,而未來他們又可以在職業生涯中發展到哪裡。此外,我們還分配指導者給團隊的新成員,讓他們知道公司裡有人可以協助回應他們提出的問題。

BlueX 還意識到員工除了工作還有生活,因此我們重視工作與生活的平衡。我們有一個無限制的浮動休假政策,我們鼓勵每個人在他們需要的時候利用此休假。另外,如果員工需要請假接孩子或照顧家人,他們可以根據需求靈活地調整工作時間。我們把員工當作專業人士來對待,相信他們有能力在既定的時間內完成高水準的目標。當COVID-19襲擊臺灣時,BlueX積極推行在家上班的政策,讓我們的員工可以留在家中,降低在公共交通或辦公室感染病毒的風險。我們為所有部門購買了獨立的 Zoom 帳戶,開發人員可以在專門的會議室中自然地相互交談。我們還建立了 SOP,讓員工可以預先清楚地知道有誰會在家工作。我們能夠保護員工,同時保持團隊溝通,並且仍然在期限內完成工作。即使現在,雖然臺灣還沒有"封城"的政策,但BlueX仍然鼓勵任何對於到辦公室工作感到疑慮的員工在家上班。這對台灣來說是很罕見的,台灣大多數的公司對員工工作時間要求嚴格,必須有具體到達和離開的時間。

為了建立員工之間的友誼,BlueX 每個禮拜五在辦公室提供午餐,在每個禮拜三提供下午茶。每個部門都有機會在他們負責的那一週挑選他們想嘗試的餐廳,而每個員工則可以從中選擇他們想要的餐點。此外,為了幫助團隊建設凝聚力,BlueX 鼓勵員工在工作之餘聚在一起。例如,員工定期一起打羽毛球,BlueX 將支付健身房租賃費用。不過,由於COVID-19大流行,基於安全考量,我們暫時停止了這些活動。然而,我們希望可以儘快恢復這樣的團隊聯誼。因為我們相信,隨著團隊成員之間溝通和信任的進一步發展,將會促進更高績效的團隊表現。