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19F-1, No. 100, Sec.2 Roosevelt Rd.,
ZhongZheng Dist., Taipei, Taiwan, (R.O.C.)

19F-1, No. 100, Sec.2 Roosevelt Rd., ZhongZheng Dist., Taipei, Taiwan, (R.O.C.)


Computer Equipment, Software Wholesale


"Kyosei Philosophy"
"All people, regardless of race,
religion or culture, harmoniously
living and working together in the future."

"Kyosei Philosophy" "All people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and
working together in the future."

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Canon Marketing Taiwan Co., Ltd, abbreviated as "Canon Marketing Taiwan" or the "Company" hereafter, belongs to the globally renowned brand of Canon. Established in April 2001, it serves as the brand's branch office in Taiwan. Canon Marketing Taiwan is responsible for the promotion and sales activities of all major Canon products in the Taiwan market, as it endeavors to provide Taiwanese consumers as well as all distribution and agency systems with more advanced technologies, more convenient products and flawless services from the original manufacturer.

Featuring the corporate philosophy of "kyosei" (symbiosis), Canon is active in every area across the world, with sales and service locations spanning the globe. Canon Marketing Taiwan has stayed true to the same beliefs and corporate spirits shared with its headquarters, and is devoted to becoming an outstanding company in the realm of IT product sales in Taiwan in the new 21st century. Furthermore, Canon Marketing Taiwan has progressively obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications since 2008, in an attempt to improve its management quality. Starting from standardized operating procedures, the Company seeks to enhance its management system in a holistic manner.

As a global leader in optical and digital imaging technologies, Canon's product portfolio encompasses a complete lineup of digital imaging input and output solutions. Its diverse product categories meet the diverse needs of different users, from individuals, SOHOs, small- and medium-sized offices, large corporations to professional markets. In order to provide corporate users with more well-suited services, Canon is devoted to researching and developing comprehensive office application systems and business solutions, leveraging its professional know-how and technologies to help customers improve corporate productivity and market competiveness.

Aside from deepening its presence in the Taiwan market, developing more diverse business outreach and providing consumers with more well-rounded services, Canon Marketing Taiwan also prioritizes affairs relating to environment protection. It is dedicated to the utilization of effective resources to create more value during the product life cycle. On the principle of using less resource and minimizing the burden on the planet, the Company seeks to materialize high-performance products, conserve energy and resources, strive to improve environment protection technologies, and to actively and closely align with the rest of the world to build a product recycle and regenerative system. Canon's insistence on environment protection not only helps its customers save on energy and cost, it also leads the way for customers in terms of doing one's part for the Earth's ecology.

As a leading brand in optical imaging in the world, Canon Marketing Taiwan has always deemed "employees" its most important asset. The corporate philosophy of "kyosei" is not just about pursuing the spirit of sustainable corporate operation from the product and service perspective, it is also about expanding employee care to cover the spirit of " kyosei with the company" and " kyosei with the family". The Company advocates all-around balance in order to create a healthy and balanced workplace. The Company's Employee Welfare Committee leaves no stone unturned to help employees strike a balance between work and family life. Apart from annual year-end activities, it also regularly holds events such as movie screenings and Employee Family Days, encouraging employees and their family members to take part in company events. Family members can get to better understand the Company's operations and various benefits through these events, while feeling more at ease during an employee's tenure. In doing so, the idea of " kyosei" between the Company and family is truly realized.

Each employee officially employed by Canon Marketing Taiwan as well as their dependents (spouse and children) are entitled to the protection of group insurance from the day he or she comes on board. The policy covers death, hospitalization, major illnesses, surgeries and clinical appointments, etc, freeing employees from worries during their tenure. Furthermore, Canon Marketing Taiwan also arranges annual employee health checkups with designated medicinal institutions, with examination items far exceeding what is legally required. As all expenses are paid for by the Company, employees can stay on top of their own heath conditions, free of burden.
As part of the Company's efforts to guide employees to ease workplace stress in order to reach a balance between the body and the soul, various stress-relieving, fitness and spiritual growth courses are also important and indispensable. Since the Company was founded, more than 10 health courses have been arranged annually, including a wide range of courses covering healthy diets, mental health, stress relief and weight loss, which not only help employees acquire more common sense about health, but also help them find the best choice to let off some steam.
A friendly workplace is the most important factor for employee mental health and physical fitness. In an attempt to maintain healthy workplace conditions, Canon Marketing Taiwan signed up for the "Accredited Healthy Workplace" program hosted by the Health Promotion Administration, MOHW in 2012. Since then, the Company has won various accolades such as "Smokefree & Health Promotion", becoming a healthy workplace officially certified by the government. The Company won another recognition from the government in 2021 after it passed the latest round of review for accreditation renewal. Repeated recognitions have encouraged Canon Marketing Taiwan to continue to safeguard its employees, which are its most precious asset.

Striving to become the number one brand in imaging and information technology products has been Canon's goal, while creating a "kyosei" environment has been Canon's mission. Going forward, Canon Marketing Taiwan will stick to its long-held beliefs to continue to create a win-win, friendly and healthy workplace for the Company, the society and its employees. By doing so, the Canon brand not only represents eye-catching products, but also represents a kind-hearted corporation and outstanding employees.
台灣佳能資訊股份有限公司(Canon Marketing Taiwan Co., Ltd,以下稱為:台灣佳能資訊)隸屬全球知名品牌 Canon 企業集團,成立於2001年4月,是Canon集團在台灣設立的分公司。台灣佳能資訊負責所有Canon主要產品在台灣市場的推廣及行銷活動,以提供台灣消費者及所有經銷、代理體系更先進的技術、更便利的產品及更完善的原廠服務。

以「共生」為企業宗旨的Canon,活躍於世界每個地區,銷售與服務據點遍布全球。台灣佳能資訊一直以來秉持與總公司相同的信念與企業精神,致力在21新世紀中,成為台灣資訊產品銷售領域的優良企業。另外,為了提升台灣佳能資訊的管理品質,自2008年起陸續通過ISO 9001、ISO 14001及ISO 45001認證,從標準化的作業流程為出發點,強化全方位的管理體系。
Canon為世界光學及數位影像技術的領導者,旗下產品涵蓋完整數位影像輸入及輸出產品,多元化的產品種類滿足從個人、SOHO族、中小型辦公室、大型企業至專業市場等不同使用者的多元需求。為提供企業用戶更合身的服務,Canon 以專業know how及技術,致力研發完整辦公室應用系統及解決方案,協助客戶提高企業生產力及市場競爭力。