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3Fl., No.260, Dunhua North Road,
Songshan District, Taipei 10548,
Taiwan, R.O.C.

3Fl., No.260, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei 10548, Taiwan, R.O.C.




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Chugai Pharmaceutical co. was founded by Japanese entrepreneur Juzo Ueno, whose ambition at the time had been to export Japanese medicines overseas. The company was thus named “Chugai,” which means “domestic” and “overseas.” Chugai Pharmaceutical co. has upheld its “patient-centric” philosophy since March 1925, becoming the sales pioneer in the Japanese therapeutic antibody market with its unique scientific and technological innovation capabilities in drug production. In 1988, we established our subsidiary in Taiwan—Chugai Pharma Taiwan. Carrying forth the spirit of Chugai Group, and with our most prized biologics technology, we have benefited patients in areas including hemophilia, cancer, immunology, hematology, and kidney, cardiovascular medication.

In 2021, Chugai Group created its new growth strategy, “Topi2030,” with the aim of becoming a top global innovator in 2030. The “i” in “Topi2030” not only stands for “innovator” but also represents the “I” of every Chugai employee in the realization of each and every employee’s vision. The three aims of Chugai Group for 2030 are as follows: Expectation from patients worldwide, attracting talent and players from around the world, and being a role model for the world.

Response to the global COVID-19 pandemic

In 2020, the world was swept up by the sudden storm of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid these circumstances, Chugai Pharma Taiwan implemented a series of pandemic prevention measures. Aside from disinfecting offices every two weeks on normal days, regularly reminding employees of key prevention measures, and tracing and investigating employees’ movement within areas of risk, we also provided prevention health kits containing protective equipment such as surgical masks, alcohol cotton pads and hand sanitizer, and healthy food such as multivitamin to enhance immunity, DHA to protect eyes, and the calcium supplement to strength the bones. To address the stuffiness from long periods of wearing masks for our staff, we also showed care by distributing specialized surgical masks with increased room for breathing to improve comfort levels. Our year-end dinner party was held online for the first time, allowing everyone to watch the live broadcast of the host’s performances and lottery draw from the comforts of their five-star hot spring hotel bedrooms, achieving air-tight pandemic prevention while taking care of staff’s work-life balance at the same time.

Improvements to environment and social care bear the marks of Chugai Pharma Taiwan’s work In 2020, Chugai Group responded to the call for 3 billion green actions around the world. Chugai Pharma Taiwan held the “New Taipei City Jinshan Tree Planting Family Day” event, with the hope of everyone working together to address the issue of air pollution through air purification and carbon dioxide absorption, and to fix the soil to retain water, slow down coastline reduction, and reduce the heat island effect. The office also brought in exclusive sparkling water machines using green technology to reduce plastic bottled water usage. The marine environment is also a subject of our concern. For the past few years, plastic products have rapidly and massively posed new threats to marine life. Chugai Pharma Taiwan called upon its employees and organized beach cleaning activities in Anping, Tainan, to clean up marine debris and provide a friendly living environment for marine life.

We are honored to receive Best Companies to work for in Asia Award 3 years in a row. Chugai Pharma Taiwan always pursues medical superb with patient-centric principle. Our employees are the most value asset for organization, they are the key to the success of corporate mission fulfillment. CPT would keep building a blessing enterprise, listening to employees’ voices, and creating an environment where employees and company could be developed simultaneously.

Henry Chen, President

Smooth promotion channels and comprehensive education and training

Talent is one of the fundamental building blocks of Chugai Group. We greatly value the cultivation and retention of talent, reviewing our current promotion system and talent development plans regularly, and taking external market competitiveness and internal fairness into account. We also promote internal cross-departmental internship programs, which allow staff to apply to work and learn in other departments, providing mutual feedback and igniting new sparks in the process. We also tailor personal development plans for employees at different levels, from general employees, to basic-level, mid-level, and senior supervisors, implementing a series of courses including competencies skills, personnel management, and strategy management, regularly holding small English and Japanese language classes taught by foreign teachers in the company, and providing other forms of professional training support.

Practicing the missions of Chugai Pharma Taiwan culture: Change begins from within

The three missions of Chugai Pharma Taiwan culture that the company strives to practice internally are as follows: Challenge the status quo; cross-functional collaboration without department boundaries; and genuine comments/feedback expressed in an appropriate manner. Chugai Pharma Taiwan constantly challenges itself and strives towards perfection, upholding its core values of being patient-centric, a pioneering spirit, and integrity. It aims to become a top pharmaceutical industry pioneer and the first choice for top pharmaceutical talents.

2021年,中外集團打造新的成長策略「Topi2030」,期盼2030年成為全球Top Innovator,策略中的「i」除了為innovator的含意外,也代表實現願景的每個中外員工「我=I」;同時,成為世界患者最賦予期待的製藥公司、吸引世界充滿熱情的人才、解決社會課題的全球典範公司,為中外集團2030年的三大願景目標。

我們很榮幸三度蟬聯最佳企業雇主的肯定, 台灣中外製藥一直秉持著追求以患者為中心的使命, 而我們的員工是公司最重要的資產, 更是企業使命履行成功的關鍵。台灣中外將持續努力建設幸福企業,用心傾聽員工聲音,打造員工與企業同步發展的環境!




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