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6F, No.39, Zhonghua Rd.,Sec. 1,
10042 Taipei, Taiwan

6F, No.39, Zhonghua Rd.,Sec. 1, 10042 Taipei, Taiwan




To improve the health,
well-being and peace of
mind of those we serve

To improve the health, well-being and peace of mind of those we serve

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As subsidiary of the global health service group Cigna Corporation, the 4th biggest healthcare company in US, ranking before the 50th on Global Fortune 500, Cigna Taiwan has deeply rooted in Taiwan for over thirty years. Cigna Taiwan is now one of the longest-standing international life insurer and in the leading position in Taiwan’s insurance telemarketing market. Cigna Taiwan has been long caring about the wellbeing of Taiwan citizens, as the world grapples with pandemic-induced uncertainty, we launched the De-stress Brand Campaign and introduced the “De-stress Index” digital tool, advised, even under the uncertainty, enjoy living in the present, and find a healthier, happier future and greater peace of mind. We also deeply concern about the aging phenomenon in Taiwan and the healthcare for the elderly. Cigna partners with professionals from government, industry and academic to hold the 2020 Longevity Forum 2.0 and to establish a healthy environment for the seniors.

Our mission is to improve the health, well-being and peace of mind of those we serve, and this is also how we commit in CSR. From our longitudinal 360 Wellbeing Survey , which provides the whole view of our citizens’ overall health condition, we understand it is possible to form health habits fundamentally through the various activities of health promotion to attain the balance of body and mind. The study reveals that Taiwan’s Family Well-being Index ranked the bottom 2 among the world in recent 5 years, 78% percent of parents are aware of the pressure their children bear from the peer and school. We aimed to increase the parent-children happiness, we partnered with John Tung Foundation to launch Play & Move, Flying High , the parent-children wellbeing program participated by over 5,000 families with positive impacts towards body and mind health. This program improved parent-kid companionship, and successfully raised the awareness toward the importance of family bonding. Cigna Taiwan does not see itself as an insurer only, but also becomes a close partner for Taiwanese people in each area of health life. We commit ourselves to more engagement with Taiwan people to realize CSR and elevate the happiness between parents and children.

Safe Workplace in the Mist of the Pandemic

Although Taiwan keeps the rank as one of the top countries in the world for its successful handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cigna Taiwan quickly started working from home, dual-site working, flex work, disinfecting offices, banning large group activities to ensure workplace’s safety. Our Welfare Committee deployed textPersonal Protection Kit, with face masks, liquid soaps, and hand sanitizers, to each employee for personal hygiene and prevention. Due to the ways of work changed, Cigna Taiwan drove digitalization, urged the utilization of virtual meetings and training courses, and improved facilities for working from home. The web-based “WFH Resources Zone” can be accessed by employees in no time for their needs. Considering the necessity of caring for family members, Cigna Taiwan offers 10-day paid ETO (Emergency Time Off), Epidemic Family Care Leave, Flex Work to be used for Covid-19 related reasons. EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and medical supports continued to serve our employees during the pandemic and online de-stress courses were additionally designed to make sure our employees’ body and mind well taken care of.

Positive and Total Employee Experience

The primary of Cigna Taiwan’s people strategy is Employee Experience, aligning with Cigna Values, we innovate and adapt. With our inherent design-thinking, IAP (Innovation Accelerator Program) encourages employees be adventurous to innovate ideas on business. One of our latest Customer Reward campaigns which the idea was collaborated a by cross-function group to put into reality with speed, succeeded to simplify the premium payment for the customers and improve the policy persistency rate.

During the career journey at Cigna Taiwan, each employee experience the growth on the designated and diverse career plan, i.e. efficient advancement training, job rotations, cross-country short-term assignment, ‘Dr. Career’, through which employees are empowered to take lead in the personal growth.
Cigna Taiwan is devoted to creating a quality work environment and corporate culture that values work-life balance, employees of all ages, genders, and family types are looked after with respective care programs, such as Pregnancy Caring Program, 12-week paid maternity leaves and 4-week paid paternity leaves for novice parents; 20-day paid caregiver leaves for the sandwich generation; health check-up program, better than the market, for over 40 year-old employees every year. Cigna Taiwan was listed as one of the Best Companies to Work For for the second consecutive years. We also won the Well-Being Award, Benchmark Company of Compensation and Benefits in the Insurance Industry , as well as the Work-Life Balance Award from the Ministry of Labor.

Diverse, Equal and Inclusive Healthy Workplace

At Cigna, we stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we are committed to respecting differences, treating each other fairly, and standing together for those who may need help. Cigna Group ranks >#7 in REDI Index ERGs (Enterprise Resource Groups) for different races, genders, religions, sexuality, disability, nationalities have been long founded to support our employees of various backgrounds. Cigna discourages sexism and supports equal rights for staff to get married. Since 2019, our Adoption Assistance Program has offered 20 paid-day adoption leaves for employees with the need. Cigna Taiwan was honored and certified by Taipei City Government with 1st Work Gender Equality award as the only insurer.

The deeply-rooted spirits of fitness and LOHAS can be evidenced in Cigna daily life, as we incorporate innovation in the initiatives to promote comprehensive Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Care Programs. We regularly hold lectures and activities to improve physical and mental wellbeing. There are also various sport clubs formed by employees. Cigna Taiwan is constantly top ranked at annual Cigna Global Fitness Challenge and ReSet Your Resilience programs, which encourage not only to pursue physical health but also to engage ourselves in the social network to reach the balance of body, mind, and soul.





多元、平等、共融 健康與幸福

康健人壽致力於打造多元、平等、共融的工作環境,鼓勵多元背景員工共享公司資源,集團DEI政策(Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy)在Religious Freedom & Business Foundation評為多元共融指標企業第7名(#7 in REDI Index),更成立數個多元包容企業資源團體,尊重個人差異性,提供性別、種族、宗教、年齡、身體構造(身障)、性向、國籍等支持。康健人壽自2019年起,為鼓勵多元成家並消弭職場性別歧視,提供20天全薪領養假,協助同性婚姻員工建立家庭;於2020年獲頒亞洲第一個推出的「台北市職場性別平等認證」也是唯一獲得該殊榮的保險公司。