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7F., No. 333, Fuxing N. Rd.,
Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105

7F., No. 333, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105 Taiwan


Storage, Logistic, World Mobility, Relocation


Crown is a global network with
over half a century's worth of
experience. We are at our best
when we're working together,
leveraging our employees’
expertise, creativity and
diversity. It's this teamwork,
this blend of ideas and cultures
that allows Crown to provide
the best service to all our

Crown is a global network with over half a century's worth of experience. We are
at our best when we're working together, leveraging our employees’ expertise,
creativity and diversity. It's this teamwork, this blend of ideas and cultures that
allows Crown to provide the best service to all our

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Crown Records Management is part of the Crown Worldwide Group. The Crown Worldwide Group companies all share a common quality – the experience and insight to accomplish anything, from complex to the routine.

Our people are our biggest asset. To succeed as a business, we need to ensure that all our employees are heard, supported and developed. Only by working together and leveraging the expertise, diversity and creativeness of our employees will we be able to provide an exceptional experience to our customers and clients.

Workplace Policies and Practices

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategy
We are committed to making Crown a best place to work. Our workforce has to reflect our clients and customers. Workforce diversity allows us to innovate and succeed; inclusivity allows our employees to grow regardless of their differences. That’s why our focus has been on laying solid D&I foundations. Although still early on in our journey, we are proud of the progress we have made.

Gender equality remains one of our key focus areas. In 2019, while females accounting for 40% of our global workforce, we saw a 3% increase in women in management positions. Furthering our commitment to equality, we conducted a global pay parity review. D&I eLearning courses are made mandatory to employees so our teams around the globe value uniqueness and possess a sense of belonging to drive business growth.

Our employees are our main asset and only by advancing our commitment to D&I will we be able to attract, retain and develop talent. By promoting, supporting and being advocates for change, D&I can truly ingrained into our DNA and across our brands.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We always work to meet a diverse range of goals and look for employees’ participation to help us on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) front to make an impact in the society.

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), we conduct all our business in accordance with its ten principles. Our annual CSR report constitutes the UNGC’s annual Communication on Progress (COP). Within it we describe how we integrate its principles into our business strategy, culture and daily operations. We also commit to sharing this information with stakeholders.

Other Crown initiatives
Other Crown initiatives and programs include Volunteering Policy, allows permanent staff to take up to 2 paid days per year to participate in local volunteering initiative; Crown Worldwise Awards, a company-wide annual awards program to recognize staff contributions where nominations come from peers each Autumn; and Annual Employee Engagement Survey, collecting staff opinions with intention to provide company feedback on staff employment experience at Crown.

We are committed to the development of our employees. Wide range of courses can be found under iLearn, our interactive learning platform. iLearn is now available as a mobile app, making learning on the go easier. We also offer various types of live webinars with our L&D team.

To support the development of our staff, Crown implemented a cross-functional mentoring program for all levels of employees, regardless of tenure, location, or role. The aim is to help staff enhance their skills, maximize their potential, expand networks, and consider career paths by working with others in the Crown Group. In 2019, 45% of positions filled at mid/senior level have come via promotions of our current team members. This covers over 70% of our leadership roles. Crown actively promote career opportunities internally in engaging our employee to build a better career.

Employee benefits

Crown offers a full range of rewards, not limiting to compensation and benefits, to the staff according to local legislations and practices.

Crown Total Reward Framework
Crown continues our commitment to balancing the rewards and benefits that are received by staff in return for their performance in the workplace. It is the sum of everything that people in Crown experience and receive, from job satisfaction to the environment, leadership, colleagues and remuneration. Crown is a rewarding, fulfilling workplace where our current employees are supported, and our future employees would want to work.

Employee engagement

Alongside our annual employee engagement survey, we distribute short “pulse” surveys to gauge opinion on specific issues, such as working under COVID-19. These surveys focus on collaboration and communication. We listen to our employees and regular “town hall” meetings are held across different office locations, where company updates and local news are shared.

Employer branding

Crown uses the intrinsic and extrinsic, push and pull models to align our rewards with staff expectations. We hope to intrinsically motivate our staff through Crown purpose, passion and enjoyment at work, so they can perform at their best. Through our annual Target performance review, we encourage them extrinsically by various bonuses and rewards according to their yearly performances.

Crown conducts regular surveys to track staff job fulfilment and growth; collect inspirational leadership scores, and feedback on performance focus level. This is exceptionally crucial during the challenging times, to ensure that Crown continues to be a great place to work. Our employees are equipped with the necessary skillsets and supported with learning tools to providing great customer experience, which is critical to the success of Crown.



我們致力使嘉柏成為最適合工作的公司。我們團隊的組成必須 反映出客戶和顧客的個體感受。團隊的多樣化讓我們能夠持續創新並取得成功。因此我們的焦點工作一直都是建立紮實的D&I基礎。


員工是嘉柏重要的資產,只有確實執行對D&I的承諾,我們才能吸引、挽留和培育人才。透過升遷、員工支援和提倡改革,D&I 才可以真正地紮根於我們團隊的基因和各個事業品牌當中。



其他活動和計劃包括:義工服務政策,該政策允許全職員工每年最多有兩個帶薪日參加當地義工服務活動;Crown Worldwise Awards,一項全公司實行的年度獎勵計劃,每年秋季表彰由同事提名傑出員工所作的貢獻;以及年度Employee Engagement Survey,以蒐集員工意見並向公司反饋員工在嘉柏的工作體驗。





Crown Total Reward Framework