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No. 168, Jingmao 2nd Rd.,
Nangang Dist., Taipei,
Taiwan, R.O.C

No. 168, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C


Financial Services


We're committed to cementing
our status as "Taiwan Champion,
Asia Leader" and becoming the
leading, most trusted financial institution.

We're committed to cementing our status as "Taiwan Champion, Asia Leader" and
becoming the leading, most trusted financial institution.

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Taiwan Champion, Asia Leader

CTBC Holding was established in 2002. Guided by our “We are family” brand spirit, we are committed to delivering benefits for our customers, employees, shareholders, and community. Based on our core values of integrity, innovation, professionalism, teamwork, and care, we are determined to do more every day to realize our corporate mission of helping to protect and build clients' assets and to cement our status as "Taiwan Champion, Asia Leader".

Expanding recruitment channels to keep up with the times

We know that a highly capable workforce is a necessity for a successful company; as such, it spares no effort in finding talent and investing in it. In addition to actively recruiting elite performers from outside our group, we operate the Management Associate Program to systematically cultivate new talent and develop a pool of skilled employees at every level. In response to ongoing international competition and fintech development, we are recruiting people who demonstrate SMART, (Savvy, Mobility, Ambition, Resilience and Teamwork), from different fields domestically and abroad.

Establishing a foundation for digital financial services and accelerating our digital transformation

We are committed to promoting digital finance in order to meet the continuously changing demands of markets and customers. We formally established a data R&D center and three labs to develop digital transformation and innovation in blockchain, AI, and customer experience.

Career management and training

To meet the development needs of employees at all levels, a dual-track development system for both experts and managers has been established and career development road maps have been created for different positions. Furthermore, the Company provides professional training courses, management development training, international courses, overseas training, soft skills training, financial certification training, and opportunities such as overseas visits, job rotations, and project assignments to assist employees in their long-term career development.

Competitive remuneration

One way we attract and retain top professional talent is through our diverse programs of profit-sharing, such as employee stock appreciation rights, employee subscription rights for new share issues, employee shareholding, and employee welfare savings. We have also instituted environmental sustainability rewards to enhance environmental sustainability

Employee reward and recognition system

The Company has been holding a model employee competition every year, the winners of which are publicly recognized. We also run a senior employee recognition program to honor those who have been with us for the long run. Employees who have served for more than five years are awarded certificates. Those here for 5–10 years are given a one-time “golden holiday” of five paid days off, while those here for 15, 20, 25, and 30 years receive “diamond holiday” allowances of NT$20,000, NT$25,000, NT$30,000, and NT$35,000, respectively.

Diversified welfare systems

We established the Employee Welfare Committee, which provides general care as well as a variety of additional benefit options. The core welfare system provides employees not only with labor and health insurance, as legally required, but also various subsidies, such as for marriage, family funerals, childbirth, medical treatment, and children’s education, as well as cash gifts for birthdays, bonuses for major holidays, emergency relief and consolation funds, comprehensive group insurance, group annuity insurance, and others. The flexible benefits system works by awarding points every year to employees, who can exchange them for products and services of their choice, including food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, education, and entertainment. We also offer employees preferential interest rates of less than 1% for home loan.

Employee leisure activities

CTBC hosts a variety of leisure actives and supports employee participation such as new employee cohesion camp, department travel, annual parties, family days, etc. We support employees in organizing their own club activities. The Company had 34 clubs in 2020, including for golf, English speaking, music, flower arrangement, aerobics, and adventure cycling.

Through this HR award, especially at the critical moment because of the COVID-19, we heard the voice of our employees and see their positive recognition to CTBC. We will keep maintaining a good listening and communication channel with our employees. We are grateful for this award, and will continue to grow together with our employees in the future

Derek Lo, Executive Vice President

Employee opinion survey

CTBC Holding conducts employee opinion surveys once every two years. By tracking the results of these surveys, we hope to gain a better understanding of the feelings and thoughts of our different generations of employees. In the online survey of 2019, the employees gave CTBC Holding marks that exceeded global benchmarks in the “team”, “performance management”, “rewards”, “work–life balance”, and “organization communication” categories.

Health promotion in the workplace

To cultivate a healthy workplace, CTBC Holding has a dedicated team of health care personnel to organize annual health checkups, on-site doctor services, health seminars, blood donations, and physical fitness activities. The Company also established a five-star fitness center equipped with various equipment and facilities and a massage and relaxation center that employs visually impaired professional masseurs. We established the Workplace Maternal Health Protection Plan, Overwork-Related Hazards Prevention Plan, and Ergonomic-Related Hazards Prevention Plan. Further, it fully incorporated ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standards to ensure employees’ physical and mental health and safety in the workplace and protect their rights and interests.

Ensuring diversity and equal opportunity employment

CTBC Holding is committed to employee care founded on the basis of human rights and gender equality. Moreover, we strive to recognize the importance of diversity in the workplace, respect individual differences, provide a professional, dignified workplace, and explicitly prohibit harassment intimidation or discrimination.

We are family

The concept of family is the starting point of our “We are family” brand spirit. And we are always eager to welcome diverse new talent into our ever-growing family. Realizing our “We are family” brand spirit starts with caring for our employees like family members. We understand and provide for their diverse needs, conducting regular employee opinion surveys. We are committed to establishing a harmonious, equal, and open workplace culture; providing employees with training and development plans that are tailored to their needs; and fostering a comfortable, supportive, loving, and trusting working environment that enables our employees to excel.

臺灣第一 亞洲領先

中信金控成立於2002年,秉持We are family的品牌精神,以「誠信、創新、專業、團隊、關懷」的核心價值觀,「守護與創造」的企業使命及「關心、專業、信賴」的品牌特質,為客戶、員工、股東與社會創造共同利益,打造「臺灣第一、亞洲領先」的領導品牌。

與時俱進 投資人才

我們堅信「人才」是企業的根本,在投資人才上不遺餘力。除了積極引入外部菁英外,更透過儲備幹部計畫系統性地進行人才培養,逐步建立各級人才梯隊。我們聚焦「國際化、數位化」策略布局,延攬來自海內外不同領域國籍,且具備「SMART特質」 (Savvy理解力、Mobility移動力、Ambition進取心、Resilience抗壓力、Teamwork團隊心)的跨界菁英。


中信金控 羅宏瑜資深副總

打造數金核心 加速數位轉型

我們致力推動數位金融,以滿足市場與客戶不斷創新之需求。成立「數據研究發展中心」及設置「區塊鏈Blockchain Lab」、「人工智能AI Join Lab」、「客戶體驗CX Lab」三大實驗室,積極進行數位創新。


為滿足各階層員工的發展需要,建構專業職與管理職雙軌發展機制,並針對不同職位規劃其職涯發展地圖,提供專業訓練課程、管理發展訓練、國際課程、海外派訓、軟性課程訓練(Soft Skill)、金融證照訓練等,並提供海外參訪、工作輪調、專案指派等機會,協助員工長期職涯成長。












在落實健康職場上,我們設有專屬護理師團隊,提供年度健康檢查、醫師臨場服務、健康講座、捐血及體適能等活動。企業總部設有健身房、飛輪教室、舒活館等設施。我們制定「職場母性健康保護計畫」、「異常工作負荷促發疾病預防計畫」及「人因工程危害預防計畫」,並導入職業安全衛生管理系統ISO 45001,守護同仁的身心健康。



We are family

「家」是中信金控We are family品牌精神的起點,我們歡迎多元化的人才。我們將員工當作家人一樣照顧,我們理解員工多樣的需求並持續在各方面展現對員工的重視,定期舉行員工意見調查以傾聽員工的心聲,致力於建立勞資和諧、平等與開放的職場文化,提供員工適合的培訓及發展規劃,並營造舒適的職場環境,使員工可在互助互愛互信的環境中提供良好服務。