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326 No.7, Shi-1 Rd., Yangmei,
Taoyuan, Taiwan

326 No.7, Shi-1 Rd., Yangmei, Taoyuan, Taiwan




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CTW logistics corporation was founded in 2012 with a philosophy to provide high value-added logistics solution through creative thinking and practical operation for our worldwide customers and to drive the future growth of Taiwan logistics industry. Our team has 46-year professional experiences in transportation and storage field built up from our mother company CTW holdings corporation. Through diverse integrated logistics services, our team provides our customers with safe, accurate, timely and cost-effective logistics services and high value-added supply chain solutions.

In this new economy era, supply chain and logistics are more and more important and has become a booming industry, especially since the widespread e-commerce penetrated into people’s daily lives. Such huge business system requires all aspects of talent and technical support. Corresponding to its development is the management and development of human resources in the supply chain and logistics fields. Plus, logistics is a labor-intensive industry. The employees are the most extensive group and a flexible group in various logistics organizations. Therefore, Improve the work environment to keep the flexibility and safety for employees is our important mission.

CTW implemented the automatic storage retrieval system and warehouse management system, and we also bring in the automatic robotic arm system in our packing operation line. The robotic arm is an automatic control device that has the function of imitating a human arm and can complete various tasks. The robotic arm system can help our employee to avoid the occupational disease. Also, the auto storage system creates a safer work place to our employee. Working environment safety is the most important things that we prepare for our coworkers. Using the automation technology and equipment is CTW's strategy to improve our employee's work safety and efficiency.

Nowadays, using the up-to-date software and sophisticated facilities with flexible integration information system by our employee to serve our clients is our daily operation. Human represents the concept, quality, technology, as well as the marketing ability and the network. Only through people can companies have more value and vitality. Especially in the field of logistics, both transportation and warehousing area, people are our most important assets. For keeping high quality service, we devote much attention on employees’ training. Assisting employees to set up their annual training plan is a way of communication between company and our employee. In this training plan set up process, we can find out the cause of work stress and resolve it, which is also helpful to improve employee's ability and integrate employee's and company goal. Our coworkers can seek different ways to improve their career by both inside and outside company expertise courses. Aside from regular quarterly training program hold by company, employees can apply external training course if they wish. As to the management, company provides some additional speeches from external expertise talking about interview skills, communication ability, and leadership,etc.

Our human resource department do a full performance evaluation / career survey every year and help employee to build up their career scope. We know the human resource planning is one of the steps to bring CTW and employee forward. Reviewing the relationship of position and employee is good for organization development. Through the evaluation result, we can set up new strategy of human resource to shape our corporate culture.

In addition, the free sport class also provides employees a balance between work and life. Yoga and boxing class (twice a week) can enhance body strength and body elasticity, so that the body's limbs develop in a balanced manner. Yoga can also prevent and treat various diseases related to body and mind that is helpful in our high-pressure industry. Moreover, the contracted doctor and nurse of CTW provide on-site health and consultation services to give advice to our employee and bring them to pay more attention on their health issue. We also provide free health examination to our employee and track the health examination result by contract doctor. We believe that the happiest and the most productive employees are people who achieve a balance between work and life. Life with fulfillment is as important as career accomplishments.

Our new plan of building a library to share the knowledge and social connecting for our coworkers. The study circle is hold by our chairman who likes to share the logistic knowledge, logic training, international situation and culture exchange etc. Everyone can share their own opinion to bring the new concept. The management of CTW also transmit the company's business direction and operating result to all employee. Through the information sharing, the members of study circle can understand the direction of CTW.
As a human base company, we see our employee's family as part of us. We provide a birth allowance, nursery room, health care service, and longer maternity leave than government offer. Every year, we hold “Family Day” inviting employees’ family to know about the company and the working environment. And another big event is the outing (travel) hold every year to bring all partners together and have fun. Our board chairman is a family first policy supporter, so our company provides monthly raising children allowance until six years old and a scholarship for elder children.

We all believe that our next generation will be the most diverse ever, and we are ready to welcome them. The average age of our employees is 36. And among our management (leaders), 28% of the them are under 36 years old. This shows how we value diversity in our culture. We encourage those who are talented and with great ability to take more responsibility no matter what age they are. From the other side, we have more than 15% employee who are working in CTW over 10 years. That is the best result to show why CTW is one of the best places to work for in Taiwan.
Always seeing challenges as our opportunity, we’ve continually explored new frontiers, embraced new technologies, and weathered storms together. The challenges of COVID-19 that we face today are more complex than ever before, and no matter what the challenge is, we remain resilient, optimistic and confident.

That’s why we genuinely value our employees for who they are and what they bring. We will continue working together with our motto “Be grateful to our customers; Be grateful to our employees”