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No.167-1, Shanying Rd.,
Guishan Dist.,
Taoyuan City 33341,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

No.167-1, Shanying Rd., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City 33341, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Electronic Parts & Components Manufacturing


Bringing Enjoyment and Quality
to Life Committed to the
development of science and
technology in life applications,
expecting to bring a more beautiful
life for the consumers, as the
power of progress for human society


Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life Committed to the development of science
and technology in life applications, expecting to bring a more beautiful life for the
consumers, as the power of progress for human society


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Darfon Electronics Corp., founded in 1997, is a world-leading specialist in eco-friendly technologies that delivers innovative IT Peripherals, Passive Components, and Green Energy solutions. As it enhances core competencies and develops a diversified, high-value and forward-looking product line, to provides high-quality, end-to-end ODM and OEM services to its valued customers. Darfon is currently the No.1 laptop keyboard manufacturer in the world. With the prevalence of green energy and sports in recent years, it has entered the E-Bike field with a new brand of BESV, is committed to creating premium electric bicycles and accessories, in order to bring customers a truly amazing user-experience.

Darfon currently owns more than 1,100 global patents and has won numerous international design awards for its business success over the years. The company’s stock was publicly listed in November 2007. Today, Darfon employs over 10,000 employees worldwide with operations in Taiwan, mainland China, Japan, Korea, the United States, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Darfon pays close attention to the health care and career development of all employees. Planning a variety of employee care program with "Darfon Happy Go" as the main axis:

Heart - Multiple Communication Channels

Darfon is committed to two-way communication by regularly or irregularly holding various meetings, internal websites and satisfaction surveys. Darfon responded employee’s requirements in a timely and appropriate manner, enhancing employee participation, recognition, and promoting labor-management harmony.

Active - Professional administrative system

Darfon pays close attention to the physical and mental health and welfare of employees, not only specially hire star chef and baker to check food safety, but also hire professional coaches based on different themes and vitality courses. In addition, we also provide many programs included promotion training, salary incentives, hardware and software facilities, dynamic and static diversification plans for employees. Darfon Strives to meet the needs of employees with practical actions, and build a happy company with positive actions.

Passion - inspire passion and vitality

Darfon promotes healthy and happy life for a long time, and encourages employees to practice work-life balance. In 2020, Darfon has planned and implemented a series of sports activities such as walking competition, fat loss competitions and all-staff flywheels ,etc. Flywheel is the most popular among these items. In order to meet the expectations of employees, Darfon has continuously increased courses to 113 classes, the whole participants were 3,390 and the employee participation rate was 100%.

Participation - Social care and public welfare

Darfon cooperates with BenQ Group Foundation to hold many humanities and environment care activities such as rice fields adoption and tree planting. Additionally, Darfon encourages employees to organize charity clubs, and hold social welfare activities frequently in company. 8,974 participants joined relative activities in last year including public welfare purchase, mountain cleanup, beach cleanup, material donation and subscribe Taiwan cropper. DARFON takes action to protect the natural environment and care about society and people.

Young - Promote a Happiness company culture

Darfon is willing to take a variety of standpoints for employees, and work hard at all levels to create a safe and comfortable working environment. Let every employee can truly feel "Life in Darfon is the happiest".

Darfon attaches great importance to the needs of every employee, including personal health, family care, career learning and growth. It is committed to creating a friendly workplace and establishes an employer brand image to attract and retain outstanding talents, encouraging employees to grow with company and create a win-win situation.



達方十分重視同仁的健康照護與職涯發展,以「幸福達方 HAPPY GO」為主軸,推出多項全方位員工照護方案:










達方樂於站在同仁角度設身處地著想,從生活中各個層面去努力,營造一個安心安適的工作環境,讓每位同仁真心感受「幸福零距離 · 達方最幸福」。