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14F., No.102, Guangfu S. Rd.,
Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

14F., No.102, Guangfu S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


IT & Services


Kytu recognizes top companies
in the world in terms of market
capitalization are internet
companies. Kytu aspires Taiwan
to have its own brands, ㄎand go
international. His goal is to build
up the team, envision to become
the largest internet company in
Taiwan and reach out to the world.

Kytu recognizes top companies in the world in terms of market capitalization are
internet companies. Kytu aspires Taiwan to have its own brands, ㄎand go
international. His goal is to build up the team, envision to become the largest
internet company in Taiwan and reach out to the world.

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Dcard is a community that has high penetration and influence among the young generation, where the users can freely exchange their thoughts and opinions while finding connection with each other. Dcard users come from all over the world, with an average of 1.6 billion unique visitors per month. Besides our existing community and services, we are also actively growing our new business and overseas market.

In a rapidly changing industry, Dcard applies the OKR goal system to help us focus on our mission, vision, and annual strategy, and we ensure they are implemented to each of the team goals, which helps the organization to focus on our long-term strategy. Dcard is dedicated to using our growth mindset to develop a team with temperature while growing rapidly.

Learning Resources Designed by Needs

  • While embracing an enthusiastic and learning culture, Dcard provides unlimited learning resources designed for our member’s needs.
  • We provide subsidies for books, seminars, and courses. Dcard members can directly request their needs and have the resources provided to them within 24 hours. We work with consultants from time to time, organize in-house training and workshops, and even provide subsidies for conferences such as WWDC, Google I/O... etc. Additionally, we also invite the talents from other companies to visit Dcard for sharings. Furthermore, we also encourage each department in Dcard to hold study group sessions, organize monthly developer sessions to share the technical skills that our developers are currently using, and occasionally hold training workshops on different topics.

Always Check In Our Working Decisions

  • Dcard embraces a culture of frequent communication. Our teammates often provide feedback to each other while working together, and it is even possible to schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with our CEO too. We always make the progress of our projects and the discussions as transparent as possible so that every member can easily carry out their ideas on them.
  • In daily meetings, weekly meetings, and monthly all-hands meetings, the members are able to align their working progress and take the initiative to discuss and propose their ideas, and therefore make better decisions and actions for us to deliver better products to our users. As we have transparent information and the members are able to frequently provide feedback and move fast, we are able to create an influential and open working environment in Dcard.

In-Depth Service for Team & Members

  • Dcard sees talents as the most important core of an organization. The Talent Operations Team assists our members to optimize every detail of their working experience. From recruiting new members, aligning team resources to resolving working barriers, the Talent Operations Team is dedicated to supporting each department to operate and grow.

Emphasization on Members’ Working Experience

  • Dcard values the voices and feedback of our team members. During the reconstruction of our core values, we not only organized discussions with our Strategy Team, but also discussed with every team leader and member to see if the new core values help the team to have more consensus on our working decisions. By this war, we were able to understand everyone’s opinions and make adjustments to our new core values accordingly.
  • In order to understand how we can optimize the work experiences for our members, we also conducted research on team members’ working experiences. We interviewed dozens of members, summarized the top factors of our team members‘ working experience, and implemented the insights to our working projects. We also conducted engagement surveys periodically to optimize the organization and help the members to work more smoothly.
  • Furthermore, Dcard also provides team members with excellent benefits and environment, such as flexible working hours, extra holidays other than what’s stated in Taiwan’s Labor Law, birthday leave..etc. Our team also votes for exclusive Dcard holidays and exercises remote working day once every week. We have also prepared a napping room to let our members recover their energies at any time. Moreover, we also provided massage service by visually impaired therapists, free lunch day, unlimited snacks and drinks, afternoon tea, fruits, dessert, etc. to take care of each member's well-being.
  • Dcard values and wants to take care of each team member's health, therefore we provide group insurance and annual health checkups that are superior to what the industry usually gives. In times of the COVID-19 epidemic, we also provide every employee (including full-timers and part-timers) with subsidies for epidemic insurance in order to create a worry-free working environment.

Agility to Deal With Extraordinary Circumstances

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, our team has already developed our self-health management system, working shifting system, and remote communication system even before the outbreak. Furthermore, in accordance with the possible changes of COVID-19, we were ready to execute Work From Home for all team members and implement flexible team culture to ensure our daily operations will not be affected. We also prepared epidemic prevention supplies , ordered masks and epidemic prevention kits for each team member.
Dcard values each of its team members. We try our best to provide support to our team members, always check in our working decisions, and enable the members to utilize their full potential. We value the members’ working experience, so we go in-depth with the team and assist them to work better. From providing the resources based on the members’ needs to react immediately to the pandemic, especially during the period when the team is growing rapidly and expanding, Dcard has proven it is a fast-growing team that puts its members in the first place.
Dcard 是在年輕族群有極高滲透率與影響力的社群平台,透過匿名機制,讓使用者能自在地交流想法與意見,希望讓每個人都能在 Dcard 找到共鳴,Dcard 用戶來自世界各地,每月不重複訪客高達 1,600 萬。除了既有社群服務與版圖,我們也正全力擴張發展新型業務及跨國市場。

面對快速變化的社群生態,Dcard 應用 OKR 目標管理,聚焦長期使命願景、年度戰略,並確保落實至部門目標,讓夥伴們都能專注在公司長期戰略。用成長型思維打造一個快速成長也充滿溫度的企業文化。


  • Dcard 提供無上限學習資源。公司從夥伴們的需求出發培育夥伴,培養團隊養成高熱忱、實力堅強的學習型組織。
  • 我們提供書籍、講座、課程補助,夥伴可以直接提出需求,並在 24 小時內即可取得。公司不定期和企業顧問合作、舉辦講師內訓,提供國內外 Conference 補助,如 WWDC、Google I/O ⋯,且邀請業界高手來到 Dcard 分享,不定期拜訪其他公司互相交流。同時,我們鼓勵各部門舉辦讀書會、每月舉辦一次 Developer Session,分享所知技術,不定期舉辦不同主題的工作坊。


  • Dcard 擁有高頻率的溝通文化。夥伴互相合作並頻繁地給予回饋,也可以隨時跟 CEO 約 1 on 1 對談。我們盡可能將專案進度和討論內容透明化,讓夥伴們都可以提出想法。
  • 在每天專案小組進度會議、每週產品會議、每月 All Hands Meeting 中,夥伴們可以對齊進度,主動提出想法討論,做更完善的決策與行動,協助我們提供更好的產品給使用者。因為 Dcard 資訊公開、頻繁回饋且快速行動,成員能夠在 Dcard 具有話語權並創造影響力。


  • Dcard 視人才為組織最重要的核心。人才營運團隊(Talent Operations Team) 協助夥伴們優化一切工作體驗。從如何招募新成員、統整各部門資源、排解工作困難等,協助不同業務單位運作及成長。


  • Dcard 重視夥伴的回饋與聲音。團隊改版 Core Value 期間,我們從策略團隊、每位 leader 至各成員皆組織討論,檢視新版 Core Value 是否讓團隊對工作決策更有共識,了解大家的想法並充分修正。
  • 為了瞭解優化成員的工作體驗,團隊完成了夥伴體驗研究,訪談數十位成員,收斂出影響工作體驗的要素,並將洞察投入在工作專案之中。我們也定期進行 Engagement Survey,推動組織優化並協助大家工作更順暢。
  • 我們提供夥伴良好的福利與環境,如上班時間彈性、優於勞基法的假期、生日假⋯⋯等,團隊也投票選出專屬 Dcard 假期、並有每週一天的遠距工作機
  • 公司提供隱密的午睡間,使夥伴可以隨時充飽精神。另外,也提供視障同胞到公司按摩的服務、免費午餐日、無限量的零食飲料、下午茶、水果、點心等。
  • 公司重視也照顧每個成員的健康,提供優於業界的團體保險和年度健康檢查。在疫情期間,也提供全部員工(含正職與兼職)在疫情保險上的補助,創造無後顧之憂的工作環境。


面對 2020 疫情衝擊,團隊在疫情爆發前,即制定自主健康管理、分流上班與溝通機制,並且根據大環境的疫情變化推動全員 WFH,落實彈性團隊文化,使公司運作不受影響。公司更為每位夥伴準備防疫物資,並訂製口罩及外出防疫包。

Dcard 重視每位成員。我們提供成員支持,隨時對焦工作決策,並給予成員發揮的場域。我們重視工作體驗,所以深入團隊協助夥伴更好地工作。從需求提供資源,至面對疫情的快速應變,正驗證 Dcard 是個重視成員並快速成長的公司。