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Rm.C, 5F, No.3, Yuandong Rd.,
Banqiao Dist., 220 New Taipei City,

Rm.C, 5F, No.3, Yuandong Rd., Banqiao Dist., 220 New Taipei City, Taiwan




The Elo touchscreen experience
has consistently stood for quality,
reliability and innovation with over
25+ million installations worldwide.
Discovery Elo; Better Touch ; Better Business.

The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and
innovation with over 25+ million installations worldwide.
Discovery Elo; Better Touch ; Better Business.

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About Elo

No one knows touch technology better than Elo. Elo always excels in touch technology. More than 50 years ago, Elo invented the touch panel, and Elo has been making constant advancements. Every 21 seconds, a new Elo device is installed. Elo is committed to providing customers with beautiful, durable and innovative products.

Elo is a supplier of touch panel products and solutions. Its product portfolio includes 10- to-70-inch interactive digital signage, touchscreen computers, OEM touch panels and components, and touch display screens. The products have been widely used in the fields of arcade machines, self-service kiosks, restaurant and hotel self-service systems, POS cash registers, shopping mall guides, retail, food and beverage, and transportation. Elo's headquarter is located in Texas, USA, and it has approximately 1,000 employees worldwide. Elo has been deeply rooted in Taiwan for more than 30 years. Elo Touch Solutions (Taiwan) Limited is located in Banqiao and it is Elo's Asia Technology Center. The company employs 50 employees working in R&D, Asia-Pacific business, and customer service, and finance functions.

I. Core Corporate Values: Delivering Warmth and Connecting You and Me Through Touch -Elo, We Connect the World

1. Vision and Mission
As globalization continues to develop, the continuous innovation of communication technologies and the continuous emergence of intelligent technologies have impacted people's cognition and changed everyone's ideas. Communication between people and the connection between people and machines are becoming more and more important. Elo firmly believes that a socially responsible company can certainly drive social progress and sustainable development. Although the physical distance between people is hard to change, the distance for mutual perception between people will get closer and closer. Interaction is everywhere, and Elo is constantly seeking innovations and developments in the pursuit of digitalization of business interactions.

2. Openness and Diversity
Openness and diversity are concepts that Elo has always advocated. On the basis of integrity, respect, understanding and trust, we have established a multi-level, multi-directional and diversified communication channel. This communication channel disregards the hierarchy of job titles and narrows the distance between people. The company's senior managers hold a global all-hands meeting every quarter to share with all employees the results and shortcomings of the quarter, so that employees can fully understand the company's strategic goals and actual implementation status, thereby enhancing the sense of autonomy of all employees, and enhancing the cohesion and unity of all employees. Employees will live and grow together with the company.

3. Innovation and learning:
Elo knows that innovation is the foundation of business. It is committed to innovations in business processes and product technology, and continuously challenges itself. Elo encourages and supports employees to come up with groundbreaking and newer ideas and implement them.

Elo is expected to invest more than US$16 million in innovation and research and development this year. In the past year, 24 new patents have been submitted. At present, Elo holds more than 400 patented technologies. We actively face changes in the market and continue to enrich our product production lines, such as capacitive touch screens, smart self-service terminal products, etc., with an annual output of 800,000 sets.

4. Customer Orientation
The development direction is based on the maximum overall interests of customers, as well as service and market changes. Elo actively commits to understanding and focusing on customers. At the same time, Elo has established friendly partnerships to actively integrate into the industrial ecosystem with the goal of "developing ecology", strengthen cooperation, and jointly achieve sustainable and innovative development with customers.

II. Why Elo is Different

Elo is committed to quality, reputation, and innovation, and is focused on providing commercial-grade products for harsh environments, with a service life of 10 years or more. Elo's touch panel technology leads the industry. With more than 400 patents and a variety of touch technologies (surface acoustic wave, projected capacitance, surface capacitance, infrared and resistance), Elo's products have excellent image quality (supporting finger or gloved touch control), are easy to install, simple to use, and fast to support.

The scale of Elo's global business coverage is still expanding. However, no partnership is too small. We are committed to working hand in hand with customers and partners to achieve our goals. Our service is user-centric, and engineers, developers and managers are contacted directly to provide support. Based on various standards, our solutions adopt an open architecture to meet different needs, accelerating ROI and reducing TCO.

III. Corporate Social Responsibility

Elo is unafraid of assuming global corporate social responsibility, and actively participates in social welfare activities, cares for disadvantaged groups, follows local laws and regulations, and regulates corporate behavior. Elo is determined to be a valuable and responsible enterprise.

Elo encourages employees to give back to society, to engage in volunteer services, and contribute outside of the office. We want to use practical actions to promote and implement environmental protection and care for vulnerable groups. In 2018, Elo participated in the used shoes event. Step 30, and assisted the organizer with organizing the used shoe warehouse, sorting and packing the collected second-hand shoes in boxes, and sending them to the rural areas of East Africa, so that the local people can have shoes to wear to avoid sand fleas infecting their skin, which can endanger their lives.

Elo strives to safeguard the rights and interests of customers and employees, be honest and trustworthy with suppliers and distributors, and protect the interests of investors. We adhere to the business philosophy of environmental protection and sustainable development, create a harmonious community environment, and actively participate in public welfare undertakings.

IV. Corporate Environment

  • Elo Taiwan provides employees with a comfortable and bright working environment, and has specially established a multi-functional social area. Employees can rest, dine and engage in various activities in this area (including cooking competitions, birthday parties, etc.).
  • Elo encourages innovation through teamwork and fully trusts the self-discipline and creativity of employees to create an excellent and harmonious working environment. With humanized management and smooth communication channels, employees can express their opinions and put forward various ideas at any time, so that various projects can be promoted smoothly and quickly.
  • Elo pays attention to the work-life balance of its employees. Every year, it organizes domestic and foreign travel, departmental dinners, and annual meetings for employees to promote communication and emotional exchanges among the company's employees. Furthermore, Elo fully cares about the health of all employees, providing regular health check-ups, excellent employee group insurance (including dependents), and a leave system that is superior to labor laws.
  • In order to improve organizational capabilities and incentives for employee education, Elo provides comprehensive, planned & phased education and training every year, and even provides employees with further study assistance, such as: First aid training class, English proficiency class and PMP license examination subsidy, etc. The company assists employees in improving their own abilities and realizing their self-worth, so that employees can not only feel fulfilled at work, but also continue to develop their own careers.

Message from Craig Witsoe, Global CEO

"We always seek to hire the best people and that has naturally resulted in a group whose race and gender statistics exceed the averages for the tech industry. It also helps to encourage a company culture where our ideas can be openly debated and discussed. In everyday meetings and calls, we are lucky to work collaboratively and inclusively with people from all around the world."

Message from Steven Lai, General Manager of Taiwan

"Elo's headquarter in the United States upholds operating and management principles consistent across the globe, and provides Taiwanese employees with an open, diverse, clean and efficient workplace, so that employees can learn advanced technologies and abilities and contribute their talents to grow together with the company.

Elo has been in Taiwan for 30 years. From the initial investment of a single business promotion personnel, there are now about 50 employees, covering support for global product technology research and development and regional business management; The global technical support and regional business provided by Taiwan have become the most important part of Elo's product strategy and development.

I am very happy that in addition to the recognition for their hard work and talents, the number of employees who have started a family and had children in the past ten years has been among the highest in the world. This is a company that can make employees feel safe and give the employees room to develop."



Elo是觸控面板產品及解決方案供應商, 其產品組合包括10-70寸互動式數位告示牌、觸控電腦、OEM觸控面板及組件、及觸控顯示螢幕等。在電玩機、自助服務機、餐飲飯店自助系統、POS收銀機、購物中心導覽、零售餐飲和交通運輸等領域都獲得廣泛的應用。 Elo總部位於美國德州,全球員工人數約為1000人,在臺灣深根已超過30年, 臺灣艾羅科技有限公司主要營運地位於板橋, 是Elo的亞洲技術中心, 設有研發、亞太業務、客戶服務及財務等人員,目前共計有50名員工。

一、 企業核心價值:牽手感知溫度,觸控連接你我 Elo, we connect the world

1. 願景與使命

2. 開放與多元

3. 創新與學習:
Elo深知創新是業務的基礎,致力於業務流程的和產品技術的創新,不斷挑戰自己。鼓勵支持員工提出具突破性、更嶄新的想法並付諸實施。 Elo今年預計投入約美金1600多萬元用於創新和研發,過去的一年新增提交專利24項,目前Elo共有超過400項的專利技術。我們積極面對市場變化,不斷豐富產品生產線,如電容式觸控式螢幕,智慧化自助終端產品等,年產量達80萬套。

4. 客戶導向

二、 為什麼Elo與眾不同



三、 企業社會責任


Elo鼓勵員工回饋社會,鼓勵員工從事志願者服務,多次走出辦公室,以實際行動宣導與落實環境保護和關懷弱勢群體。 在2018年, 參與舊鞋救命 (Step 30) 活動, 協助主辦單位整理舊鞋倉庫, 將募集的二手鞋分類打包裝箱, 送到東非偏鄉, 讓當地的人民有鞋可穿避免沙蚤寄生皮膚, 危害生命。


四、 企業環境氛圍

  • 臺灣艾羅為員工提供舒適明亮的工作環境,特別是設有多功能交誼區, 員工們可以在此區域休憩用餐和從事各項活動(包括廚藝競賽、慶生會等)。
  • Elo通過團隊合作來營造鼓勵創新,充分信任員工的自我約束力和創造力,創造卓越和諧的工作氛圍。人性化的管理和暢通的溝通管道, 員工可以隨時表達意見和提出各項想法, 讓各項工作計畫推動更加順利且快速。
  • Elo注重員工工作與生活的平衡,每年舉辦員工國內外旅遊、部門聚餐,和年會等活動,促進公司員工溝通和情感交流。再者, Elo百分百關心所有員工的身體健康, 提供員工定期健康檢查 、優渥的員工團體保險(包含眷屬) 和優於法定的休假制度。
  • 為了提升組織戰力和員工學習動機,Elo每年都有完善的、有計劃性 & 階段性的教育訓練, 甚至提供員工進修補助,例如: 急救訓練班,英文實力班和PMP證照考試補助等。公司協助員工提升自我能力,實現自我價值,使員工除了在工作上獲得成就感也持續發展個人職涯。

全球執行長Craig Witsoe的話

“We always seek to hire the best people and that has naturally resulted in a group whose race and gender statistics exceed the averages for the tech industry. It also helps to encourage a company culture where our ideas can be openly debated and discussed. In everyday meetings and calls, we are lucky to work collaboratively and inclusively with people from all around the world.”


臺灣區總經理Steven Lai的話