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No.6-8, Zhonghua Rd., Shulin Dist.,
New Taipei City, Taiwan 23860

No.6-8, Zhonghua Rd., Shulin Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 23860


Electronics Manufacturing


Everlight adheres to the
"people-oriented" principle,
attaches importance to the
working environment,
development and care of
employees, achieves a safe
and warm workplace, and
maintains a happy
corporate culture.


Everlight adheres to the "people-oriented" principle, attaches importance to the
working environment, development and care of employees, achieves a safe and
warm workplace, and maintains a happy corporate culture.


Head Count

Approx. 6,000 globally



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Everlight Electronics Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1983 in Taipei , Taiwan . Playing a critical role in the formation of the global LED industry , the company is rapidly ascending to become a leading supplier due to its dedication to certification , R&D , production , quality , marketing and global customer service.

Business Spirit


Business Philosophy

EVERLIGHT strives for excellence in quality, performance and delivery our products while meeting the demands of our customers through incessant technological advancements and processes.

LED Innovation
As a leading LED enterprise globally, EVERLIGHT continually looks to enhance its competitve advantages through dedicated professional technologies while satisfying the diversified requirements of our customers.

Integrity is an EVERLIGHT guiding principle in how we communicate and serve our customers and partners.

Top Quality
EVERLIGHT aims to offer the highest quality products through research, manufacturing process improvements, extended reliability and built in quality throughout the entire product developments process.

EVERLIGHT is determined to push the limits of continuous improvement through innovation and delivering cutting-edge technology and creative solutions.

Employee Care Vision and Strategy

We review issues related to labor relations, education and training and occupational safety every year based on the RBA/SA8000 code of conduct and conduct effectiveness assessment via audits from the Legal Division and our customers.
  • Comply with international regulations and relevant local laws of the operating site, protect the rights and interest of employees thoroughly.
  • Provide friendly occupational working environment, protect the rights and interest of employees from infringement.
  • Continuously promote various activities and employee care projects, promote employees’ psychical and mental balance and health.

Working Environment and Occupational Safety and Health Management Policy

  • ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System:
    Everlight insists on the priority of safety in order to provide a safe and carefree workplace. Reducing workplace hazards and providing an occupational environment with employee safety and health. In addition, also complies with the customer requirements and relevant laws and regulations in seeking the sustainable development of the company.
  • ISO 14001 Certification:
    Everlight actively promotes occupational health autonomous management in order to strength physiological and mental health protection and care, thereby creating a health working environment.

    In terms of the implementation of risk management mechanism, the company performs identification of environmental safety and health activity potential hazards, assessment and handling of risk, in order to prevent occupational injuries and diseases as well as environmental pollution the company will continue to review, optimize various activities of environmental safety and health in order to ensure the soundness and feasibility of environmental safety and health management system, such that the availability, appropriateness and effectiveness of the environmental safety and health management system can be increased.

    Everlight has formulated a health and safety inspection plan to prevent occupational accidents at the workplace. The company regularly conducts occupational injury prevention measures, such as chemicals leaking drills, fire and evacuation drills, fire knowledge promotion, and electrical appliance safety protection, to improve the responding speed of employees in emergency cases, reduceaccidents, and enhance workplace safety protection.

It's a great honor to received the "HR Asia Best Companies to Work For In Asia 2021" award by HR Asia. Everlight established in 1983 by our Chairman Robert Yeh. In the development history of LED industry, Everlight always has a unique position in this feild. We believe the cornerstone is outstanding talents and people are the foundation of business operations. Everlight works with employees as ""we count on you, and you can count on us"". Everlight are also dedicated to ESG and CSR to make our employees, society and environment better. Recently, Everlight is ranked as Taiwan Top 100 V-shape growth companies in 2020. Let us salute to Everlight's spirit: Strive, Onward, and Never Let Up.

Penny Tsai, Executive Vice President

Talent Cultivation and Development

Employees are the material human resource capital. The company consistently pursues the improvement of profession. Talent training is the key link for the creation of core competitiveness in pursuit of the CSR goals and commitment to sustainable corporate operations. Everlight views talent cultivation and training as a key management indicator. The company also uses the Everlight e-Learning platform to customize tailormade training programs and establish a comprehensive learning environment. The goal is to train professionals in the field of LED optics and other areas for the company and the whole country to enhance national competitiveness.

To enhance the willingness of the employees to participate in the training and create an atmosphere of learning within the organization, we implemented an education flipping project to encourage employees to participate in relevant courses for themselves and Everlight. Changes start from me! 5 courses were provided for the employees to select. 133% of the employees participated in the courses and 94% of the participants showed their satisfaction with the courses on average.

Remuneration and Benefits

Employee Remuneration
Everlight stipulates reasonable salary policies based on the principle of fairness and reasonableness. The salary standards comprehensively take the education, experience, grade, position, and working experience into consideration. The company realizes the principle of equal pay for equal work under the circumstance that the basic terms are the same. For the purpose of recruiting outstanding talents, the company ensures that the overall remuneration competitiveness in the market. Through remuneration investigation conducted every year, the company measures the salary level in the market. The basic salary of Everlight is higher than the minimum wage required by the location of the operations. To encourage employees, Everlight issues performance bonus annually according to the company’s operation status and personal performance in order to provide rewards to employees for their contribution and to encourage employees for their continuous effort. The bonus received by each employee is determined based on the job position, contribution and performance.

Everlight has formulated work regulations and established a Labor Pension Fund Monitoring Committee which monitors pension fund contributions and allocations pursuant to the Labor Standards Act to ensure that employees can perform their work duties and lead their lives in a worry-free manner. An Employee Welfare Committee has also been formed. This committee is in charge of employee welfare fund planning and management over the whole year, which encourages employees to have a long-term planning and investment plan during their service in the company.

Employee Benefits
The realization of corporate goals cannot be achieved by individuals but depends on the joint efforts of all staff members. Only a mentally and physically healthy team has sufficient strength and energy to achieve monumental tasks. It is therefore mandatory that we care for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of our employees and assist them in looking after their families to enable them to maximize their potential in the performance of their duties without any distractions. Everlight has diverse community activities to encourage employees to develop their hobbies after a busy work life.


億光電子工業股份有限公司( E V E R L I G H T E L E C T R O N I C S C O. , LT D. ) 於1 9 8 3 年創立於台灣台北, 在全球L E D 產業中具有關鍵性地位。追求卓越品質, 我們致力於認證、研發、製造、品質管理、行 銷及全球顧客服務。

今日, 億光電子已成為L E D 產業的領導廠商及一家擁有超過6 , 0 0 0 位員工的全球化公司。為求服務 全球客戶, 億光在全世界設立據點, 包括: 大陸、香港、日本、韓國、新加坡、馬來西亞、印度、 德國、瑞典、美國及加拿大, 期望能提供即時服務並快速供貨給顧客。億光電子總部位於台灣台北 樹林, 製造工廠設立於台灣( 土城、苑裡、銅鑼) 和中國( 蘇州、中山) 。


  • 同心協力
  • 勇往直前
  • 奮戰不懈

很榮幸獲得 HR Asia所頒發的「2021 亞洲最佳企業雇主獎」,億光電子於1983年由葉寅夫董事長創立,在全球LED產業中具有關鍵性地位。人才是億光永續經營的基石,與員工建立相互信賴的合作模式,並致力於ESG及CSR,讓億光的員工、社會福利及環境保護變得更好。近日,億光榮獲《天下》2020台灣V型反轉TOP100,讓我向億光「同心協力、勇往直前、奮戰不懈」的精神致敬。

蔡五柳, 執行副總


每年皆依據 R B A / S A 8 0 0 0 行為準則, 檢視與勞雇、教育訓練及職業安全相關議題, 並透過法務處及客戶稽核進行有效性評量。
遵循國際規範及營業據點當地相關法令, 落實保障員工權益。
提供友善的職場工作環境, 保障員工權益不受侵害。
持續推動各項活動及員工關懷專案, 促進員工身心平衡及健康。


取得I S O 4 5 0 0 1 職業安全衛生管理系統認證:
以堅持安全為優先, 降低工作場所之危害,
提供員工安全健康的職場環境, 並符合客戶之要求及相關法令規定, 追求企業之永續發展。

I S O 1 4 0 0 1 環境管理系統:
公司積極推動職場健康自主管理, 強化生理及心理健康保護與關懷, 打造健康的工作環境。 在落實風險管理之機制上, 鑑別環安衛活動潛在危害、評估與處置風險, 預防職業傷病與 環境污染。持續檢討、優化環安衛各項活動, 確保管理制度健全可行, 提升管理系統之適用 性、適切性及有效。為避免員工在工作過程中發生意外, 億光積極擬定安全衛生檢查計劃, 並定期舉辦演練等職業災害預防措施, 提升員工於緊急狀況下的反應速度, 減少意外傷害, 加強職場安全防護。


員工是公司重要的人力資本, 億光不斷追求專業能力的精進, 為追求企業永續經營之 企業社會責任目標與承諾, 人才培養是億光打造自已核心競爭力的首重及關鍵, 因此 人才培育與訓練被億光列為重要的管理指標, 也應用億光 e 學院平台, 量身訂作客製 化課程, 致力創造終身學習環境, 也為國家社會作育 L E D 光學及其他專業人才, 提升 國家競爭力。

為提升同仁參與意願及營造企業整體學習氛圍, 進行翻轉教育計畫, 鼓勵同仁自主報名 相關課程, 為億光、自己而學, 改變從我開始; 開辦五堂課程供同仁自由選修, 自主報 名率高達 1 3 3 % , 課程平均滿意度為 9 4 % 。


本著公平、合理的原則制定合理的薪資政策, 薪資表標準綜合考量學經歷、職等、職別、 工作經驗等因素, 在基本條件相當的情形下, 實現同工同酬。為爭取優秀人才, 確保公司 整體獎酬在市場上的競爭力, 每年透過薪資調查, 衡量市場的薪資水準, 故億光標準起薪 均較營運所在地之最低薪資為高。為激勵員工, 億光依每年公司營運狀況及個人表現發放 績效獎金, 以獎勵員工的貢獻, 並激勵員工繼續努力; 每位員工獲得的金額, 依職務、貢 獻及績效表現而定。為使員工能安心就業, 生活無後顧之憂, 依勞動基準法訂定工作規則 且成立勞工退休準備金監督委員會, 負責退休準備金的提撥及運用之監督, 也成立職工福 利委員會, 辦理全年度員工福利金規畫及福利金之收支管理, 鼓勵員工在公司服務能有長 遠的規劃和投入。

企業目標的實現, 絕非是一個人的事情, 而要靠全體成員齊心協力共同完成。而唯有 身心健康團隊才能發揮更強而有力的力量完成目標, 故唯有照顧好員工, 甚至協助照 顧員工家庭, 讓員工心無旁騖, 才能發揮實力完成任務。億光擁有豐富多樣性的社團 活動, 鼓勵同仁在忙碌的工作之餘, 也能培養發展自己的愛好。