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Flow Inc.

Flow is a social enterprise that takes both profitability and public welfare into account. Founded in 2007 by Steve Chang, the Founder of Trend Micro. Flow committed to creating new employment opportunities in the technology industry and a friendly environment for people with disabilities.

In 2013, Flow established the world's first BIM (3D Building Information Modeling) integrated service business that adapted the social enterprise concept. Flow trained the people with disabilities who could work on-site to be BIM engineers. Further developed the AI Data Service department in 2018; Flow taught home-based people with severe disabilities to be AI data annotators. Flow established the subsidiary Flow Japan Inc in Tokyo, Japan, and replicated this successful business model overseas.

"Vision-alignment" is Flow's core value shared by our employees and clients.

Flow is committed to enabling people with disabilities to become human assets and solve social problems. This kind of philosophy penetrates the company and even to their customers through actual business collaborations. This mission-oriented work can drive the employees to be more confident when facing challenges and allows the people with disabilities staff to explore more possibilities for their careers through a stable working environment and new job categories. By breaking through the traditional workplace barriers and building an open environment that curates every team member's synergy, Flow not just meets Goal 8 of the United Nations SDGs, "Appropriate Work and Economic Growth," and implements diversity and equal rights in the workplace.

Building "psychological security" for a diverse team to grow together.

Flow's employees come from various professionals, such as technology, business management, social worker, psychology, and occupational therapy. The current recruitment of talents ranges across AI and the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. On top of that, employees with disabilities cover 80% of the Taiwan government's disability categories.
Flow lets their employees understand each other with compassion from work to daily lives through monthly psychology short talks guided by counseling psychologists, workshops for understanding different disabilities, check-in, and check-out culture in daily meetings. The cultivation of "psychological security" in the workplace allows everyone to believe that their opinions can be heard and evaluated. A flat organization with horizontal communication tears down the silo between departments and motivates the teams to challenge their limits.

Creating an impact career, from a "worker" to a "change-maker."

Flow believes that a stable job brings regular income and creates a change in life, making staff fulfillment or helping others. We dedicate to helping people with disabilities overcome difficulties in the workplace, which makes them focus on their career development and innovate their lives by themselves, such as barrier-free design, staff room with decompression beds, assistive devices and technologies, and personal care attendant systems. Furthermore, Flow also believes that the pursuit of professional "career development" and the search for the "meaning" of the job can be satisfied simultaneously. With a competitive salary structure and coaching management, Flow encourages all staff to discover their impact career while accumulating working experiences and abilities. Flow expects all of its workers to leverage their professions to challenge complex social issues and make the world a better place.


若水國際是一家兼顧商業獲利和公益理念的社會企業,2007 年由「趨勢科技」創辦人張明正創辦,致力在科技產業為身障就業開創永續的商業模式。





若水員工來自科技、商管、社心、職能治療等不同專業領域,人才的招募更橫跨AI及營建產業,身障員工更涵蓋了80%的障別。若水透過組織設計,例如,每月定期由諮商師引導的心理學短講、了解障別的工作坊、日常會議的check in-out文化,讓員工在認識自己之餘,也能培養同理心,讓彼此從生活到專業相互理解。職場「心理安全感」的建立讓大家相信自己的意見能被採納,不會因恐懼而不敢發問而將問題帶出會議室,扁平的組織、去垂直化的水平溝通,打破部門穀倉,激發團隊的潛能及整體表現。