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24F, No.66, Sec.1, Zhong Xiao W. Rd., Taipei

24F, No.66, Sec.1, Zhong Xiao W. Rd., Taipei


Consumer Healthcare


To be the most innovative,
digital-savvy and trusted
Consumer Healthcare company
to lead the change in self-care,
creating a healthier life for
Taiwanese consumers.

To be the most innovative, digital-savvy and trusted Consumer Healthcare company
to lead the change in self-care, creating a healthier life for Taiwanese consumers.

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GSK Consumer Healthcare Taiwan's Vision, Values & Expectations

We aim to be the most innovative, digital-savvy and trusted Consumer Healthcare company to lead the change in self-care, creating a heathier life for Taiwanese consumers. We value to realize GSK Values, Patient focus, Transparency, Respect, Integrity, at work, and encourage employees to demonstrate GSK Expectations, Courage, Accountability, Development, Teamwork. Through 1:1 check-in with direct manager, annual performance system, recognition program, to make employees understand GSK Values & Expectations, then can put into practice in daily works. We believe that through the realization of GSK Values & Expectations, we can realize GSK Vision, to gain the victory with our consumers, customers, ourselves and our lovers!

Consumer Healthcare market-leading brand

We are a winning team with leadership of consumer healthcare industry. In September 2020, we officially become a stronger company through the integration of GSK & Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. We have leading position in the market in over-the-counter drugs OTC, vitamin VMS and professional therapeutic oral products, Therapeutic Oral, and many other categories. We have excellent teams, leading products, large scales to support our consumers have much better & healthier lives, work together to achieve more exciting market performance.

Aims to be a modern employer

We dedicate to provide the right environment for people to thrive. We believe that employees can be motivated to perform best in a working environment where they can be themselves, feel good, and keep growing. We work tirelessly to create an inclusive, supportive, and keep-growth environment for employees through three dimensions, including “Be You”, “Feel Good”, “Keep Growing”.

“Be You”

We value inclusion & diversity for employees. GSK provide internal resources to support employees at 70 countries/areas, to let employees be themselves and bring their perspectives to work, including our Women’s Leadership Program, LGBT+ Spectrum Group to support employees’ uniqueness. We believe these unique perspectives & different personal experiences can make our team stronger, to enhance the power of innovation & the adaptabilities to changes of various demands from consumers.

I’d like to thank my leadership team members and all employees’ great efforts, together we continue to build an inclusive and diverse environment as a Modern Employer and focus on what matters most to our people, helping employees to be themselves, feel good and keep growing.

We aim to be most innovative, digital-savvy and trusted Consumer Healthcare company to lead the change in self-care, creating a healthier life for Taiwanese consumers. Turning that vision into reality starts with people experience. We make every effort to be people-centric, because we believe, when we feel at our best, we perform at our best. GSK Consumer Healthcare will continue to bring ambition to life, deliver everyday health with humanity!

Ritesh Pandey, General Manager

“Feel Good”

GSK offers services, resources, facilities, guidelines and local policies to support employees to feel good in their lives’ moments. In GSK, we encourage WFH and flexible options, keep providing useful tips to support remote- working, to ensure employees’ health & wellness, working & life go smoothly. We also value employees’ mental health. In the period of COVID-19, we provide the online interaction course like Energy Workshop, support employees to enhance resilience to deal with challenges.

“Keep Growing”

We have great resources of learning such as "Keep Growing Campus" which is a personalized learning and development hub, providing employees easy access to rich resources, all in one place. Also, we have several development program & resources sharing like online career fair, which enable employees to learn & enhance their job performance and prepare for their longer-term aspirations for career and life goals, to support every employee on their personal development. We also keep encouraging employees on the accountability on self-learning & development. GSK provide rich & easy-access resources, and employees actively choose the topics according to personal demands, to achieve most adaptive & helpful learning effectiveness. So that employees not only acquire professional capabilities at work, but also cultivate their soft skills. We believe it can help employees enhance overall capabilities & competitiveness, which will be super beneficial to personal growth & team progress!


我們是領導消費保健產業的致勝團隊! 在2020年9月,我們由GSK及Pfizer的消費保健事業體正式結合成為更強勁的一間企業,在非處方藥Over-The-Counter, 維他命VMS和專業療效性口腔產品Therapeutic Oral品類,以及其他多項產品皆具有市場領導地位。我們擁有優秀團隊、指標性的產品與規模性,協助我們的消費者擁有更好更健康的生活,共同努力達成更多令人振奮的市場亮眼表現。



潘瑞泰, 台灣總經理


我們致力為員工的發展提供正確的環境,相信員工在一個可以成為自己,感覺良好並不斷成長的地方工作,將會有動力做到最好的表現。我們不斷努力在以下三個面向中為員工營造充滿包容、支持、成長的正向工作環境,包含“Be You” 做自己、“Feel Good” 感覺正向、“Keep Growing” 不斷成長

“Be You” 做自己

我們重視包容性和多樣性,GSK公司內部資源為多達70個國家/地區的員工提供支持,讓員工可以做自己並將自己的觀點帶入工作中。包括女性領導力計劃、LGBT + Spectrum Group以支持員工的獨特性。我們了解這些獨特的觀點和廣泛的個人經驗將使我們的團隊變得更強大,增強創新能力以及對消費者多樣化需求的應對能力。

“Feel Good” 感覺正向


“Keep Growing” 不斷成長

我們擁有豐富的學習資源,例如“Keep Growing Campus”,透過個人化的學習發展中心,讓員工可以一站式取得大量學習資源。此外還有員工發展計劃以及共享資源如線上職涯博覽會,使員工能夠從中學習並提升工作表現,為員工的職業和人生的長期目標做準備,支持每位員工的個人發展。同時,我們不斷鼓勵員工在自我學習成長上的主動性,由公司提供豐富易取得的資源、以及員工主動依照個人需求選擇適合自己的學習主題,達成最適當最有幫助的學習成效。讓員工不僅在工作實戰中習得專業技能,還能在公司的支持下取得更多職場軟實力的成長,幫助每位員工提升整體能力及競爭力,創造個人成長與團隊進步的極佳效益!