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6F-2, No. 2, Sec. 3, Minsheng E. Rd.,
Taipei City 104, Taiwan

6F-2, No. 2, Sec. 3, Minsheng E. Rd., Taipei City 104, Taiwan




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Imperial Tobacco Taiwan is a subsidiary of Imperial Brands in Taiwan, which was established in 2002 with 18 years of history. As a member of a global company, we have comprehensive range of cigarettes product lines featured by well-known global brands – Davidoff, West and P&S. We have continually evolved to embrace changing market dynamics and develop new consumer experiences, as we commit to product development and innovation to create something better for world’s smokers. Taiwan plays a strategic role in Asia and we have set up a manufacturing site in Miaoli in 2007 to embed our investment for sustainable growth, and demonstrate our commitment to create more jobs in the community. The local production has also shorten the supply chain pipeline, improved the speed to market, and fulfilled our ultimate promise to consumers on product quality.

Employee Engagement

We have a culture putting people engagement at the heart of our business strategy. People managers are held accountable to ensure the team has clear sense of role purpose aligning to business objectives. We also have open and diversified communication channel, which includes townhall business update meetings, monthly e-Newsletter, and small group casual talks with the senior leaders to allow free flow interaction on business / non-business topics. During the pandemic period whilst social distancing limited face to face contact, we use online meeting and flex our meeting arrangement to sustain the employees reach. Based on a wellbeing survey conducted in June 2020, 96% of our people feel that they remain strongly connected with the team and people manager working from home, and nearly 90% of the respondents gave positive feedback on company’s safety measures. In Nov 2020 instead of running the typical annual national conference which involves big group gathering, the management team decided to conduct 3 separate sessions in North and Central we branded it as ITTL Roadshow, to convey new fiscal year objectives through presentation, discussions and team build activities. It was proven to be a big success because small groups allow better interaction and more in-depth discussion. The overall satisfaction rate for the ITTL Roadshow event is above 90% as well.

Talent Development

In Imperial talent management is the core in our people strategy. We believe everyone is a leader in their own job and can be talented in different aspects. As such our people process aims to unplug the potential of our employees. We have an integrated performance management process to help our people setting up SMART performance objectives and development plans, through ongoing and regular conversation with their people managers and getting feedback from their colleagues. Meanwhile everyone can get access to the global online Learning Portal which has consolidated extensive internal and external learning resources, which includes Harvard Online, LinkedIn Learning, TED Talk and get abstract. Our learning committee and people leaders voluntarily facilitate the team’s learning momentum, and there are employee led cross functional sharing sessions taken place on a regular basis. This helps to build a learning and inclusive culture, and raised the general sense of business awareness within the organization.

As part of our regular talent review and succession planning, high potential employees once identified will be supported with developmental exposure to build them as the future leader in the organization. Our bespoke talent development program has already fueled for our leadership pipeline within Taiwan and Imperial Brands.

Diverse Benefit Programs

People have different needs for benefits in different stage of life. To respect such personal choice we have launched Flexible Benefits program in 2015, which allows our employees to decide how to utilize Company’s given budget in designated benefit categories, e.g., Family Care, Health & Wellness, and Self-Learning. Employees who have children or parents can apply for tuition fee, the nursing or day-caring fee. Personal health management seekers can get Company’s support on gym membership, physical training courses, or health examination. And those pursue personal learning outside of work related areas, such as language learning, flower arrangement, and photography…etc.; can get company funding as well as we encourage employees to strive for work-life balance.

Underpinned by our corporate values, we strive under challenges and commit to deliver. Our positive mindset drives our success as we work together to find the best solutions and ensure that we are aligned to deliver them. We encourage collaboration and open communication, as we value personal and team contribution. We enjoy what we do and celebrate driving success together. Our values are about working together, continually improving, taking ownership and making the most of every opportunity.


將員工敬業度置於公司營運策略的核心是我們的文化之一。主管負有責任確保團隊對角色目標有清晰的認識,並與公司目標保持一致。我們擁有開放及多元的溝通管道,包括公司業務進展報告會議、每月電子報以及與資深主管的非正式小型會談,以促進工作或非工作相關主題的自由交流。疫情期間面對面的互動受到社交距離規範的限制時,我們透過線上會議,靈活地進行會議安排,以維持同仁的參與。根據2020年6月進行的健康和福祉調查,96%的同仁認為在家工作期間,他們仍然與團隊和主管維持緊密的連結;而有將近90%的同仁對於公司在疫情期間所採取的安全措施給予高度肯定。2020年11月,有別於以往全體員工參與的大型年度會議,管理團隊決定在北部和中部共舉辦三場小型的會議,我們稱為ITTL Roadshow,會議中透過正式簡報、分組討論和團隊活動來傳達新年度的公司目標。事實證明這樣的改變非常成功,因為小型團體能促進更多互動,同時能進行深入的討論。ITTL Roadshow的整體滿意度高達90%。


在帝國菸草,人才管理是我們人力資略的核心。我們相信每個人都是自己工作的領導者,可在不同面向發揮才能。因此,我們的人才管理流程旨在發掘員工的潛力。我們有完善的績效管理流程,員工透過持續及定期與主管對話和來自其他同事的回饋,以訂定符合SMART原則的工作目標和發展計畫。同時,每個人都能夠進入全球化的線上學習平台,此平台整合了廣泛的內部與外部的學習資源,包括Harvard Online、LinkedIn Learning、TED Talk和get abstract。我們的學習小組和主管亦自發性地促進團隊的學習動能,並且定期舉辦由員工主導的跨部門分享會議。這有助於建立學習和包容的文化,並提高員工對公司商務運作的基本認知。