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10F.,No.207, Section 3,Pei-Hsin Rd.,
Hsin-Tien District, New Taipei City 23143,

10F.,No.207, Section 3,Pei-Hsin Rd.,Hsin-Tien District, New Taipei City 23143,Taiwan,R.O.C.




Kao's mission is to strive for the
wholehearted satisfaction and
enrichment of the lives of people
globally and to contribute to the
sustainability of society.

Kao's mission is to strive for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the
lives of people globally and to contribute to the sustainability of society.

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Kao (Taiwan) was founded in 1964 with the creed of creating quality products through the utilization of our complete supply chain, from research & development, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, and sales. Our mission is to strive for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally and to contribute to the sustainability of the world, with products and brands of excellent value that are created from the consumer's and customer's perspective. This commitment is embraced by all members of the Kao Group as we work together with passion to share joy with consumers and customers in our core domains of cleanliness, beauty, health and chemicals.


"The Kao Way" embodies our corporate philosophy and is the foundation of the business activities of the Kao Group. As our cornerstone, "the Kao Way" provides consistency to Group activities from the formulation of mid- to long-term business plans to each business decision that we make every day. Accordingly, it acts as a guiding principle for all of our members, bringing together the growth of our company and that of our individual members. As such, it is an essential element in making the work we do more rewarding and instilling in us a sense of purpose.

We have also committed to enhancing our contribution to society through a renewed focus on Environmental, Social and Governance actions (ESG). Our ESG strategy "Create a sustainable lifestyle for consumers" will help build a sustainable world, which Kao calls "Kirei Lifestyle". Following the Group ESG policy, Kao (Taiwan) establish ESG Management Committee in 2020. The members include our president, vice presidents and project members. Through the ESG Management Committee, the ESG spirit is implanted in every department of the company’s operations.

In order to fully convey the strategy of the group and the company, all employees participate in two Business Sharing Meeting every year to explain the group's revenue status and short, medium and long-term goals, and the president and vice presidents of each department explain the company and each department's strategy practice results and the direction of future , encouraging employees to create success together.

Kao (Taiwan) has been advocating the "Smile Life of Kao" in the workplace since 2014, pursuing career development while providing comprehensive welfare measures and care to achieve a work-life balance:

Kao (Taiwan) believes that employees are the company's most important asset. As such, we conduct an annual wage adjustment in March, regardless of profit or loss. Even though our core businesses have been affected by COVID-19 in 2020, we nevertheless gauged the competitiveness of the wage market and increased our overall employee compensation through adjustments in salary line, salary structure, and year-end bonuses.

Due to the importance of personnel training, we organize business, professional and supervisor leadership training every year based on a complete educational training map; in order to create a learning organization atmosphere and bring training content closer to the company culture, an internal lecturer system has been established, and an annual training budget is allocated. Provide “Lecturers leaves” to thank the lecturers for hard working. Language training subsidies promote international talent exchanges and cultivate an international perspective; transparent performance appraisal and promotion rotation mechanism, employees can confidently pursue career progress; conduct cross-departmental rotation willingness survey every year to activate Inter-departmental talent exchange, diversified career development opportunities.

KTIC(Kao Total Innovation Club)獎項,獎勵在工作流程上不斷創新的同仁。 To practice ESG strategy and encourage our employees to participate in public service activities, any employees who volunteers with company-organized youth cleanliness education, ocean protection education, or beach cleaning can receive equal hours of service leave. Kao (Taiwan) is dedicated to producing environmentally friendly products, creating KTIC (Kao Total Innovation Club) awards to reward employees who continually exhibit a spirit of innovation at work.

On unofficial holidays, the company will create centralized arranged shifts while we also offer seven days of annual leave in addition to the government-mandated annual leave requirement. Our flexible working hours allows employees to avoid rush hours and manage personal time in order to maintain a healthy and productive work-life balance. Private and spacious breastfeeding rooms, employee break rooms, massage chairs, and complimentary snacks to provide employees an opportunity to relax amid their busy workdays.


Comprehensive Benefits and Bonuses: Includes but is not limited to – marriage, bereavement, and birth assistance, educational funds for children, bonuses and gifts for Lunar New Year, Labor Day, Lunar Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival, birthday bonuses, department meal compensation, employee purchasing, surprise gifts, employee travel compensation, holiday leave, social activities compensation, family days, end-of-lunar-year celebrations and lotteries, EAP consultation service, E-Library and Smiling Life Seminars .

Senior employees with a seniority of 5 years or more will be awarded a golden ring and a certificate of commendation. Senior colleagues with a seniority of 25 years will provide an incentive leaves for 5 days and a travel bonus of 15,000 dollars, and public praise and awards will be given at the end of end-of-lunar-year celebrations.

Preventative Care Incentives: The company provides employee and family group health insurance and holds events such as walkathons, weight-loss competitions, occupational doctor visits, free flu vaccinations, physical and mental health screening, blood drives, breast cancer prevention seminars, as well as mobile mammography and free pap smear services.


In order to understand our employees’ concerns, we hold four Management and Labor meetings each year with labor representatives, participation in labor union conferences, and held annual meeting between president and labor union cadres every year , to fully communicate and keep harmony between employers and employees.

The company mandates annual administrative satisfaction surveys and bi-annual employee satisfaction surveys. Employees are encouraged to provide their thoughts and suggestions on company policy and institutional framework to ensure the company’s continued growth and innovation.


2020 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)- Global Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals Award
2020 9th Annual New-Taipei City Work Safety Award
2019 TCSA - Global Corporate Sustainability Report Award
2019 Commonwealth Magazine Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award
2018 Commonwealth Magazine Excellence in CSR Award


1.連續14年獲選全球最具道德企業「World’s Most Ethical Companies®」
2. Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World)連續七年入選
3. Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index (DJSI Asia Pacific)
2.Bloomberg 2021年男女平等指數連續三年獲選企業



花王集團致力於透過ESG的重新聚焦為社會帶來貢獻。我們的ESG策略「為消費者打造永續的生活方式」將有助於建立一個永續的世界,花王稱之為「Kirei Lifestyle」。依循集團的ESG方針,花王(台灣)在2020年正式成立ESG管理委員會,成員包含總經理在內的各部門高階主管及各專案成員,透過ESG管理委員會將ESG精神植入企業經營的每個部門與環節。


花王(台灣)自2014年起提倡「花王微笑心生活」職場,追求職涯發展的同時提供完善的福利措施與照護,達到工作生活平衡: 一、薪酬制度


為實踐ESG策略,花王(台灣)每年投入兒童清潔教育、海洋教育、淨灘活動,更邀請同仁親身參與並回饋同等時數的公益假;持續生產環境友善的優質產品,建立KTIC(Kao Total Innovation Club)獎項,獎勵在工作流程上不斷創新的同仁。



  • 豐富的津貼與福利制度:員工與眷屬團體保險、婚喪喜慶及生育補助、子女教育補助金、春節、五一、中秋、端午禮金/禮品、生日禮金、部門聚餐補助、員購、驚喜日禮品、員工旅遊補助、旅遊假、社團活動補助、家庭日、尾牙暨誓師大會及摸彩、EAP諮詢服務、電子圖書館、微笑生活講座。
  • 年資每滿5年的資深員工授與金戒指與表揚獎狀,年資滿25年的資深同仁更提供獎勵旅遊假5天及旅遊金15,000元,並且在尾牙餐會進行公開表揚與授獎。
  • 健康促進:舉辦健走活動、減重比賽、職醫臨場健康服務、免費施打流感疫苗、身心能量檢測、鼓勵捐血、乳癌防治宣導講座、乳房攝影車與子宮頸抹片免費檢測服務。


為瞭解員工想法,每年與勞方代表進行四次例行性勞資會議、參與工會大會、更有每年一次總經理與工會幹部懇談會,充分與勞方溝通,促進勞資和諧。 此外,每年進行行政滿意度調查,每兩年進行集團員工滿意度調查、邀請一年生回饋建議、進行試用期面談、離職面談、績效考核面談,多方管道收集同仁建議並提供給相關部門,使公司政策更貼近員工需求,形成良性溝通循環。


2020年 TCSA台灣永續典範外商企業獎
2020年 新北市第九屆工安獎
2019年 TCSA外商企業永續績優獎
2019年 天下企業公民獎
2018年 天下企業公民獎


1.連續14年獲選全球最具道德企業「World’s Most Ethical Companies®」
2. Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World)連續七年入選
3. Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index (DJSI Asia Pacific)
2.Bloomberg 2021年男女平等指數連續三年獲選企業