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8F, No. 8, Sec. 5, Hsin-Yi Road,
Taipei, Taiwan

8F, No. 8, Sec. 5, Hsin-Yi Road, Taipei, Taiwan




Each day, around the globe, we’re
dedicated to inspiring each other
and helping individuals experience
more of what’s important to them.
It’s why we bring together people
who think differently to lead the
world in the essentials for a better life.

Each day, around the globe, we’re dedicated to inspiring each other and helping
individuals experience more of what’s important to them. It’s why we bring together
people who think differently to lead the world in the essentials for a better life.

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Kimberly-Clark is a leading global manufacturer of tissue and personal care products with more than 149-year history and 40,000 employees worldwide. Kimberly-Clark and its trusted brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries. With 149-year of history, 40,000 employees at Kimberly-Clark work toward the same vision-Lead the World in essentials for a better life. Every day, nearly a quarter of world’s population choose products from Kimberly-Clark. Our renowned and beloved brands like Huggies, Kleenex and Kotex hold the No. 1 or No. 2 share position in 80 countries.

Established in 2001, Kimberly-Clark Taiwan has been recognized as one of the top FMCG foreign companies in Taiwan with 3 manufacturing facilities and 900 employees.

Employees are our valuable assets. Unleash the power of talents.

To compete in the fast-changing and dynamic FMCG market, Kimberly-Clark believes talent plays the most crucial role in driving continuous success for the company. Kimberly-Clark strives to build a desired workplace to attract and retain top talents. The best practices include:
  • Provide Competitive Compensation and Rewards
    To ensure the total compensation program is competitive in the market, K-C Taiwan benchmarked itself via enrolling in a third-party C&B survey on an annual basis. The average merit increase of our top 10% performers is twice or even three times as high as of the market average.
  • Cultivate International Elites via 3E Learning Module
    At K-C, we value employees’ continuous learning. We design a 3E Learning Module which is the combination of Education, Experience and Exposure. Take Exposure as an example: We expand employee’s horizon and make him or her an international elite through assigning cross-functional and cross-border projects.
  • Provide promising career roadmap to top talents
    At K-C, getting promotion with a fast track career is a sure thing for top talent. K-C develops a comprehensive Top Talent Acceleration Program. We invest in more resources to develop high potential talents. Combining with our APAC Region Talent Plan, we are able to fuel the growth and career advance timeline of top talents via more cross-market development program and leadership building.
  • Foster a workplace where Inclusion and Diversity Matters
    At K-C, treating individuals of different race, gender, backgrounds, and experiences with respect is the way we lead around the globe. Our recruitment and talent pipeline initiatives include increasing the representation of women in manager-level and above roles and strengthening the diversity of the employees across all levels. K-C Taiwan has been in the forefront of empowering women. We achieved 50% of women in manager-level and above roles in 2020, higher than global average.

Flexi-workplace, Top Tier Benefits, and Women Empowerment Environment Breeds Family-friendly Culture

To become the best employer in every market, Kimberly-Clark continues to promote flexi-workplace that nurtures innovation and unleashes potentials of its people. Earlier in 2020, with the investment from APAC headquarter, K-C Taiwan kicked off the biggest office renovation project in 20 years. The 2-floor office near Taipei 101 was transformed into a brand new open office with lots of collaborative spaces. The best view corner across Taipei 101 was designed into a sky café style cafeteria where employees can have meals together, brainstorm for creative ideas, or just play online games to relax.

To win in the marketplace we must first win in the workplace. This award is a recognition to the entire Kimberly-Clark Taiwan team that we are making a difference starting with our employees and company culture first. We will continue our focus on attracting the best people, retaining them, nurturing an open and creative environment so our people and culture are our competitive advantage.

Other top tier benefits that make K-C a desired workplace include:
  • Extra 8 days of PTO on top of statutory public holidays
  • Early home on every Friday and prominent holidays
  • Group insurance coverage extends to spouse and children
  • 15 cases of Huggies diapers and 1 case of baby wipes for employee's newborn baby
  • Monthly birthday party
  • Quarterly free essential goods, annual travel subsidy, exclusive product sales for employees, etc.
  • Fun activities like Family Day, Volunteer Day, Halloween Office Open House to get families engaged
  • Flexible work-from-home policy to better fit with dynamic life stages and preference of employees

Gear up Corporate Volunteers for Contribution to Community

In the spirit of making contribution to our community, K-C Taiwan organized a variety of corporate volunteering activities such as mountain and beach clean-up, charity sales, blood donation, etc. Starting from 2012, we kicked off the Corporate-Wide Volunteer Day Campaign to call for 100 employees and their families to support the annual forest conservation activity led by the Forestry Bureau. Since then, K-C Taiwan has become the strongest ally of the national forest campaign and is highly recognized as one of the top companies in protecting the forest and environment.



  • 提供具競爭力薪酬獎勵
  • 推動3E學習模組、打造國際菁英
  • 明確的頂尖人才職涯發展藍圖
  • 建構多元包容、提倡女力的職場

彈性工作環境、優質福利、提倡女力 全方位建構友善家庭企業氛圍

致力在全球市場成為最佳雇主的金百利,持續發展彈性工作環境,以激發員工創意與潛能。在硬體面向, 2020年初爭取到亞太總部資源,斥資將鄰近台北101大樓的企業總部,打造成明亮寬敞的全開放式空間,鼓勵跨部門協作,並將面對101的最佳區位打造成如同空中咖啡廳ㄧ般的多功能共享空間,員工可在此用餐、腦力激盪開會、或是玩幾回合Switch紓壓。

  • 勞基法法定年假外,每年額外提撥8天有薪假。
  • 週五及重要節日提早下班小確幸,彈性拉長周末及連續假期。
  • 團保涵蓋員工配偶子女,保障多一層。
  • 員工生育獲贈15箱尿布及1箱嬰兒濕巾,助攻新手爸媽
  • 每月慶生下午茶會,蛋糕甜點吃免驚
  • 每季員工福利品、年度旅遊補助,不定期品牌出清品特賣,生活用品免煩惱
  • 舉辦家庭日、志工日、萬聖節Open House等活動,鼓勵攜眷凝聚向心力
  • 依個別需求彈性化推動在家工作,員工兼顧工作家庭更Easy

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