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  • 成為亞洲首屈一指的專業物流
  • 成為全球頂尖貨運代理商之一
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LF Logistics’ Taiwan Branch is a subsidiary of Li & Fung, providing supply chain and logistics solutions to global brands and retailers. LF Logistics operates 8 distribution centers with a footprint of 176,460 sq. m. across Taiwan. Our people are at the very heart of our business, and their passion and commitment to service excellence is at the core of our success.


At LF Logistics, we are committed to driving a “People First” culture where our people feel valued and included, have a clear sense of belonging and are recognized and rewarded for their contribution. We strive to instill a high-performance culture where our people are geared and motivated to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers.

We “INSPIRE GREATNESS” in everything we do. We firmly believe that our core values of “Inspire”, “Innovation”, “Nimbleness”, “Simplicity”, “Productivity”, “Initiative”, “Reliability” and “Engagement”, are crucial to leading us on a path to GREATNESS.


LF Logistics deeply believes that highly engaged employees play a key role in contributing to the sustainable growth of the business. A series of employee engagement programs have been developed and implemented to foster an engaging working environment that creates a win-win situation for both the company and its people.

A. 2020~2021 Talent Recruitment Plans

In Jim Collins’ book, ‘Good to Great,’ he emphasizes that it is crucial for businesses leaders to ask “First Who, then What?” Companies that go from good to great should start by getting the right people on the bus and the right people in the key seats before they figure out where to drive the bus. We believe that this concept perfectly describes the recruitment philosophy of LF Logistics. To support our rapid business growth in Taiwan and the need to build a strong talent pipeline, we continue to invest in different talent recruitment programs, including the Global Management Trainee Program, the Operation Management Trainee Program, and the Internship Program for Distribution Centers Operation.

Global Management Trainee Program

Each year, LF Logistics’ Global Management Trainee (GMT) Program hires young talents with great potential from different countries across the globe, including Taiwan. This 18-month program consists of a robust talent selection process, new hires integration program, company culture and values workshop, general management knowledge and skills training, job rotation on a quarterly basis, guest speaker sessions, mentorship program, project assignments, global exchange conferences, and performance evaluation. This comprehensive program aims to equip our talents with the knowledge to understand the corporate culture, internal communication mechanism, and business operations. Our aim is to closely engage with our trainees as they become an integral part of our company.

Operation Management Trainee Program

Every Distribution Center (DC) plays a critical role in our business. In addition to the GMTs, we pay significant attention to the selection and development of Operation Management Trainees (OMT) who are mainly responsible for managing daily operations in each DC. In 2020, a well-organized OMT program was rolled out to capture and cultivate young talents who fit our values and culture. The development program includes new hires orientation, company culture and values workshop, basic management knowledge and skills, in-house operation practices (i.e. in-bound & out-bound, value-added services, sales return, warehouse management system, manpower planning, and exception management) customer relationship management, and performance evaluation. By combining theory with practices, the program has enabled our OMT to get familiar with our DC operations at an incredible speed and to fulfill customers’ expectations satisfactorily. Our OMTs have gained a tremendous sense of achievement in doing what they are passionate about.

Internship Program for Distribution Center Operation

Almost 80% LF Logistics colleagues in Taiwan work in DCs. Besides using recruiting channels, such as online job bank, job fairs, bureau of vocational training, and employee referrals, we have designed an Internship Program for students to take up DC operations duties as interns with a full-time pay for at least a semester. This practice not only helps us bring in talents, it also supports the young generation in learning more about the logistics industry as well as their career interests. After completing their internship, the students can then choose to stay and work at LF Logistics after they graduate from university. This internship program gives us a platform to recruit young talents and offers an opportunity for them to explore opportunities with LF Logistics.

B. Employee Engagement Survey, 360 Degree Feedback and Individual Development Plans (IDP)

From 2019 to 2020, LF Logistics launched the global survey ‘Your Opinion Matters’ for employees around the globe. This survey aims to gather employee feedback on several employee engagement topics, such as daily management, leadership, communication, and employee wellbeing. The survey results provide great insights to help us further develop improvement plans. Moreover, to enhance the effectiveness of our improvement plans, a customized, 360-degree survey was created for managers in LF Logistics Taiwan with a focus on individual development plans (IDP) in 2021. By identifying the gap between the managers’ self-evaluation and the 360 degree feedback provided by the people they work with (i.e. direct manager, subordinators, and peers), concrete IDP with specific initiatives can be designed and implemented to enable managers to continue to grow and develop leadership qualities that affirm the values and organizational culture of LF Logistics, contributing to a more engaging work environment.

C. Rewards and Recognitions

To foster a working environment that encourages continuous employee engagement, a series of employee rewards and recognitions programs have been designed to fulfill this purpose. The program details are shown below:
  • Pay for Performance
    - In LF Logistics Taiwan, we are dedicated to drive a pay-for-performance culture within the organization. Regardless of any individual or team, the more outstanding the performance, the more rewards will be offered, including annual salary adjustments, performance bonuses, profit sharing, and promotion arrangements.
  • Employee Spotlight Award
    To give our colleagues the recognition they deserve, a quarterly employee spotlight award was launched in 2020. The selection criteria are based on: Innovation, Productivity, Initiative, Reliable, and Engagement. We believe these are the key elements of success.
  • Long Service Award
    The Long Service Award is a global initiative that recognizes and shows our appreciation for employees who have served at the company. Every 5 years, a personalized gold coin will be presented to awardees in an awards ceremony to thank them for their dedication and loyalty to the company.

D. Building trust through regular employee communication

LF Logistics believes that having mutual trust is the most important foundation for employee engagement. Communication with transparency is one of the most powerful tools to boost and build a mutual trust between a company and its employees. The following initiatives has allowed LF Logistics to build a solid foundation.
  • Weekly Townhall Meeting during COVID-19 period by CEO
    Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, our Group CEO frequently arranged online Townhall meetings on a weekly basis to update colleagues on the impact to our business and what business initiatives the company is doing to address the challenges. By keeping our employees informed, and creating an open dialogue with management, this has allowed us to build a level of trust with our people.
  • Public Communication in all kinds of Company Events
    Communication with transparency plays a large part in our daily working life: OneFamily, our company intranet (as appendix I), is dedicated to publishing all kinds of company relevant information in a timely manner, featuring wide-ranging topics such as employee engagement events (as appendix II), and applications of electronic communication tools (e.g. MS Teams) that facilitate efficiency and convenience of employee communication with transparency to effectively increase mutual trust.
  • Employee Complaints Channel
    It is our responsibility to establish open communication channels between the company and our people. The LF Logistics Taiwan HR team is focused on bridging the gap between the company and its employees and addressing any issues that cannot be resolved by the managers and the employees.

Happy and engaged employees deliver results

LF Logistics Taiwan strongly believes that happy and engaged employees are empowered to drive results for the company and want to feel a sense of achievement. The success of any business is predicated on its people. By keeping our employees engaged and INSPRING GREATNESS, we can create a win-win situation for both the company and our people.





我們始終秉持著「成就卓越」這個核心價值觀,。我們堅定地相信 ,核心價值觀包括了:「創新」、「靈活」、「精簡」、「生產力」、「主動」、「可靠」和 「敬業」,是引領我們每一個人走向偉大之路的基石。


我們始終相信,唯有員工的高度投入(Employee Engagement),才能夠創造公司業務的永續發展。有鑑於此,我們制定並執行一系列鼓勵員工高度投入工作的方案,希望透過建立鼓勵員工投入的工作環境,讓員工自然而然地敬業、樂業,與公司一起共同創造雙贏,擁有具意義的職涯生活與可永續經營的業務環境。

A. 2020~2021員工召募計畫

在「基業長青 (A to A+)」這本書中指出:「找到對的人上車就成功了一半(get the right people on the bus)」,這也很好的說明了利豐物流召募人才的理念。因此,針對不同組織層級的人才需求,我們設計了量身訂做的招募&培訓方案,以「找到對的人」來支援我們在台灣業務快速發展的組織需求,包括: 利豐物流培訓生計劃(Global Management Trainee Program)、營運管理培訓生計劃(Operation Management Trainee Program)、與倉儲與物流營運實習生計劃(Internship Program for Distribution Centers Operation),分述如下。


每一年利豐物流都會舉辦全球性的利豐物流培訓生計劃招募計畫,台灣也不例外。每一屆的培訓生計劃錄取人都必須經過為期18個月的培訓計畫,包括新人訓練、企業文化及核心價值工作坊、基礎管理知識與技能訓練、每三個月一次的跨部門內部輪調訓練、客座教授講習、每兩個月一次的導師輔導制度(Mentorship Program)、專案計畫報告、全球培訓生經驗交流會議、以及結訓績效評估等等。這所有的安排都是要確保我們的培訓生可以在做短的時間內,以最有效率的方式來了解公司企業文化、內部溝通機制、以及各項營運活動的運作,使他們能夠成為最了解公司的中堅份子,為公司的持續營運與發展注入重要的活力泉源。


每一個營運現場(Distribution Center)都是利豐物流重要的命脈,因此對於營運管理培訓生的招募及培養我們也同樣重視。在2020年,我們招募與利豐物流價值觀相符的營運管理培訓生並且積極開始相關的培訓活動,包括新人訓練、企業文化及核心價值工作坊、基礎管理知識與技能訓練、現場工作歷練(例如: 進出貨、貨品加工、退貨處理、倉庫管理系統、現場人力資源編制計畫、例外或緊急狀況處理等等)、客戶服務管理、以及結訓績效評估。透過對知識理論的學習與現場實際操作的相互配合,讓這一批營運管理培訓生能夠具備足夠的專業知識與技能,讓他們在其喜歡的工作崗位上大展身手,獲得成就感與滿足感。


台灣利豐物流約莫80%的員工都在營運現場(Distribution Centers)負責相關的工作,由此可見現場工作人員(例如:倉管員、現場行政助理等)在利豐物流的日常營運中扮演舉足輕重的角色。除了透過一般通路(例如: 網路人力銀行、職訓局、就業博覽會、員工介紹等)持續招募現場人員外,我們在2020年也舉行了為期1年(上學期+下學期)的學生實習計劃,透過與相關科系大專院校的合作,讓相關科系的四年級學生有機會可以透過現場工作的實習經驗,驗證自己所學進而探索職涯興趣。

B. 員工意見調查、360度回饋及個人發展計劃

在2019年底~2020年初,利豐物流發佈了一份全球性員工意見調查報(Your Opinion Matters),包括了台灣區的員工意見調查;此調查旨在了解各地區員工對於公司內部管理、領導、溝通、與員工福祉等項目的意見與回饋,以作為各地分公司積極改善的重要目標參考。此外,為促進人員發展計畫的有效性並作為前述台灣區員工意見調查改善計畫的一部分,我們在2020年第四季正式導入系統性的360度回饋計畫方案,包括提供給帶人主管的有效回饋工作坊,邀請具有豐富管理經驗的顧問教授提供正面回饋和發展回饋的技巧;依據利豐物流的企業文化與價值製作專屬的客製化領導力問卷,並邀集所有的中階主管一同參與這個360度回饋。透過對自我了解與他人回饋的差異,進而制訂2021年個人發展計畫,讓中階主管的領導行為展現能夠更貼近利豐物流的企業文化與價值觀,從而協助公司營造一個更適合員工自然投入的工作環境和氣氛。


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  • 在新冠疫情期間,總部執行長每週召開全球員工大會text
  • 公開透明的公司活動資訊text
    公開透明的溝通已經是利豐物流日常工作的一部分;除了公司內部網站(One Family)互動區可供員工做即時留言與討論外,公司重要活動的即時報導也會在活動結束後發表(例如:榮譽之星得獎電子報、實習生方案畢業典禮等)、即時通訊軟體的應用(例如: MS Teams)等,都強化了透明的組織溝通與即時性,對於員工信任的建立有立竿見影的幫助。
  • 暢通的員工申訴管道text