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31F, No. 97, Sec. 1, Xintai 5th Road.,
Xizhi District, New Taipei City 22175

31F, No. 97, Sec. 1, Xintai 5th Road., Xizhi District, New Taipei City 22175




To make a sustainable contribution
to progress in the mobility of goods
and people by constantly enhancing
freedom of movement, safety,
efficiency and pleasure when on the move.

To make a sustainable contribution to progress in the mobility of goods and people
by constantly enhancing freedom of movement, safety, efficiency and pleasure
when on the move.

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Michelin history

The Michelin Group was founded in Clermont-Fern, France in 1889. It is a leader in the global tire technology industry. Technology and production innovation have run through the growth of the Michelin Group. Currently, the Michelin has a sales network in 170 countries and has more than 120,000 employees. In addition to tires, Michelin has added mobile assistance systems and travel services (such as VIA MICHELIN, travel guides and maps), as well as Michelin lifestyle products. Among them, the map and guide publishing agency is the leader in this field, and the famous Michelin guide has a history of more than 110 years.

Michelin officially entered the Taiwan market in 1972. The business in Taiwan include Michelin Group's various brands of car tire, light truck tires, truck tire, bus tires, engineering vehicle tires, and agricultural machinery tires. In order to more accurately serve and meet the needs of its customers, our sales team covers all parts of Taiwan and has a complete distribution network. In 2008, a retail network of "TYREPLUS Tyres & Car Center" was established, so that Taiwanese consumers can enjoy higher quality and better car maintenance service experience. In 2018, the first "Michelin Guide Taipei" was released, introducing Taiwanese delicacies to the world and allowing potential Taiwanese chefs to prove their abilities to the world. In the future, Taiwan Michelin will work towards the concept of localized operation and full-service, to provide Taiwanese consumers who love to use Michelin tires with better service quality and a lasting safety commitment.

Michelin Values

The common goal brings us together and makes us different. We believe that mobile travel is very important to human development. Therefore, we are actively exploring innovative ways to make mobile travel safer, more effective, and more environmentally friendly. Providing our customers with uncompromising quality is our priority and our firm commitment.

We believe that everyone deserves a sense of personal accomplishment, so everyone can do their best to turn our differences into valuable assets. Respect for customers, others, shareholders, environment, and facts are the corporate values that we are proud of. Based on this, we provide everyone with a better mobile travel adventure.

Compensation and Benefits & Employee Development

For Michelin, attracting outstanding employees is the key to the company's success. We need to retain outstanding employees, so we create a fair and just environment, and in response to the rapid changes in the market, we establish a competitive reward and incentive mechanism and employee function development plan.
  • Compensation and benefits
    Competitive compensation and bonus policy.
  • Leave and work benefits
    The special leave and flexible leave system superior to the labor law.

  • Education and training
    Plan an adequate training budget, provide complete online and offline learning resources, and assist employees in the development of their functions.
  • Health promotion
    Provide high-quality group insurance, annual optimal health check, provide employee assistance programs, introduce workplace on-site services, and organize irregular health lectures and health promotion activities to actively create workplace health, and won the highest in the National Health Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare at the end of 2020 Honor the “Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace".
  • Other benefits
    Benefits tire program, long-term service awards, employee outstanding contribution award program, birthday gifts, employee discounted subscription of Michelin stocks, participation in social welfare activities, health promotion activities, etc.
  • Employee Welfare Committee
    Provide various welfare subsidies (four festival gifts, wedding and funeral subsidies, childbirth subsidies, travel subsidies, training subsidies and club activities, etc.).
Michelin and its employees trust each other based on common value recognition, and open, frank and transparent teamwork creates outstanding corporate performance. Michelin leads employees to make progress together and move towards a sustainable future together.


米其林集團創立於1889年法國克萊蒙費昂,為全球輪胎科技業的領導者,技術與生產創新貫穿了米其林集團成長,目前集團銷售網絡遍佈170個國家,擁有有超過12萬個員工。輪胎以外集團又增加了移動輔助系統和旅遊服務〈如VIA MICHELIN、旅遊指南和地圖),以及米其林生活時尚用品。其中,地圖與指南出版機構是該領域的領導者,著名的米其林指南至今已有110多年歷史。







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