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10F, No. 51, Sec. 3,
Mingsheng E Rd.,
Zhongshan Dist.,
Taipei City 104, Taiwan

10F, No. 51, Sec. 3, Mingsheng E Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan




Our goal is to bring the best products
with care to our customer as well as the
enviroment around us.

Our goal is to bring the best products with care to our customer as well as the enviroment around us.

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Our Mission

As a successful market leader, NIVEA aims to understand and solve our consumers’ need. Therefore, to launch such products, practical and authentic, NIVEA employs the strictest quality control. With thorough test and analysis, we sell the best and faultless products in the Market. In addition, NIVEA focuses on the environment where we all live. During the manufacturing process, we pay attention to the methodology, to reduce the pollution as much as we can.

Employee Benefits

  • Labor insurance, Health insurance, Labor pension
  • A group insurance that is superior to the average of the market.
    (In addition to the employee him/herself, the family members are also included in the group medical insurance care)
  • Annual paid leave and fully paid sick leave that are superior to Labor Standards Act)
  • Company trip, annual gathering, year-end party
  • 5) Holiday gift bonus, birthday bonus
  • Flexible work shift
    We offer a least one day to work from home that employees can arrange on their own. Besides, the working hours is flexible too. Employees can adjust its working hours based on their need.)
  • Health check-up that is superior to the average of the market.
    (Based on the job types, there can be a more thorough check-up for common disease, to make sure that the health of all is well cared. Employees can select different check-up options based on their need. )
  • Employee day on the afternoon of the 2nd Friday every month. Everyone can arrange the time freely.
    (Everyone can organize group activities during the afternoon or arrange the time freely for his or her own.)
  • Monthly employee purchase discount.
  • Physical and mental health enhancement project
    (Based on the result of annual health check-up, we arrange customized seminars, and encourage all to manage the health condition by installing a blood pressure meter and healthy diet promotion posters.)
  • Self-learning allowance
    (Apart from the group training session, online courses, we subsidize employees for self-learning. Everyone can sign up for the courses they like and write off from the company. )

Employee Engagement

  • Employee Engagement Survey
    (We launch employee engagement survey every year to listen to our employees about their work experience in Beiersdorf. We aim to enhance the engagement by constantly listening and by taking action.)
  • General Manager’s Mail Box
    (General Manager’s Mail Box is set up to encourage employees to bravely share their feedback anonymously. We make sure that no matter which position you’re in, your feedback to the company or to the job will be listened. The feedback itself will be directly reviewed and replied by the general manager.)
  • Quarterly Employee Award
    Besides the annually adjusted bonus, we’ve set up a quarterly award to reward employees’ outstanding performance (individual or group) that correspond to the core values of Beiersdorf: care, simplicity, courage and trust. The awardee will have a bonus based on a certain ratio of his or her annual salary and will be awarded openly in our gathering to improve the employee engagement.
  • Shaping a “One Team Culture”
    (The corporate culture of Beiersdorf is One Team. “We are on the same boat.” It’s the spirit that we all value. Therefore, we’ve organized many brainstorming events, such as marketing brainstorming meeting, field visiting day upon NPD etc., to engage everyone in NIVEA Taiwan. All employees have contribution toward the focus area, not limited to his or her functional skills, to enhance the employee engagement.)

Employer Branding

  • Various Recruitment Channels
    (NIVEA Taiwan has its own recruitment channel in 104 job bank and runs a Facebook fan page with more than 1,000 likes. In addition, there’s a LinkedIn page as well.)
  • Young Talents Program
    (Every year, NIVEA Taiwan launches Young Talents Program combining with CSR project to provide internship or entry level offers for freshmen and furthermore to enhance the employer branding. By searching” NIVEA, Internship, Interview” in Google, you can see the articles pop up in the first pages, such as” The best interview experience ever in my life”.)
  • CSR Project
    (In NIVEA Taiwan, there’s a certain amount of budget reserved for CSR project every year. In the past, we’ve organized CSR proposal competition for students, launch projects for new immigrants. In 2020, the scope was enlarged with collaboration with Society of Wilderness, a local NGO, to promote recycling, including plastic reduction and product life cycle extension, by holding beach cleaning sessions. Additionally, NIVEA co-worked with IMPCT Coffee, a social enterprise, for an upcycling workshop to truly take actions for our environment and furthermore to strengthen the employer branding.


為了成功及成為品牌領導者,妮維雅以了解消費者需求,解決消費者需要作為追求的目標。為了給予消費者最真實的產品,最實質的效用,妮維雅實施最嚴格的品質管制,進行日夜的產品測試、分析,將最好、最完善的產品,呈現在大眾的面前。 妮維雅不僅極力滿足消費者對肌膚的需求,更極力關懷地球的環保。在產品的製造過程中,非常關注在製造的方法及過程,務必將對環境的污染減至最低。


  • 勞保、健保、勞退。
  • 優於市場之公司團體保險。
    (補充說明: 除員工本人外,亦將眷屬納入團保醫療險照顧範圍內。)
  • 優於勞基法之特休及全薪病假。
  • 員工旅遊、年會、春酒。
  • 三節禮金禮品、生日禮金。
  • 彈性工作安排。
    (補充說明: 我們提供每周至少一天的在家工作日,員工可以自主安排。除此之外,我們提供每日彈性工時安排,員工可依個人需求調整上班時間。)
  • 優於市場水準之年度健檢。
    (補充說明: 依員工工種不同,針對較常見之疾病加強檢查,確保員工健康受到良好照顧。員工亦可自行選擇不同組合之健檢配套方案,視個人需求進行調整。)
  • 每月第二周周五下午為員工日,供員工自由運用。
    (補充說明: 員工可自行利用半天時間組織團康活動,或做個人使用皆可。)
  • 每月皆享有員購優惠。
  • 員工身心靈健康促進專案。
    (補充說明: 針對每年健檢結果,安排客製化健康促進講座,並在辦公室提供血壓機、健康飲食宣導文宣等,鼓勵員工健康管理。)
  • 員工自主學習補助。
    (補充說明: 除了團體訓練課程、線上訓練之外,公司亦補助員工自主學習,員工可自行報名有興趣的學習主題,並向公司報銷。)


  • 員工敬業度調查
    (補充說明: 我們定期每年進行員工敬業度調查,瞭解員工對於在拜爾斯道夫工作的心聲獲得聆聽,並進而做出改善。)
  • 總經理信箱
    (補充說明: 為了鼓勵員工勇敢說出內心想法,確保每位員工不論位階,若對於公司、工作有任何建議都可以被聽見,因此設立了匿名的總經理信箱,意見內容會直接由總經理受理並做出回應。)
  • 季度之星員工獎
    (補充說明: 除了每年變動獎金之外,我們更設立了以季度為單位,表揚個別員工(或團隊)的傑出表現符合拜爾斯道夫核心價值仁、簡、勇、信,特赦此獎章,獲獎者可以獲得年薪一定比例之獎金,並於公司聚會公開表揚,藉此提升員工敬業度。)
  • One Team文化塑造
    (補充說明: 拜爾斯道夫的企業文化是One team culture,講求We are on the same boat,所以我們規劃許多商業創意發想活動 (例如行銷腦力激盪會議、新品訪店日等等),邀請全公司各部門員工一起參與,每個員工皆對公司重點業務有所參與及貢獻,不侷限在單一職能,以提升員工敬業度。)


  • 經營多元招募管道
    (補充說明: 台灣妮維雅除了經營104招募管道,亦有經營超過千人按讚追蹤的Facebook Career Page,除此之外亦有LinkedIn專頁。)
  • Young Talents Program
    (補充說明: 台灣妮維雅每年皆會進行與CSR專案結合之Young Talents Program,提供實習或入門職缺給初出社會之新鮮人,進而提升雇主品牌形象。用google搜尋”妮維雅 面試 實習”等關鍵字,可以看到”我面過最精彩的面試經驗“等文章出現在首頁。)
  • 企業社會責任專案
    (補充說明: 台灣妮維雅每年皆有特定預算舉辦CSR活動。往年有邀請學生進行CSR專案規畫大賽,協助新住民,2020年擴大規模與荒野保護協會合作,規畫多場淨灘宣傳減塑、延長產品使用周期等概念,也有與社會企業IMPCT Coffee合作進行廢棄物再利用workshop,為環境保育實際付出行動,進而提升雇主品牌形象。)