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19F., No. 1, Songzhi Rd., Xinyi Dist.,
Taipei City 110411, Taiwan

19F., No. 1, Songzhi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110411, Taiwan


Renewable Energy


Creating a world that runs entirely
on green energy. We want to
revolutionise the way we power
people by developing green,
independent and economically
viable energy systems. By doing
so, we create value for the
societies that we’re a part of
and for all our stakeholders.

Creating a world that runs entirely on green energy. We want to revolutionise the
way we power people by developing green, independent and economically viable
energy systems. By doing so, we create value for the societies that we’re a part of
and for all our stakeholders.

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Ranked as the world’s most sustainable energy company and leader in offshore wind, Ørsted is 50.1% owned by the Danish State and listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen (Orsted) with more than 6,179 employees. Formerly known as DONG Energy (Danish Oil and Natural Gas), we began our strategic transformation in 2009 and have since been devoted to green energy. In 2017, we divested our oil and gas production business and rebranded as Ørsted to reflect the strategic transformation from black to green energy. For three consecutive years, we have been ranked as the world’s most sustainable energy company in the Global 100 index by Corporate Knights Inc.

Ørsted’s vision is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. In 2016, we successfully entered the Taiwan market and set up our APAC headquarters in Taipei. We have grown rapidly, from two to more than 150 people in just five years. Ørsted develops, constructs, and operates offshore wind farms to provide reliable clean energy to contribute to Taiwan’s energy transition and create a more sustainable homeland.

Starting in Taipei, Ørsted has expanded our Asia-Pacific footprint, entering Japan in 2018 and establishing a joint venture company in 2019 with Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO), Japans’ largest power company, to develop offshore wind projects. In November 2020, we announced plans to develop offshore wind projects off the coast of Incheon City in South Korea.

Nurture offshore wind talent; drive academic innovation

Ørsted utilizes advanced technologies to transform the invisible wind into large-scale and reliable clean energy for the consumers. With the Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Farms, we are able to contribute to transformation of traditional industries, developing local economies, and creating new and quality job opportunities that enable young people to return and work for a more sustainable and prosperous future in Changhua. These efforts are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
  • SDG7 -- providing affordable clean energy
  • SDG8 -- creating decent work and economic growth
  • SDG11-- making cities sustainable
  • SDG13 -- taking urgent action to combat climate change

In addition to developing and constructing offshore wind farms in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, Ørsted is responsible for the operations and maintenance throughout the wind farms’ lifecycle of 25 to 30 years. Therefore, Ørsted sees the importance of recruiting and cultivating talented individuals and is dedicated to providing them with a broad career path. Our talent cultivation programmes are excellent opportunities for young professionals in Taiwan to stand on the Asia-Pacific and international offshore wind energy arena. Here in Taiwan, we have:
  • Offshore Wind Apprenticeship Programme to cultivate local O&M talents
  • Green Energy Scholarship Programme and Ørsted’s global resources to support offshore wind researches
  • Offshore Wind Industrial Development Fund to support practical training and technological upgrade projects
  • Graduate Programme and ELS Accelerated Career Programme for graduate students to work on international offshore wind projects
  • Internship Programme to allow undergraduate students to be at the forefront of green energy development

Create a family-friendly workplace; safeguard health and well-being of all employees

Ørsted cares about the physical and mental well-being of our employees. We offer more days of paid leave than those set by the Labor Law, such as 20 days of annual sick leave, as well as 12 weeks of maternity leave and 10 days of paternity leave. Meanwhile, we support our employees by setting a family-friendly and flexible work culture, allowing them to occasionally work from home, leave early, or come in late to fit their personal life.

We provide additional benefits for our employees, including annual health subsidy of NTD 8,000 that can be accumulated for two years and used for either a medical check-up or fitness courses. Moreover, Ørsted introduced the Howdy Application, which utilizes the health indexes of the World Health Organizations, to help employees monitor and manage their physical well-being and stress. Professional assistance is also provided, including a 24/7 hotline and email consultation, and five face-to-face psychological consultations, which are available, not only for the employees, but also for their immediate family.

With a family-friendly corporate culture and flat organization, there is close interaction among all Ørsted employees. Many of the employees would play badminton or football, go jogging or cycling, or run a marathon together. Ørsted promotes an environment where employees are more than just colleagues.

Unleashing employee potential to promote comprehensive growth

We use Personal Development Dialogue (PDD) to discuss career ambitions and set personal development objectives for employees based on their personality and potential. We provide various programmes for employees to develop professional capabilities, project management and leadership skills. Moreover, we utilize global resources to help talents from different fields to gain greater knowledge of offshore wind, to not only perform with excellence their daily responsibilities, but that they are well-prepared to expand our offshore wind business in APAC.

Our APAC team comes from more than 13 nations; thus, we provide more than 10 language courses and introduce the online learning week to ensure better understanding and closer cooperation among individuals and inspire diverse thinking.

Value employee satisfaction; create an inclusive workplace

Ørsted is dedicated to creating a workplace with better employee engagement and growth. We conduct annual People Matter Survey to strengthen understanding of employee engagement and feedback. The 2020 survey showed a staggering 87% of our employees are very dedicated to Ørsted with a company identification rate of 90%. This well indicates that our staff highly identifies with Ørsted’s family-friendly culture and vision to create clean energy and a sustainable environment.

To further the friendly work environment, our employees formed a People Matter Task Force and came up with action plans based on the feedbacks in order to enhance inclusivity in the workplace.
沃旭能源是全球最永續能源企業也是離岸風電領導者,我們是丹麥政府持股50.1%的能源公司,在哥本哈根那斯達克證交所掛牌上市,全球有超過6,179名員工。沃旭的前身為 DONG Energy (丹麥石油與天然氣公司),2009年起進行策略轉型為致力於發展綠色能源,2017年售出石油天然氣上游業務後改名為「沃旭」(Ørsted),以彰顯由黑到綠的策略轉型,並連續三年榮獲企業騎士(Corporate Knights Inc.)「全球百大永續企業」評比為全球最永續能源公司。


培育在地風電人才庫 促進產學創新

沃旭運用先進科技將看不見的風,轉化為乾淨電力送到用戶家中,為台灣民眾提供大規模、可靠的乾淨能源。並透過「大彰化離岸風場」促進彰化傳統產業轉型、在地經濟發展,創造全新優質工作機會,讓年輕人能夠返鄉工作,為台灣創造永續繁榮未來。這些努力皆符合聯合國永續發展目標(Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs),包括SDG7提供可負擔潔淨能源、SDG8良好的工作及經濟成長、SDG11永續城鄉、SDG13氣候變遷對策。

  • 離岸風電學徒制培養本地優秀運維人才
  • 綠能獎學金及全球資源支持離岸風電研究
  • 產業發展基金協助供應商強化技術能力及人才訓練
  • 「全球綠能菁英培訓計畫」、「電力人才培訓計畫」提供碩士生躋身國際舞台機會
  • 風能世代實習計畫讓大學生站在綠能發展最前線

打造友善家庭職場 守護員工身心健康


我們打造許多彈性的健康福利措施,例如全職員工享有年度健康補助每年8000元,不論是健康檢查或從事健身、運動相關課程都適用,更可以累積到隔年合併使用。沃旭也運用符合世界衛生組織身心健康指標的Howdy App ,協助員工隨時隨地檢測壓力狀態,並提供專業諮詢服務,員工可透過24小時諮詢電話、郵件或一年五次面對面的心理諮商服務獲得專業輔導,這項服務也適用於員工的直系親屬,真正守護身體、心理健康。


挖掘員工潛能 協助全方位成長

沃旭採用的是連結成長的績效管理方式,透過「個人成長關心對談」(Personal Development Dialogue)和員工一起討論工作與個人目標、發掘員工特質及潛能、規劃學習成長行動方案,額外提供專屬課程幫助員工學習專業職能、專案管理、領導能力。並運用企業全球資源,讓不同領域和專業背景的人才從頭學習離岸風電產業專業知識,更快掌握產業脈動,成為沃旭未來拓展亞太市場版圖的先鋒部隊。


聽見員工的聲音 創造多元包容職場