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3F., No. 209, Sec. 3, Civic BLVD,
Jhongshan District, Taipei City,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

3F., No. 209, Sec. 3, Civic BLVD, Jhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)




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Pernod Ricard is the world's one of the leading companies in the global wine and spirits sector. The Group was created in 1975 by the merger of Ricard and Pernod. Pernod Ricard has operated in Taiwan for 30 years. Besides bringing the most comprehensive product portfolio to Taiwan, Pernod Ricard Taiwan also seeks the support from Headquarter to launch exclusive brand portfolios dedicated to Taiwanese consumers, including Royal Salute 23 Years Old and The Glenlivet 13-Year Sherry Cask. It has further enhanced the influence of the whisky brand in the Taiwan market.

The company is committed to advocating cultural diversity and inclusion, including promoting equal rights in the workplace, and creating an equal working environment. We encourage all employees, regardless of backgrounds, can give full play to their unique strengths and make greater contributions. We also provide a great variety of communication channels to engage and connect employees at all levels.

In terms of employee benefits, we offer competitive pay package, above the market standard of paid leave, birthday leave, health exam package, wellbeing program , regular health and safety training, and premium company products to all employees.

Career, Learning & Development at Pernod Ricard

At Pernod Ricard Taiwan, we strike to unleash potential from all employees. We develop our people through 70-20-10 approach, including learning from the job such as job rotation, , short term project and/or domestic/international assignment. We encourage employees to explore diverse business practices, developing global mindsets and inclusive leadership. We believe in experiential and meaningful development journeys in which employees are empowered to chart their own path by learning and growing personally and professionally. Our career development programs aim to help employees maximize their full potentials.

Pernod-Ricard Taiwan offers rich learning experiences for all employees. In addition to world-class global training programs provided by Pernod Ricard University, we have also built various functional competency training programs. We believe that through open feedback/coaching, and regular career dialog with the people managers, employees can be better engaged.

We inspire employees to learn a new thing every day by accessing My e-campus which offers a wide range of ready-made short, fun and inspiring e-learnings with more than 1,000 digital courses on management, e-commerce, brand engagement, personal development, finance, big data, etc.

We are deeply honored to be recognized by our employees for providing a great environment to nurture their professional and personal development. Our corporate culture and values are extremely unique within our industry. It is the exceptional commitment of our team, which lives and embraced the culture and values each day, that builds the success that we have today. Our strong winning mindset is an unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust and ethical commitment. These key values underpin our corporate culture which molds us to be a lifetime creators and ambassadors of conviviality! People would remained our greatest assets in building sustainable growth and performance in any challenging environment! Our founder Mr Paul Ricard once sums it up quite eloquently “ You can take my factories, you can take my money, but let me keep my people and I will rebuild my empire !" My congratulations and thanks, to each and everyone of you at Pernod Ricard Taiwan, in contributing your passion and efforts in making this company, one of the best in Asia! Cheers!


Pernod Ricard is committed to giving back to the society, and values sustainable growth of local communities, environmental protection and responsible drinking. To keep the promise of promoting social sustainability, Pernod Ricard launched Responeibl’ ALL Day volunteering program. Each year, about 19,000 employees from around the world get out of the office for a day of volunteering in local communities.
In 2017, Pernod Ricard Taiwan initiated Responsib’ All Day-SHINE BRIGHTER, TOGETHER program to build light art installations with recycled bottles. The program has seen passionate participation from all of 120 employees and supports by local governments and Bureau Français de Taipei. In 2020, Pernod Ricard Taiwan launched the “Lift-Up Taiwan-lunching with the elderly” program in cooperation with Jinguashi’s Tungshan Borough in New Taipei City as a new initiative to bring nutritious food to the seniors and deepen connection with the local community through companionship.

As “creator of convivialité,” Pernod Ricard will continue to dedicate our efforts in Sustainability & Responsibility and implement the Group’s GOOD TIMES FROM A GOOD PLACE commitments.


保樂力加集團由法國兩家最大酒類集團 Pernod 公司和Ricard 公司於1975年合併而成。自1975年以来,保樂力加集團透過策略收購以及卓越的銷售網絡,快速蓬勃發展。目前並列全球葡萄酒烈酒集團領導地位,擁有眾多著名酒類品牌,產品行銷全球。


公司亦提倡多元與包容 (Diversity & Inclusion)的文化,包括推動職場平權、創造平等的工作環境,期望所有員工,不論性別,都能盡情揮灑自己的能力,台灣保樂力加更推動了多樣的溝通管道與專案,讓同仁的建議能夠有效轉為公司成長的力量。


"台灣保樂力加公司致力於提供員工完善的職場及個人發展環境,並得到員工的高度肯定,備感榮幸。我們的企業文化及價值在業界與眾不同,而公司能有今天的成果,都要歸功於各團隊的同仁們全心投入,在每天的工作中擁抱並實踐這些價值。 保樂力加能致勝的策略思維結合了企業家精神、互信及道德承諾。這三項重要價值形塑了我們的企業文化,驅使所有員工成為共享歡樂精神的創造者! 即使在面對充滿挑戰的環境中,員工對我們而言永遠是最重要的資產,是公司持續成長茁壯背後的驅動力。保樂力加集團的創辦者-保羅 力加 (Paul Ricard)曾說: 「你可以奪走我的工廠、財富,但只要讓我留著員工,我就能重建集團!」我要在此恭喜並感謝台灣保樂力加的所有員工,謝謝大家熱情投入,積極致力讓公司成為亞洲最佳雇主之一。Cheers!




我們鼓勵同仁透過公司內部e-Learning學習平台,每天學習新事物,該平台提供廣泛和有趣並具啟發性的電子學習課程,其中包含1000多個有關管理,電子商務,品牌參與,個人的數位課程開發,金融,大數據等學習庫。 此外,員工可以創建自己的數位內容並將其上傳到我們的電子學習平台。多元知識分享的學習的概念非常簡單:我們鼓勵同仁彼此共享知識/專長。


保樂力加集團致力於回饋社會,強調社區發展,環境保護與理性飲酒的企業價值。為落實對社會永續發展的承諾,集團積極推動 Responeibl’ALL Day企業志工日,全球約19,000位員工在活動當天放下工作,走入社區,以行動證明我們的承諾。台灣保樂力加自2017年展開「Responsib’All Day-SHINE BRIGHTER, TOGETHER點亮瓶安計畫」, 來自北中南共120名全體同仁與經銷夥伴熱情參與,並獲得地方政府及法國在台協會大力支持。2020年,我們與金瓜石銅山里合作舉辦「樂齡共餐」活動,擴大地方回饋,實踐集團「共享歡樂」精神。展望未來,保樂力加將持續投入公益,徹底落實保樂力加倡議美好時光,來自美好之處(GOOD TIMES FROM A GOOD PLACE)的永續經營與社會責任(Sustainability & Responsibility) 長遠目標。