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9F No.98 Zhouzi Street,
Neihu District,
Taipei 114, Taiwan

9F No.98 Zhouzi Street, Neihu District, Taipei 114, Taiwan




Offer the best smoking experience
for every adult smoker in the world,
for today and tomorrow.

Offer the best smoking experience for every adult smoker in the world,
for today and tomorrow.

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Designing a Smoke-Free Future

Philip Morris International (PMI) is the world’s foremost tobacco company strives to transform for the better and we have now made a decision to pursue a long term vision for success with a smoke-free future.

As an affiliate of PMI, Philip Morris Taiwan S. A. (PMT) shares the same vision and ethics and is committed to growing our business in Taiwan responsibly.

Established in 1986, PMT has been operating locally for over 30 years. We import and distribute some of PMI’s key international brands. We believe happy employees lead to a successful company, hence we make every effort possible to develop our staff.

Inclusion and Diversity is our Choice

In PMI, we believe that unless you consciously include, you will unconsciously exclude. Diversity is a reality and inclusion is a choice – our choice.

To us, paying equal salary is just one of the many steps of how we sustain the diversity and giving equal opportunity. We are proud to have been the first multinational company to undertake the Equal-Salary certification. The global certification, which transparently and credibly verifies that PMI pays its female and male employees equally for the same job or work of equal value, reflects the company’s commitment to inclusion and diversity in the workplace, including gender equality in all countries where we operate; and this is no difference to PMT where we passed the audit successfully and received our equal salary certification in December 2018.

The certification comprises a comprehensive quantitative comparison of our salary data and a qualitative audit of our management’s commitment to gender equality, of our talent management, and of employee perceptions on gender equality.

This makes our diversity and inclusion motto a reality, and is one of the many things that we do to successfully transform our culture, talent management and, crucially prepared our business on the path to creating a smoke-free world.

Unmatched Talent Development Experience

“Career in PMT is a journey full of opportunities and excitement” said Jerome, employee of PMT. Work hard, play hard is our faith, and we respect every individual with different needs, pace, and preferences; so as they contribute back to the company, we reward them with growing opportunities and unmatched talent development programs.

In addition to our advanced and comprehensive online learning platform, PMT provides various in-house trainings, workshops, and seminars. We also encourage employees to look for resources outside, for further development and we support them with a generous training allowance.

In addition, one-on-one sessions with direct supervisors and higher management are common; management consultation, experience sharing, leadership trainings and internal job transfer are made available to our employees.

A key PMI employee value proposition is our overseas assignment programs. High performing employees have the opportunity to go on 6-18 months overseas assignments to international destinations such as Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and Switzerland, matching their career aspiration and mobility. Such opportunities are open to employees regardless of their seniority and job function. As for more senior employees, such assignments can range between 24 months to 48 months. These programs are heavy investments, but strengthen our employees’ global perspective. On average, 7% of our current employees have participated and benefited from these international assignments.

Benefits cater to Employees’ Heart

PMT strives to create a better working environment for our employees. Employee benefits and well-being have always been at the core of our heart. We offer much superior leave entitlements, well-rounded health care benefits (Group insurance and premium health checks), comfortable pantry (with unlimited supply of fruits, milk and snacks), as well as company top-up pension plan to support employees at their retirement age.

And we don’t just stop there.
PMT conducts employee surveys and focus group discussions periodically to understand employees’ needs and feedbacks before launching any new benefit programs. That’s why we launched our Flexible Work Arrangements in 2015, and Flexible Benefits Program in 2017.

Under our Flexible Work Arrangements in PMT, Friday is a half-day work day. This is to encourage our employees to enjoy, rest, and have a more work-life balance lifestyle. We understand some of our employees have personal and family needs to work remotely outside the office at times. As a mean to embrace the new ways of working under new normal, we have launched the program “Smart Work” in 2021 to further enhance our flexible work arrangement. Under “Smart Work”, employees can work at home or other places within Taiwan from time to time as an alternative depending on their job nature.

As for Flexible Benefits Program, we recognize our employees are at different stages of life, with different needs and personal or family obligations. This program support our employees financially in various aspects, ranging from family support, health, leisure, fitness to learning and education.

Last but not least, employee get-together events are always a vital part in PMT - Ranging from culture enhancement activities, appreciation day, team buildings, townhall meetings, labor management meetings, employee welfare club activities to year-end party. We aim to provide an open environment where our employees can voice their opinions and raise their questions easily, and we seize every chance to enhance based on our employees’ feedback.

As we move toward our goal to build a smoke-free future, we will continue to refine and strive to be a responsible and sustainable company that our employees, business partners, and society are willing to develop together with.


菲利普莫里斯 (PMI)是全球第一家致力於轉型的菸草公司,而爾後,我們將致力非燃燒式菸品的研發,以推動無煙未來作為我們長期的願景。

身為菲利普莫里斯在台灣的分公司 (PMT),我們也擁有相同的願景和道德規範,致力以負責任的態度發展在台業務。













PMT致力為員工創造更好的工作環境。員工的福利和福祉一直都是我們最關心的事。我們擁有比業界更為優越的休假權益、並提供周全的醫療保健福利 (團保及高級健檢)、舒適的餐廳休憩區 (水果、牛奶、咖啡及零食無限供應),以及公司補貼的退休金方案,照顧員工退休後的生活。


在推行任何新的福利項目前,我們都會進行員工調查,並發起多次的小組討論,以瞭解員工的真實需求及意見。如我們於 2015 年時推出的彈性工時、以及於 2017 年時推出的彈性福利計畫。

在 PMT 的彈性工時下,週五只需工作半天。除了希望給予員工更多個人時間、獲得適當休息外,我們也希望藉此鼓勵員工在工作和生活間找到平衡。此外,我們瞭解部分員工因個人或家庭需求,有時須在辦公室以外的地方遠端工作;再者,新常態也需發展出一套新的工作模式來因應,故我們於2021年起推出了「智慧工作」這項計畫來增強我們原有的彈性工時設計。在「智慧工作」這項計畫下,取決於員工本身的工作性質,員工可不時地選擇於家中、或台灣任何地方遠端工作。


最後,員工聚會及團體活動一向是 PMT 不可或缺的一部分。我們經常舉辦公司文化活動、感謝日、部門聚會、全員工大會、勞資會議、福委會活動及尾牙等。我們致力於提供員工一個開放的環境,讓他們能自由表達意見和提問,並根據他們的反饋,精益求精。