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669, Ruiguang Rd, Neihu 11492,
Taipei, Taiwan

669, Ruiguang Rd, Neihu 11492, Taipei, Taiwan


Computer & Peripheral
Equipment Manufacturing

Computer & Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing


Mobilize the minds and hearts of
all employees to build Primax
into a world-class supplier in the
product fields we do business in.
New technologies change people's
lives from time to time, and Primax
makes it happen through reinvention.

Mobilize the minds and hearts of all employees to build Primax into a world-class
supplier in the product fields we do business in. New technologies change people's
lives from time to time, and Primax makes it happen through reinvention.

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Primax Electronics Ltd. is a global strategic solution provider for computing, electronics and consumer products. With more than 36 years, Primax has driven continued progress in technology through innovation. We continue to deepen technology-oriented business development and focus on the application of new products with three senses in one (visual, auditory, and tactile) and market-leading technological advantages to provide customers with one-stop new products and applications in relevant fields.

At Primax, our mission is “Reinvent the intelligent life experience, connect the world” and our value is “Caring deeply for our stakeholders and build a global company that people are proud and motivated to work here”.

Building Dreams, Unleashing Talents

We believe that talents are a firm’s essential asset and the key factor for a company's continued success and progress! We instill a people-oriented culture and value the mutual commitment between the Company and our employees.

Safe, Healthy and Inclusive Workplace

Primax is committed to employee care founded on the basis of human rights and gender equality. We strive to create a safe and secure work environment. We have an in-house qualified nurse stationed in the company to offer health information and emergency medical assistance. Also, we arrange health counseling service for employees every month.
  • Provide health examination to safeguard their health and carry out active health promotion management according to the results of health examination report for those identified as high risk group
  • Introduce Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to strengthen the physical and mental health care of employees. Through EAP professional counseling institutions, it assists our employees with issues such as child or elder care, relationship challenges, financial or legal problems, wellness matters.
  • Hold various activities to promote their physical and mental health, which allows employees to take into account both the quality of work and life.

Talent Attraction and Retention

In order to maintain the competitiveness of our compensation, Primax appropriately adjusts employees' salaries annually, taking into consideration of the results of global salary surveys, market salary scales, and economic indices in Taiwan and other overseas location, so that employees can work devotedly without worries about taking care of their families. In addition to offer our employees a comprehensive benefit system that is better than the statutory standards and meets employees' needs, we also provide them with a communication-friendly environment and open-minded management system where employees can demonstrate their true worth and plan their career path.

Talent Cultivation and Development

We provide systematic and well-planned training courses to new employees as well as employees that are already in service to ensure inclusive and equal quality education. Moreover, we design a complete system of job rotation and formulate dual career ladder roadmap that enable employees to continually develop their professional skills and live up to their potential.




致造夢想 伸展長才



  • 為健康狀況為高風險的員工提供健康檢查,並根據健康檢查報告結果,開展積極的健康促進管理。
  • 推出員工援助計劃(EAP)服務,加強員工身心健康保障。透過EAP專業諮詢機構,員工可以用匿名的方式在兒童照顧或老人護理、親密關係的挑戰、投資理財問題等獲得諮詢協助。
  • 各種健康促進活動的舉辦,以促進員工的身心健康,讓所有員工能兼顧工作和生活。