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From Global to Local; From Philosophy to Action
It all starts with Roche core value: Integrity; Courage; Passion. To cultivate Roche culture in Taiwan, we are particularly focusing on:
  • Diversity & Inclusion We believe in an inclusive and diverse workplace where people feel valued and respected and where we can all develop to our full potential and bring out the whole person to work. We believe diversity goes beyond visible differences to include different educational backgrounds, professional knowledge, personality types, thinking styles and life experiences.

    With psychological safety that we continuously work on to keep and increase, we actively support and encourage an environment where we all feel free to speak our mind. Only in this way, can we discover the best ideas and develop truly innovative solutions.
  • Being & Doing Agile
    At Roche, agility is not just a buzzword. To bring “Agile Way of Working” to live, we have prioritized 2 Mindsets & 3 Behaviors for our organization.
    • Customer Centricity (mindset)
    • Trust & Transparency (mindset)
    • Empowered Teams (behavior)
    • Collaboration vs Process (behavior)
    • Experimentation & Fast Learning (behavior)


Our Philosophy - ReimagineMe “where my fulfillment meets our purpose”
ReImagine me is a philosophy that is about enabling personalized professional journeys that value expertise, experience, mindsets and behaviors that deliver true impact with no boundaries.

Each of our professional journeys is unique and is shaped by our personal goals, values and how each of us defines fulfillment. We follow our own path to learn and grow because what brings fulfillment is different for every person and it changes over time.

To help our employees better understand and embed the ReimagineMe concept, we also arranged Career Month in 2020 when we launched this new philosophy, and below are the speeches/workshops we offered in Career Month.

Our Learning & Development Programs
*In 2020, we successfully supported the career development of 10+ employees through implementing people development solutions.

Our Approaches to Enable Employees’ Professional Journeys
  • Within Affiliate: All the Roche Taiwan job openings will be posted internally to offer our employees opportunities to explore their career possibilities.
  • Above Affiliate: We match people to opportunities over the world via the internal system. Furthermore, we also offer opportunities with flexible arrangements to enable professional journey development for mobility-restricted employees.**

* In 2020, 60%+ of the vacant managerial positions were filled by internal people. ** We successfully matched 3+ employees’ to the short-term/dual-role overseas opportunities in one year.


Our Benefit Programs
We offer benefits that are transparent in design, clearly communicated and flexible in order to meet employees’ diverse and changing needs.
  • Core Benefits
    Core benefits include Employee Group Insurance and Annual Health Check. Core benefits aim to provide essential coverage to employee’s core health needs. All qualified employees are automatically entitled to the Core benefits.
  • Flexible Bonus
    Selective Flexible Benefits is designed to enhance colleagues’ overall quality of life. People can select the benefits item based on their own lifestyle. Benefits items include 3 major categories: Health Support, Learning Support, and Family Support.
  • Roche Connect
    Roche Connect is a world-wide plan that Roche employees can choose to join. It gives employees an opportunity to invest in the future and share financially in the success of Roche by purchasing Roche Genussscheine (non-voting equity securities) at an attractive discount.

Our Recognition Programs
Everyone at Roche, no matter what they do or where they are, should be recognized for a job well done.

The Applause program in Roche allows our people to send a congratulatory eCard with personalized picture or video messages quickly and easily to colleagues, whether they are in the same team, other teams, other organizations or locations. If appropriate, employees can also nominate them for a financial Point Award, which can be used to buy vouchers or gifts from an extensive catalog of items tailored for each country. This all happens without a long and extensive approval process, which demonstrates how we enable everyone to make decisions in their area of responsibility.
Our Wellbeing Programs
  • Live Well
    The Global Live Well Week is one of the central events of the “Live Well. Find Your Balance” initiative. The main objective of the initiative is to foster a culture of health and wellbeing for Roche employees by offering employees an abundance of information, programs and events around health and wellbeing.
  • Agile Working Practice
    We started to implement and experiment with the following agile practices in 2019 to foster a more engaging working environment of trust and empowerment and support employees with more flexibility on work-life balance.
    • Work from Home
    • Early Friday Home
    • No Meeting Time on Friday Afternoon
    • Happy Friday Hour
  • Employee Engagement Activities


    As a healthcare company, we commit to building stronger and healthier communities by improving human services and support systems, especially for those who need them most. We work with local authorities and partners who share our commitment to long-term solutions and who are prepared to contribute, for example, by providing essential infrastructure or local resources.




    From Global to Local; From Philosophy to Action
    企業文化始於羅氏的核心價值觀: 正直;勇氣;熱情。而羅氏台灣特別聚焦於下方領域以落實及培養羅氏文化:
    • 多元 & 共融

    • Being & Doing Agile
      在羅氏,Agility 不只是口號,為了實現”敏捷的工作方式”, 我們優先於這2種思維和3種行為:
      • Customer Centricity (mindset)
      • Trust & Transparency (mindset)
      • Empowered Teams (behavior)
      • Collaboration vs Process (behavior)
      • Experimentation & Fast Learning (behavior)


    我們的理念 – ReimagineMe “where my fulfillment meets our purpose”
    ReImagine me是一種理念,旨在實現個人化的職涯歷程,且看重這當中所累積與歷練的專業知識,經驗,思維方式和行為。


    為了幫助我們的員工更好地理解與體現ReimagineMe概念,在2020年介紹這了理念給同仁時,也透過Career Month一系列活動來幫助概念落地:

    我們的學習發展方案 *2020年當中,十位以上同仁透過多元人員發展方案得到個人職涯的新啟發

    • 國內: 所有羅氏台灣的職缺都會對內做公告,提供內部員工探索不同職涯可能性的機會。
    • 國外: 羅氏透過內部系統來為同仁與羅氏全球的職缺做媒合。此外,我們也提供可彈性安排的跨國機會,來幫助無法外派至國外的同仁實現跨國工作的目標。**

    * 2020年,60%以上的主管職缺由內部同仁遞補 ** 一年內有3名以上的員工透過內部平台成功媒合到國外的短期/一人飾兩角機會.


    • 核心福利方案
    • 自選彈性福利方案
    • Roche Connect


    羅氏的Applause計畫讓我們的員工可以快速且容易地向身處同一團隊、不同團隊或不同國家的同事發送感謝或祝賀的電子賀卡。在某些情況下,員工也可以幫其他表現出色的同仁提名財務點數獎勵,讓對方可利用該獎勵於線上平台中兌換禮券或禮物。這一切無需經過漫長的批准程序即可完成,也顯示我們是如何鼓勵同仁在被授權的責任範圍內自主做出決定。 我們的員工福祉計畫
    • Live Well
      每年的Live Well週是羅氏集團的關鍵活動之一。主要目的是透過提供員工一系列有關健康和樂活的相關資訊、計畫和活動,來營造能讓員工更注重個人健康並樂在工作的環境和文化。
    • 敏捷工作方式
      • 在家上班
      • 週五提早下班
      • 週五下午無會議
      • 週五快樂時光
    • 員工向心力凝聚活動