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No. 8 Dusing Road,
Hsinchu Science Park,
Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.

NO. 8 Dusing Road, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.




The best and faithful storage
solution partner. A working
place that we are willing to
devote ourselves with passion
like the 2nd home.

The best and faithful storage solution partner.
A working place that we are willing to devote ourselves with passion like the 2nd home.

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The best and faithful storage solution partner

A subsidiary of KIOXIA Corporation, Solid State Storage Technology Corporation (SSSTC) is a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of digital storage solutions. Leveraging its long standing global success in Optical Disk Drives, the company established its Solid-State Drive (SSD) Division in 2008 to cater to the growing demands in data storage.

We offer a comprehensive lineup of SSDs for the Enterprise, Industrial, Business Client and Consumer markets. Our solutions comprise of a variety of interfaces and form factors to deliver the right product for the right application.

Our SSDs are fully designed and developed in-house with dedicated R&D teams capable of creating highly customizable solutions, including firmware design. We partner with industry-leading key component suppliers to provide the highest quality and most reliable SSD solutions. We stay committed to quality, innovation, and manufacturing excellence.

A working place that we are willing to devote ourselves with passion like the 2nd home.

Employees are our most important partners and family members. Nearly 50% of our employees stay in SSSTC more than 5 years. SSSTC places great emphasis on charity and employees’ physical & mental well-being. We actively engage in charity activities and continuously encourage our employees to participate in various leisure sports. Making our employees get work-life balance is our major goal and responsibility.

In addition to general training and self-learning via. e-learning system, we extensively promote Club Establishment (eg. badminton, basketball, running, flower arrangement, aerobics... serious interests) and Action Schools (sword making, road running, biking, dating) …). SSSTC guides employees to go outdoors with the method of experiential learning from nature, and helps employees to interact more intimately and discover their own potential. We strive to create a happy workplace environment for our employees.
We provide comprehensive employee benefits and we award pure gold commemorative gold coins to long-term served employees. At the same time, we also organize various welfare activities, such as family day (employees can enjoy marvelous time with their families), SSSTC anniversary (we invite disadvantaged groups such as Children are us Foundation, Saint Joseph Social Welfare Foundation, Blind Foundation, Shelter Factory, Stray Dog Animal Home, etc. coming to SSSTC to set up stalls, leading our employees to subscribe for public welfare goods, and performing Corporate Social Responsibilities while celebrating). We lead our employees to climb mountains (climbing Yu-shan, Yangming-shan, rock climbing...), to go to the sea (canoeing), to ride bicycles (riding from Taitung to Hualien, and to Wu-ling mountain...) together to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan. to make employees release their body, mind and spirit completely while working hard.
Different from general technology industry, SSSTC provides one week Summer Holiday for our employees to fulfill the promise and dream with their families in the summer season(such as: rounding the island, camping, visiting relatives and friends far away...). All efforts are for making SSSTC as the 2nd home that employees are willing to devote themselves with passion.


建興儲存科技股份有限公司(Solid State Storage Technology Corporation)致力於數據儲存產品的研發、製造、銷售,提供客戶最可靠、高品質的固態硬碟(Solid State Drive, SSD)產品,是一家擁有二十五年儲存領域經驗的科技公司。2008年領先業界投入以快閃記憶體(NAND Flash Memory)做為電腦系統儲存載具的應用研究,邁入固態硬碟(Solid State Drive, SSD)數據儲存領域至今已逾十年。

2020年成為日商鎧俠控股株式會社(KIOXIA Corporation)100%持有之子公司,持續提升產品品質與客戶滿意度,提供全方位滿足PC客戶端、工業解決方案、企業和雲端計算資料中心,以及消費級的固態硬碟產品。以我們所擅長的研發與製造能力,以及在OEM市場上的競爭優勢與多年經驗,持續深耕全球數據儲存市場。



除了一般實體訓練課程與e-learning自主學習,公司戮力推動社團經營(羽球, 籃球, 跑步、插花、有氧運動…等健康休閒興趣)及行動學堂(造箭、路跑、騎車、聯誼…),引導同仁集體走向戶外、透過向大自然請益的體驗式學習方式,讓同仁更親密互動並發掘自我潛能,打造員工幸福職場環境。

除提供完善的三節福利及婚喪喜慶補助之外,公司針對久任員工頒發純金紀念金幣,同時也致力舉辦各類員工福利活動,舉凡家庭日(讓員工帶著家人一同享受美好親子時光)、週年慶(邀請喜憨兒, 仁愛基金會, 愛盲基金會, 庇護工廠, 流浪狗動物之家等弱勢團體進入公司設攤,帶著同仁一同投入公益商品認購、在歡慶之餘也善盡企業社會責任)、引領員工一同上山(登玉山、陽明山、攀岩…)下海(獨木舟)、騎著單車(花東縱騎、攻武嶺…)一起欣賞台灣的美好,讓員工在認真工作之餘,身、心、靈也能獲得適當放鬆。

有別於一般科技業,公司特別規劃為期一週的Summer Holiday,讓全體員工能夠在孩子放暑假之際,也能挪出充足時間陪伴家人、一同實現親子間的約定與夢想(諸如:環島、露營、登百岳、拜訪遠方親友…),讓員工齊心協力在建興儲存一同築夢、打造第二個家。