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13F., No.36, Sec. 3, Bade Rd.,
Songshan Dist.,
Taipei City 105, Taiwan

13F., No.36, Sec. 3, Bade Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan


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Our company, as a marketing support company, has been established for seven years till now since August 2014.

The reason why we are "one of the best company to work for in Taiwan" based on the two policies we value every day as follows:

1. Thoroughness of recruitment based on Senses of Values and Management Philosophy

It is rare to thoroughly implement this in the foreign country other than Japan. As we implement that thoroughly, this is also one of the reasons why we are selected as the best company.

Speaking of what management philosophy mean, in the modern society such as Taiwan and Shanghai with high-turnover rate, it tends to hire people who have the skills and experience. However, we thoroughly hire people who owns sense of values close to our corporate philosophy those who give priority to trust for building relationships, hold high challenge willingness and senses of contribution, and have altruistic spirit. No matter who doubts about it, we have been thoroughly implementing this until now and will continue it in the future. We feel proud with the results leading to smooth relationships, the bright atmosphere in the workplace, friendly working environments, the friendliness of colleagues, and senses of cooperation.

2. Creation of New Markets

As we are creating new value, new businesses and new markets, this is another reason why we are selected as the best company.

We are creating not only businesses but also markets. Creating a market also stands for creating new employment. We have prepared all the infrastructure, systems, trade, sales agents, and advertisement production for repeat mail-order business (regular purchase) in Taiwan from scratch when the company just entered the market about 6 years ago. We have created and provided a platform that makes it easy to expand into Taiwan for Japanese mail-order companies.

As a result, we have created an unprecedented market and succeeded in attracting more than 60 companies in total and achieving sales revenue of NTD 4 billion in six years. In addition, under the vision of "Change the World through Direct Marketing", we are actively providing support services for local Taiwanese companies and expanding into other countries such as Shanghai in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand, currently our members are also struggling to create the new value in those countries.
Moreover, not only the development of the business, but also the ideas of "Desire to work with many people" and "Employment leads to social contribution", the company started from 2 people, and now we have achieved active employment with 200 staff in total for seven years (* As of the end of March 2021), including 130 full-time employees and 70 part-time workers.
This is a proof for the creation of our market from the above, and the figure for our business portfolio also shows specifically that we are creating new businesses and services. As a venture company in terms of creating new businesses, creating value, and creating markets on the background of portfolios cannot be formed unless we are constantly facing new challenges, this is another reason why we are suitable for the name of the best company to work for in Taiwan

As mentioned above, through thoroughness of management philosophy, creation of new markets, expansion of growth of organization, employment, tax payment and so on, we will continue to contribute to Taiwan and Asia and realize the happiness of all the people involved.







  結果敝公司確實開拓出前所未有的市場,於6年內所累計的延攬合作企業數已超過60間,並成功達成高達40億元的營業額。另外,我們秉持著亞星通「改變世界,從Direct Marketing開始」的願景,不僅開始為台灣當地企業提供服務,也開始在中國上海、馬來西亞、香港、新加坡、泰國等海外國家積極拓展事業,敝公司的諸多夥伴亦致力於這些國家創造新價值。