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No. 108, Section 5,
Xinyi Rd, Xinyi District,
Taipei City, 110

No. 108, Section 5, Xinyi Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110


Renewable Energy


Our vision is to become the leading
brand of renewable energy in the
Asia-Pacific region, and we are
committed to providing professional
and reliable services of renewable
energy development, construction
and asset management for our customers.

Our vision is to become the leading brand of renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific
region, and we are committed to providing professional and reliable services of
renewable energy development, construction and asset management for our customers.

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Swancor Renewable Energy (SRE) is a leading developer in Taiwan’s offshore wind industry. First involved in the development of offshore wind farm in 2012, the company had planned and completed the installation of two wind turbines which formed Phase 1 of the first offshore wind farm “Formosa 1” in Taiwan solely by itself in October 2016, and then it cooperated with an international team to complete the second Phase which is comprised of 20 wind turbines that generate 128MW of electricity every year. Formosa 1 entered into operation at the end of 2019 and is currently the only offshore wind farm in commercial operation in Taiwan.

Following Formosa 1, Swancor Renewable Energy is also involved in the planning and construction of Formosa 2, the second large offshore wind project of the company. Formosa 2 is comprised of 47 units of 8MW wind turbines, and is able to generate 376MW of electricity per year which is sufficient for the annual power usage of 380,000 households.

In July 2021, Swancor Renewable Energy partnered with other Taiwan local companies to establish the "Taiwan Team," turning the development of Taiwan's offshore wind market to the next page. SRE's passion for renewable energy and commitment to developing a green future has not only set a milestone in Taiwan's offshore wind industry but propelled the energy transition in Asia-Pacific.

Swancor Renewable Energy adheres to the four core values of the company, “Safety, Integrity, Professionalism and Teamwork”, and holds the vision of becoming the leading brand of renewable energy in Asia-Pacific, and we are committed to providing professional and reliable services of renewable energy development, construction and asset management for our customers.

A “people-oriented” workplace that provides a feeling of home

Renewable energy is a value-driven industry. The goal of Swancor Renewable Energy is to create a sustainable environment for this generation and the next, and build the same sustainability internally to encourage teamwork and self-improvement of our employees. We value opinion of our colleagues and hope to recruit more talents by creating a workplace of diversity and inclusion.

Our office, which sits in the heart of Xinyi District of Taipei City and only a few steps from Taipei 101, is designed in a clean, open, humanized manner with adjustable height table and chair sets, movable personal storage lockers, snack cabinet and recreational room to provide a feel of home for our employees working in the office every day. With respect to all employees’ voices and experiences, we gather feedback from colleagues to ensure that the hardware and software we provide support their needs and optimize their works the best.

A gender-friendly workplace and cultural diversity

As the leading company in Taiwan’s offshore wind industry, Swancor Renewable Energy strives to create a gender-friendly work environment for that gender equity is another essential value we uphold. Not only will the new-joiners be entitled to annual paid leaves upon joining Swancor Renewable Energy, we also implemented flexitime so that employees are free to manage their time between work and family. Furthermore, female leadership is common at Swancor Renewable Energy as we have numbers of female senior managers and engineers being the mainstays, and we are proud of being the company that overturns traditional gender stereotypes. We also provide female employees additional support and benefits to accommodate their needs and ensure our company policies are friendly.

As a company that values talents across borders, Swancor Renewable Energy appreciates diversity and cross-cultural collaboration greatly. Many of our current employees are international professionals, and building a bilingual environment for everyone to feel included has been one of our major goals. Educational sessions and cultural exchange activities were held to promote cross-department learning and collaboration.

Employee Welfare and Corporate Social Responsibility

Realizing the importance of work-life balance, professional and personal well-beings, Swancor Renewable Energy provides every employee with flexible working hours to arrange their schedule accordingly, creating a workplace that allows the employees to pursuit professional and family well-being simultaneously. In addition, we organize a series of team-building events and activities for employees and their families to join to not only boost the morale across departments, but also help our staff align their professional and personal lives.
On every Friday, an hour before Close of Business is the time when the employees will do some exercise together to wrap up a week of hard working. We arrange a range of different workout courses, including Tabata, Yoga and Ballet-Cardio, for our colleagues to maintain physical and mental wellness, and mark a great start of weekends.
As a leading developer of renewable energy in Taiwan, Swancor Renewable Energy values the symbiosis between corporate, environment and community greatly. We cooperate with local governments, non-governmental organizations for arranging various CSR events, including holding green energy seminar at universities, cooperating with Miaoli County Government for the Slow Fish event, and setting up an open-air cinema at Longfeng Harbor in Miaoli, in order to promote renewable energy and achieve regional revitalization at the same time. We encourage our colleagues to participate in our CSR activities to get a better understanding of the company values and have the chance to implement and commit to them through the works they do.
上緯新能源(SRE)為台灣離岸風電產業之標竿本地開發商。自2012年起投入離岸風電開發以來,率先於2016年十月獨立規劃完成台灣首座離岸風場「海洋風電(Formosa l)」第一階段兩部示範風機之架設,並於2018至2019年,偕同跨國開發團隊協力完成第二階段二十支,總容量為128MW風機建置工程,進而於2019年底啟動商業運轉。海洋風電目前為台灣唯一商轉之離岸風力發電場。

繼「海洋風電(Formosa l)」後,「海能風電(Formosa II)」為上緯新能源目前參與規劃和興造之第二項大型離岸風電開發案。場址位於苗栗外海,場域規模近七十平方公里,由四十七座8MW風機組成,總裝置容量為376MW。待完工後,每年約可提供三十八萬家戶之用電需求。

上緯新能源持續展現對環境的熱情,專注於永續能源的開發與經營,2021年7月,上緯新能源與台灣菁英開發商與供應鏈業者攜手合作,成立「離岸風電台灣隊(Taiwan Team)」, 不但為台灣的離岸風電發展豎立了里程碑,也為亞洲的能源轉型寫下新的一頁。



上緯新能源(SRE)的企業總部,位於台北市信義區的主要交通樞紐,緊鄰地標台北 101。辦公室總面積超過四百坪,整體設計以員工體驗與需求為出發,期盼能為所有同仁,打造舒適、便利的工作環境。無論從硬體設計到軟體設備,從可調升的人體工學桌椅、可移動式的個人儲物空間,到零食櫃、運動遊戲間,我們常態性的搜集同仁意見,致力為員工打造最人性化的辦公環境,彰顯公司以人為本的核心價值。




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