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No 113 ,Sec 2 .
Zhongshan North Road,
Taipei, Taiwan

No 113 ,Sec 2 .Zhongshan North Road, Taipei, Taiwan


Cement and Cement Products Manufacturing


TCC is one of the Taiwanese
representative brands. Unlike
merely producing cement in
the past, TCC will be an
eco-friendly enterprise, and
actively solve environmental
issues, shifting itself to an
eco-solution provider. By
applying innovative technologies
and thoughts, TCC has
continuously developed new
energy sources, and move
forward to a circular economy
model with "zero waste, zero
pollution, and zero-emission,"
creating new values as a
sustainable enterprise.

TCC is one of the Taiwanese representative brands. Unlike merely producing cement
in the past, TCC will be an eco-friendly enterprise, and actively solve environmental
issues, shifting itself to an eco-solution provider. By applying innovative technologies
and thoughts, TCC has continuously developed new energy sources, and move forward
to a circular economy model with "zero waste, zero pollution, and zero-emission,"
creating new values as a sustainable enterprise.

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Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

“There are no answers for life, only questions and stories of facing them”
TCC is committed to balancing the complex relationship between humans and nature, implementing the United Nations SDGs sustainability targets. We aim to become a model for environmental conservation, and establishing a sustainable development and solid foundation for society and human beings. In addition to the vision of realizing coexistence between industry and environment, TCC has made a commitment to care for all employees, aiming at becoming an enterprise centering on people. We are devoted to building a professional and enthusiastic team that can support and rely on each other. Despite the changes of the markets and businesses around the world brought by the pandemic of 2020, it cannot change TCC’s goals. TCC’s responsibility is to keep looking for how we can interact with nature, to be ahead of the standards, to fulfill the expectations of society, and to find more positive possibilities.

TCC has prepared well in advance for the pandemic and taken a series of preventive and control measures to protect its employees, including distributing pandemic prevention supplies, planning pandemic prevention drills, simulating remote working/WFH, and conducting online meetings and visitor health screening questionnaires to eliminate any possible infection. We will work together to overcome the difficult times by reassuring all our employees.

Employee engagement strategies

TCC has always taken good care of its employees, providing them with a friendly workplace and benefits to enhance their motivation and productivity. Every year, TCC conducts surveys that include professionalism and human rights due diligence (HRDD) to understand the actual feelings of employees, so that management and risk mitigation measures can be planned for improvement and optimization to effectively increase the retention rate.

1. Compensation & Benefit(C&B):

“Human civilization starts from taking care of each other”
TCC provides an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) in which employees contribute a fixed amount each month to a stock ownership trust account, and the company also makes a 1:1 contribution to this plan, helping employees hold company stock, accumulate wealth, and increase the source of their retirement funds. The current participation rate of all employees has reached 96.9%.

“Creating a friendly and warm environment by utilizing a sense of caring”
The company has set up an on-line "Peace of Mind Platform" to receive feedback and also actively develops a comfortable working environment, including a gymnasium, a parent-child area, a breastfeeding room, a health consultation room, massage services from the blind, and free snacks on each floor to provide employees with the most comfortable and friendly space to work. Every year, the company organizes teams to participate in the swim across Sun Moon Lake, and the Taroko Marathon, etc. The company arranges all of the itineraries to increase cross-departmental interaction, and also creates various physical fitness clubs to bring employees closer to each other and to maintain a work-life balance as well as physical and mental health.

“Expanding the care and working together to do a good thing”
TCC cares about its employees and their families; and every year, we plan large family events to invite employees and their families to have fun together. TCC also encourages all employees to care for the disadvantaged and to serve the community by providing them with two working days of paid work time per year. In 2020, TCC’s volunteer team collaborated with Huashan Foundation to implement a home repair, meal sharing, and companionship program for the elderly living alone, spreading TCC’s concern across the island. A total of 371 TCC volunteers enthusiastically participated in the program, spending 1,376 hours spreading warmth to 504 vulnerable elderly households in Taiwan.

2. Learning & Development (L&D)

“From environmental conservation to talent development, building a sustainable business operating model”

TCC continues to develop its human-centered corporate values, achieving a professional and passionate team that supports each other in order to build a solid foundation for the society and humanity. TCC has been developing a circular economy through its cement business in recent years, incorporating social responsibility into the company’s operations, and actively optimizing the selection, training, hiring, and retaining talents through innovative thinking and application under the new digital era to lay the foundation for sustainability; encouraging more young students to join TCC’s team and grow together to accomplish long-term manpower development. TCC is actively cooperating with universities, including the management trainee program, the seed talent program that unites industry and academia, the “Xingxuejiao Enterprise Mentorship Program”, internship opportunities, and the Shi Min Academy for rural educational improvement, etc., to closely integrate the corporate talent and social development.
Besides continuing the international talent development and innovation since 2018, TCC continues to train employees to expand the global vision, strengthen the foreign language ability, apply smart technology, refine the expertise, and provide cross-discipline learning opportunities and training for employees with different job requirements through general education courses, such as energy saving and emission reduction seminars, human rights and international fair trade law; and advanced courses, such as oral presentation, the annual meeting of managers, carbon reduction workshops, and visits to benchmark companies. Meanwhile, the company has developed an intelligent platform combined with artificial intelligence to help the company achieve resource integration, real-time information, early warning control, efficiency improvement and reduction of paper work while pursuing sustainability-related business, so that employees can actually engage in circular economy and environmental protection in their daily work. The company will be able to tackle challenges in the future from the perspectives of innovation and diversification, responding to them with the three-in-one competence of “innovation, digitalization and professionalism”, which will become an essential and sustainable competitiveness.


台泥致力於平衡人類與大自然間的複雜關係,落實聯合國 SDGs 永續指標,希望能在環境保育上成為業界的典範,為社會與人類建立永續發展的紮實基礎,並創造產業循環與環境共生的願景;台泥對全體員工照顧許下承諾,致力於一個以人為本的企業。建立一個專業、熱情、彼此可以互相倚賴、互相扶持的團隊。雖然2020的疫情改變了市場格局,但無法改變台泥訂下的目標,台泥的責任,就是不斷找尋人與大自然互動循環的方式,走在規格前面,呼應社會期待,尋找更多美好的可能性。




1. 薪酬福利:


公司設立線上「安心平台」接收意見,積極完善工作環境,包含健身房、親子共享區、哺乳室、健康諮詢室、盲人按摩服務、各樓層免費點心、等,讓員工在最舒適、友善的空間辦公。 每年固定組隊參加泳渡日月潭、太魯閣馬拉松等活動,由公司安排行程,透過團隊合作增加跨部門互動連結、同時創辦各式體能社團,讓員工拉近彼此,也維持工作生活之平衡與身心靈健康。


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