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17F., No.1, Songgao Road,
Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11073,

17F., No.1, Songgao Road, Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11073, Taiwan.




We serve the needs of our patients,
wherever they are. We earn the trust
of society and customers through
Takeda-ism. We are recognized as
best in class because of agility and
innovation, qualities that help us
build a steady pipeline and deliver
growth, year on year.

We serve the needs of our patients, wherever they are. We earn the trust of society
and customers through Takeda-ism. We are recognized as best in class because of
agility and innovation, qualities that help us build a steady pipeline and deliver
growth, year on year.

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Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Takeda is a global, values-based, R&D-driven biopharmaceutical leader headquartered in Japan, committed to discover and deliver life-transforming treatments, guided by our commitment to patients, our people and the planet. Takeda focuses its R&D efforts on four therapeutic areas: Oncology, Rare Genetic and Hematology, Neuroscience, and Gastroenterology (GI). We also make targeted R&D investments in Plasma-Derived Therapies and Vaccines. We are focusing on developing highly innovative medicines that contribute to making a difference in people’s lives by advancing the frontier of new treatment options and leveraging our enhanced collaborative R&D engine and capabilities to create a robust, modality-diverse pipeline. Our employees are committed to improving quality of life for patients and to working with our partners in healthcare in approximately 80 countries.

Values: Defining Our Purpose, Guiding Our Activities

Our values encompass Takeda-ism (Integrity, Fairness, Honesty, Perseverance) and Patient, Trust, Reputation and Business - in that order. Takeda-ism has underpinned the company’s operations since it was formed. We always put the Patient at the center; we build Trust with society; we reinforce our Reputation; and we develop the Business, in that order. We use our values every day to guide our actions, to ensure our commitment to quality and to do the right thing at all times. They serve as a constant reminder that our role in society is principally to serve patients and to strive constantly for new and innovative solutions that address the world’s unmet health challenges.

Our values also guide our Access to Medicines strategy and our comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Our CSR strategy prioritizes disease prevention and capacity-building through sustainable, long-term commitments in developing and emerging countries. Our employees worldwide determine the projects that we will collaborate on and through our Employee Participation Program they can connect directly with these projects in the field.

Empowering Our People to Shine

Our employees are the cornerstone of our success. Their talents and diverse backgrounds, cultures and perspectives inspire and enable health innovation that meets the needs of patients and customers. In the approximate 80 countries where we have operations, we foster an inclusive, safe and stimulating working environment. We offer every opportunity for employees to learn, grow and progress professionally while making a difference in other people’s lives.

Our aim is to stay agile and simple, to minimize complexity. Our local operating company - or LOC-centric model empowers local leaders to make decisions and act in the best interests of our patients. The gender, age and geographic diversity of our Takeda Executive Team (TET), together with its functional expertise and unparalleled experience, ensures quick and transparent decision-making.

What We Do in Taiwan

As the first oversea branch of Takeda Pharmaceutical in 1962, Takeda Taiwan is now heading towards its 59th year. We continue to bring in products of better quality to local patients and consumers, and push to provide medical resources to fulfill local market’s unmet needs. We aspire to be a patient centric & trustworthy company through innovation. In terms of people strategy, we also aspire to be the Best-in-Class Employer in Taiwan Healthcare Industry. Our four key pillars underneath to support our people aspiration with innovative initiatives

1. Solid HR Foundations to Support Business
Takeda Taiwan has a strong HR foundations with well-designed HR policies, which are periodically updated to keeping up with the organizational growth. We leverage technology to make the execution more efficient and effective. Employees can manage their career development through the HR system on-line and search and apply job opportunities across Takeda global through the same system. We continue to advocate and build a communication culture of “Quality Conversations” by trusting relations in which employees and managers are equipped more solid skills and knowledge to build a successful career at Takeda through the platform.

2. Optimized Learning & Development Resources for All Levels
  • Learning Plan
    People’s learning & development opportunities are the hallmarks of Takeda’s success. We focus on developing employees in each level with different learning resources. Employees will be provided with learning resources starting from Day 1 New Hire Orientation, extending to leadership training, personal excellence, lunch & learn, and functional trainings depending on the career conversations between employees and managers. In FY2020, there were nearly 20 learning activities executed and the satisfaction rate by employees were up to 95%.
  • Talent Development
    Takeda Taiwan is committed to develop talents to future pipeline by various best practices. The management team conducts the talent reviews twice a year, and we identify talents to be developed by leveraging Takeda Global/Regional/Local talent development programs. From FY2018, we implemented “STAR Program”, a cross-border developmental program for selective talents, with diverse learning activities include classroom training, corporate visit, cross-industry learning, business presentation. We look forward to continue developing future Strategic, Transformational, Agile and Result-Oriented leaders. Moreover, to support employees exploring career possibilities and unleash their potential, we launched a brand new apprenticeship program, “Paint Your Future”, in FY2019. The program enables employees to build different career paths on top of the original roles through guidance and support from the mentors. Above programs successfully drove several talents’ promotion and increased job rotations in FY2020.
3. An Integrated Total Rewards Scheme
We have pay-by-performance total rewards system in place which is tightly linked to our direction to drive for a high performing organization. And to better support our employees through Covid-19 pandemic, we proactively launched CARE survey and developed the results into insightful action plans to enhance employees’ health and wellbeing in FY2021.

Our benefit programs are mainly covered by below three categories:
  • Work-life balance: In FY2018, we launched FlexiWoW program offering employees with options to arrange flexible working time, working place and holiday based on personal condition.
  • Health & wellbeing: We have held a series health & wellbeing programs to take care the employee’s body, mind and soul from FY2017, and further introduced “FlexiCare” in FY2020. FlexiCare is a diverse flexible benefit program, enabling

    employees to customize their benefit items based on personal needs, including extra pension contribution sponsored by the Company, dependents’ commercial group insurance, children’s educational subsidies, premium annual health check-up, and personal learning subsidies.
  • Total rewards: Besides the existing long service award, we introduced the digital platform WeCelebrate in FY2020, to provide real time reward and recognition for outstanding employees.

4. A Trustworthy Company with CSR in place
Takeda's CSR approach is rooted in our patient-centricity and the creation of outstanding treatments that change people's lives. Building upon a foundation of sustainability, we are committed to contributing to the long-term health of people through various CSR activities.
We designed a series of innovative CSR programs in combination with our employee health & well-being programs. In FY2017, We donated funds to Huashan Social Welfare Foundation based on the steps employees had walked. In FY2018, extended from the concept of “Light Up Silver” program, More than half of our employees devoted over three hundred volunteering hours to bring companion and care to the elderly who live alone, suffer from dementia or lose self-care ability. In FY2019, we took the employees to Hualien to clean up the Qixingtan Beach; we gathered the employees to assemble the wheelchairs where were donated to the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation to enhance the quality of life of the local people. In FY2020, we invited Rare Disease patients and their families to participate in the Patient Care activity; we also collaborated with a few Patient Groups to conduct an event to raise donations for Hemophilia patients in Taiwan.
Takeda Taiwan is deeply rooted to Taiwan society by providing our employees a great place to work and our patients and customers the quality medicine for treatment. “People First” is one of our key strategies to drive innovation. In return, employees are able to contribute innovative ideas to Takeda Taiwan and to the society in the long run and help Taiwanese people live a better life and brighter future!





我們也依據我們的價值觀進行藥品可近性的策略以及完整的環境、社會、治理 (ESG)和企業社會責任(CSR)專案。我們的CSR策略是在開發中以及新興國家優先推動長期、持續性的疾病預防以及能力提升計畫。全球的員工們一同決定專案,並可透過員工參與計畫,直接參與專案。


員工是我們成功的基石,他們的才能以及多元化的背景、文化與觀點激發並開創滿足患者與客戶需求的健康創新方案。武田全球佈局約在80個國家設立營運據點,武田營造一個包容、安全和令人振奮的工作環境。當我們的員工在改變他人的生活時,我們也提供每一個能夠讓他們在專業領域學習、成長和進步的機會。我們的目標是保持敏捷和簡單,減少複雜性。在地運營或以LOC為中心的形式,授權當地領導者能夠符合患者的最大利益做出決定並採取行動。武田 管理團隊(TET)的性別、年齡和地域呈現多元性,加上其專業的技能和豐富的經驗,以確保快速、透明地制定決策。




  • 學習計劃
  • 人才發展
    台灣武田致力於通過不同的最佳管道發掘潛在人才。管理團隊每年會進行兩次嚴謹的人才發展檢視,並提供武田全球/區域/本地人才發展計劃給適合的人才。自2018年推出「STAR Program」,我們協助台灣武田共60餘位菁英人才,赴海外參與人才發展計畫。透過正式課堂學習、企業參訪、異業交流、商業專題簡報等等不同活動,培養成為具有策略(Strategic)、引領變革(Transformational)、敏捷(Agile)及成果導向(Result-Oriented)的未來領袖。除此之外,為協助員工探索更多職涯發展的可能性並發揮潛能,我們在2019年推出了全新「彩繪未來」的見習計畫,讓員工在原有的職務之上透過完善的導師輔導延伸不同的職涯路徑。在2020年,我們成功透過以上計畫促成數位種子菁英的升職。

我們設有績效導向的全面獎酬制度,這與我們推動高績效組織發展的方向有密切相關。 此外,為積極支持員工於嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎期間維持身心健康,我們發行了Care Survey並將調查結果轉換成具體員工關懷計畫。

  • 工作與生活之間的平衡: 2018年,我們推出FlexiWoW計畫,讓員工可以根據個人需求安排彈性的工作地點、工作時間以及假期彈性的假期和靈活的工作時間,使員工能兼顧自己的健康和家庭。
  • 健康和福利:自2017年起,為強化員工身心靈健康,我們展開一系列健康福利促進計畫。更進一步於2020年推出多元彈性福利計畫FlexiCare,讓員工依個人需求自由調整福利項目組合,如額外退休金提撥補助、眷屬團體保險、子女教育補助、優質年度健康檢查、額外個人學習補助等。
  • 其他整體獎酬:除設有表彰資深員工的長期服務獎外,我們也於2020年推出數位化獎勵平台WeCelebrate,即時表彰與回饋員工的傑出表現。


我們設計了一系列結合員工健康促進活動的CSR創新計劃。2017年,我們將員工步行累積的捐款,捐助華山社會福利基金會。2018年進一步延伸「點亮銀光」的概念,超過半數的員工自願投入訪視的行列,服務時數合計超過三百個志工時數,為獨居長者、患有失智症或失去自理能力的長者帶來陪伴和照顧。2019年,我們帶領員工前進花蓮清理七星潭海灘環境、同時我們也邀請員工一同組裝特殊輪椅捐贈給門諾基金會,共同幫助在地民眾提升生活品質。2020年,我們邀請罕病病友及家屬一同參與「武田有愛•罕你做伙」喘息體驗活動;也共同舉辦「友凝友我,充電挑戰」全台血友病巡迴衛教展覽,透過騎乘飛輪為血友病病友「充電加油」。 台灣武田已經深深根植於台灣社會,為員工提供一個理想的工作環境,為病患和客戶提供優質的治療藥物。 “以人為本”是我們推動創新的關鍵策略之一。員工能夠長遠的為台灣武田和社會貢獻更多創新理念,幫助台灣民眾獲得更美好的生活,更光明的未來以作回報!