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No.16, Xingye Rd.,Ta Fa Ind., Daliao Dist.,
Kaohsiung City 831, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

No.16, Xingye Rd.,Ta Fa Ind., Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City 831, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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Why our company, Whetron, is the best place to work for? Let’s see some stories and you’ll get it.

First story was about a veteran worker. In August 2016, there was a volunteer retirement program for veteran employees. There’re more than 30 percent employees were qualified for applying the program. One employee who worked in our production line was noticed, not for her position or amounts of pension funds, just because her age. She was 43 years old and she’s qualified for applying the program that means she had been worked in our company more than 25 years. She started her job career in our company from her teenage to her forties, from a young girl becoming a mother and grandmother. For her, Whetron could be seen as her another home. While the HR manager showed and explained the retirement pension to her, except her gratitude or the money, she also showed her sentimental longing and wistful affection for our company. She said she’s so thankful to have chance to work in our company, and that would be her most cherished memory in her life. She’d cherished and recalled forever. By the way, after she got her retirement pension, our company resigned the employment contact with her and she’d started her another 20 years in our company.

Next story was about a returning employee. One day in January, the general manager asked the HR manager to contact with one of the former colleague to discuss the new employment contact. He was headhunted to work for another famous company. He got good job and well payment in that company and he got good reputations and rewards through his endeavoring for works. There seemed no any reasons to leave that company for him especially returning back to Whetron. Whetron couldn’t afford the payments and other benefits he had got. While the HR manager got contact with him, except the discussion of the new employment contract, the HR manager also have some chat with him why he wanted to return to work in Whetron. He said, he really loved and missed the working atmosphere like the colleagues’ interactions and relationship in Whetron. He said he really felt Whetron was a big family, most colleagues had good relationships in company or private life. Though he’d resigned, he still had frequent interactions with friends who still work in Whetron. They often took jokes when he will come back to work in Whetron? In fact, his wife and children had showed they didn’t want him to leave, and they really supported him to come back to Whetron. That’s why he made the decision to come back. The man is just one case who come back to Whetron after resignation. As a matter of fact, there’re several cases who left and come back. According to their words, they all really missed and loved the family atmosphere in Whetron and all deeply acknowledged Whetron as their another home.

Except the feeling of employees who works in Whetron, there still have many advantages about the company including,
Whetron has been established near to 40 years, and there have good fundaments and reputations in the automobile electronics industry. It’s a stable and sustainable company which makes employees feel safety for their job.

There have lots of obvious growths and developments in recent years and that provide much more chances and opportunities for employees to develop their career. As a matter of a fact, the automobile electronics industry is a rising star industry in next decades. Whetron will have a lot continuing growth in the future and employees will have chances to join and share this glamorous age.
In Taiwan, most company are owned by the owners’ family and we used to call they’re family company. Actually Whetron is also the same like most company in Taiwan. Most family own company have some relatives problems, like most important jobs were occupied by owner’s relatives. In Whetron, except the chairman and president, there have no other relatives working in the company. The owners acknowledge talents and expertise will be the most important key successful factors of a company, so instead of using their family relatives, they prefer to hire and respect the expertise. Most important positions Including the Chief Strategic Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief HR manager, Executive VP of Taiwan, Suzhou, Thailand and Japan are not occupied by any family relatives. Just as the Chairman always says every talent has equal chances and opportunities to get promotion or development in the company.
The entrepreneur philosophy of Whetron are “Creating unsatisfactory new demands”, “Providing excellent quality and service”, and “Dealing with mutual interest principle.” That’s not just slogans. The chairman and president are insisting and endeavoring for these entrepreneur philosophies not only for the customers, they always empathize employees are the most important asset. They really treat and take care of all employees based on their entrepreneur philosophy, and endeavoring to make the company and all employees’ life better and better. That’s why we can say “Whetron is the best place to work in Taiwan”.


輝創電子股份有限公司創立於1983 年(原名為徽昌電子股份有限公司),為汽車電裝配備的專業製造廠;總公司位於台灣新北市。


為因應汽車科技的急遽變化,輝創致力於產品品質與技術的提升,先後已獲得Ford Q1 獎、QS 9000、ISO 9001、ISO 14001、IATF16949、CMMI LEVEL3 等國際品質認證。希望藉由汽車電裝技術與電子新科技的結合,為客戶提供更優質的產品與服務。 展望未來,輝創將秉持『不斷創新、追求完美、互惠原則』的理念,朝產品多元化、行銷國際化的方向邁進。








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