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16F,51,SEC. 2,Chung Ching South RD.,
Zhongzheng Dist.,Taipei,Taiwan, R.O.C

16F,51,SEC. 2,Chung Ching South RD.,Zhongzheng Dist.,Taipei,Taiwan, R.O.C




We want to be an outstanding
company in global FMCG industry
by leading technology, practicing
environmental protection and
implement corporate social


We want to be an outstanding company in global FMCG industry by leading technology,
practicing environmental protection and implement corporate social responsibility.


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Yuen Foong Yu has been established for 97 years. The company focuses on “paper” and expands its business over three key fields: cultural purpose, industrial purpose, and household purposes; It has become the number one papermaking group in Taiwan as well as the top 50 papermaking enterprises in the world. “Yuen Foong Yu Consumer Products Co., Ltd.” is a company with great potential under Yuen Foong Yu Group, and it mainly engages with the production and sales of household paper and household cleaning products. Its production territory goes across the strait with products marketed all over the world. The company is dedicated to providing the best quality products to customers with professional and innovative technology and is committed to become an outstanding enterprise in the world for commodities.

Working together to create a happy and friendly workplace in Yuen Foong Yu Consumer Products as well as promoting sustainable development for the enterprise.

Consummate compensation & benefit system

Competitive salary
  • Participate in the salary survey by Willis Towers Watson to review the company’s competitiveness in salary to attract and retain employees with excellent performance.
  • Share profits with employees through employee stock option warrant and employee stock ownership plan.

Motherhood care
  • Establish female employee motherhood care protection program.
  • Set up breastfeeding room, dedicated parking space for pregnant women, pregnancy lucky bag, and pregnancy shuttle bus.
  • Provide birth allowance and pre-school educational gifts for children between 0-6 years old.

Feel secure about child rearing
  • Offer flexible working hours and flexible working proposal.
  • Priority opportunity to study at Hsin-Yi Experimental Kindergarten and entitle to tuition discount.
  • Free gifts of pre-school books for children between 3-7 years old.

Life & Recreation
  • Provide gifts for traditional holidays/ festival, birthday, and wedding.
  • Subsidize employee travelling and sports competition participation.
  • Monthly birthday celebration party, rich & diverse club activities, and cultural & recreational activities.

Comprehensive talents training & development

Learning organizational culture
  • Construct company core competence and value.
  • Senior managers will act as internal lecturers to deliver courses as well as organize reading groups to create learning atmosphere.
  • Design dedicated board-game course to promote employee value experiential camp.

Talent management
  • Succession plan: Establish internal talent pool through systematic process.
  • Find out high potentials: Use 9-grid of talent for identification and set up talent training program.
  • Recruit management trainee: Deal with management trainee training to reserve talent team.

Learning development
  • Establish annual learning development program:Provide training courses for different levels according to future development strategy and employee’s competence gap.
  • Promote digital learning course:Introduce LMS learning platform and encourage employees for self-learning in order to enhance learning and management efficiency.

Multiple and smooth communication channels

  • All-employee communication meeting: General Manager will hold a face-to-face communicate with all the employees every quarter to announce company’s business performance and development objectives as well as listen the opinions from employees in order to enhance cohesion towards the company.
  • Annual employee satisfaction survey:
    • Since 2014, we have worked with National Taiwan Normal University for the survey of employee satisfaction and engagement in order to set up improvement plan according to the result of the survey.
    • Since 2014, various indicators all present stable and positive growth. It means that employees recognize company’s performance of improvement in these aspects.
  • Internal complaint channel: Set up complaint channels, including employee communication hotline, General Manager’s Mailbox, and written complaint.

Healthy and carefree working environment

  • Three-day paid sick leave
  • Employee regular health examination
  • Work with Department of Occupational Medicine in National Taiwan University Hospital to provide employee one-on-one health advice
  • Promote employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Implementation of tobacco-free workplace

Workplace safety
  • Establish sexual harassment prevention, complaints, and assistance mechanism
  • Implement educational trainings for workplace violence prevention and occupational safety & health
  • Provide employees in the factory area personal protective equipment
  • Set up air purifier in the workplace as well as monitor CO2 and lighting among it

Circular economy

  • Awarded international environment protection certification, including FSC and PEFC.
  • Replace with mixed combustion of solid recovered fuel (SRF) and paper-mill sludge to reduce 4,579 tons of coal consumption.
  • Provide “circulation fashion of wash before donation” to support the concept of “sustainable fashion” of recycling and zero waste.
  • Implement power conservation and install solar power panels to support energy transformation.

Social Public welfare

  • Care for underprivileged groups: Participate in Yuen Foong Yu Taitung Primary School and read picture books with children in remote areas through video conference.
  • Commodity donation: We continue donating household wares to nonprofit organizations every year.
  • Innovative welfare: We links e-commerce, donation platform, and social welfare groups together to allow consumers participate in charity activities more easily.
  • Actively devote to community participation: We support relevant activities in the local communities and villages.
  • Support national pandemic prevention policy: During COVID-19, we cooperate with government policy in continuous production to reassure the public and was awarded Pandemic Prevention National Team Medal by Executive Yuan.

As a member of a century-old enterprise group, Yuen Foong Yu Consumer Products Co., Ltd. takes the initiative to create friendly working environment as well as work hard to pursue sustainable development. We expect us to become one of “the best employers in Asia”.



  • 參與韋萊韜悅管理顧問公司薪酬調查,每年檢視薪酬競爭力,吸引並留任優良員工。
  • 以員工認股權憑證及員工認股,與員工共享獲利。

  • 訂定女性勞工母性健康保護計劃
  • 設置哺集乳室、孕婦停車位、好孕福袋及好孕專車
  • 提供生育補助及0-6歲的學前教育禮品

  • 提供彈性工時及彈性工作方案
  • 優先就讀信誼實驗幼兒園,並享有學費優待
  • 贈送3-7歲學齡前叢書

  • 提供年節、生日、結婚禮品
  • 補助員工旅遊及參加體育賽事
  • 每月慶生會、多元豐富的社團活動及文康活動


  • 建構企業核心職能與價值觀
  • 由高階主管擔任內部講師授課,並辦理讀書會,營造學習風氣
  • 設計專屬的桌遊課程推動全員價值觀體驗營

  • 接班人計畫:透過系統化的流程,建立內部人才庫
  • 挖掘高潛力人才:運用人才九宮格辨識並擬訂人才發展計畫
  • 招募儲備幹部:辦理儲幹培訓,儲備人才梯隊

  • 建立年度學習發展計畫:依據未來發展策略及員工能力缺口,提供各階層的訓練課程
  • 推動數位學習課程:導入LMS學習平台,鼓勵員工自主學習,提升學習與管理效率


  • 全員溝通會議:每季由總經理與全體員工面對面溝通,說明公司業績狀況及發展目標,聆聽員工意見,凝聚公司向心力。
  • 年度員工滿意度調查:
    • 自2014年起與台灣師範大學合作調查員工滿意度和敬業度。並依據調查結果擬定改善計畫。
    • 從2014年起各項指標呈現穩定的正向成長,代表員工認同公司在這些面向進步的表現。
  • 內部申訴管道:設置員工溝通專線、總經理信箱、書面投遞等申訴管道。


  • 享有3天全薪病假
  • 員工定期健康檢查
  • 與台大醫院職醫合作,提供員工一對一健康諮詢
  • 推動員工協助方案(EAP)
  • 落實無菸職場

  • 建立性騷擾防治、申訴及協助機制
  • 實施職場暴力防治及職場安全衛生教育訓練
  • 提供廠區同仁個人防護設備
  • 辦公場所設置空氣濾淨機及二氧化碳與照明監控


  • 榮獲FSC及PEFC 等國際環保認證
  • 替代以體回收燃料(SRF)和漿紙餘泥混燒,減少燒煤量4,579噸
  • 提倡「先洗再捐循環時尚」,響應循環、零廢棄的「永續時尚」觀念
  • 落實節電,架設太陽能板,支持能源轉型


  • 弱勢關懷:參與永豐餘台東小學堂,與偏鄉孩子視訊共讀繪本
  • 物資捐贈:每年持續捐贈家用品給非營利組織
  • 創新公益:串聯電商、物資捐贈平台及社福團體,讓消費者更容易參與公益活動
  • 積極投入社區參與:贊助所在社區鄰里相關活動
  • 支持國家防疫政策:新冠肺炎疫情期間,配合政府政策不間斷生產,以穩定民心,獲頒行政院防疫國家隊勳章