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10F., No. 126, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd.,
Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105,

10F., No. 126, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan(R.O.C.)


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Making healthcare more accessible.

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Build employee-friendly workplace

1. Safety and health first
Zuellig pharma accelerates digital adoption to protect employee health and set a high standard of workplace safety.
  • Implement “touch-free” facial recognition system to record attendance and check temperature simultaneously. Push messages sent timely to all staff via LINE to spread disease prevention policy and track employee health status.
  • Implement work from home and split-office operation program.
  • Utilize video conference to replace physical meeting.
  • Provide free masks, sanitizer, and Covid-19 prevention supplies packages.
  • Campaign for EHS regularly to ensure workplace safety on 100 necessary precautions which across 12 subjects including first-aid, fire safety, power, machinery safety, etc.

2. Diversity and inclusion
We commit to create a diversified, inclusive and zero discrimination workplace for all talents. Zuellig Pharma fully supports women equality, the disabled and the indigenous to embrace diversified workers.
  • Female employees: 57%; women in middle and senior management level: 52%
  • Middle-aged workers: 24%; young professional: 17%; employee age range from 23 to 61 years old
  • Disabled and indigenous workers: 1.7%
  • Friendly facilities: nursery room, refrigeration for breast milk, baby bottle sterilizers, special offers for childcare, lifts and handicapped parking.

3. Transparency in the workplace
  • Create “voice” mailbox and welcome any suggestion from our people.
  • Promote “speak up” actions. Protect and encourage employees to report compliance violations.
  • Set hotline and specialized mailbox for sexual harassment prevention at work.
  • Host townhall meetings, roundtable discussions and management-labor council regularly.

Comprehensive Compensation and Benefits

1. Complete healthcare program
Employee’s health is at the core for Zuellig Pharma. We embedded a 3 phases healthcare program to support our staff.

Phase 1: health promotion & disease prevention
  • Free influenza vaccine (market price: NT$ 1,000) and special discount for HPV vaccine.
Phase 2: Medical check-up
  • Offer high level medical check-up program (worth NT$ 4,500/6,000) every twice a year with half day paid leave to encourage participation.
Phase 3: Treatment and recovery
  • 5 days full-paid sick leaves and 8 weeks full-paid Hospitalization leaves
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage: up to 36 times base salary life insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Hospital and Surgical (H&S), Cancer, Critical Illness, and occupational accident insurance.
  • Family insurance plan: insurance premium of spouses and dependents are 100% borne by Zuellig Pharma.

2. Work-life balance
With a superior leave policy, we believe that we can better help our people to achieve work-life balance.
  • 7 days additional paid leaves
  • Volunteer leaves
  • Stocktaking/quality leaves
  • Zuellig Pharma Day
  • Early-off for lunar new year
  • Supportive mechanism for maternity/parental leave

3. Competitive compensation
We provide competitive salary and incentive programs to attract talents and drive them to achieve remarkable performance.
  • Target at market median salary.
  • 2 months year-end bonus
  • Provide staff incentive programs and manager incentive bonus to drive performance.
  • Up to NT$20K employee referral bonus
  • Long serviced award to recognize career milestones

4. Multiple benefits and perks
During holidays or life events, we are delighted to give our best wishes to our people.
  • NT $6000 employee outing reimbursement
  • NT $1000 employee on-line shopping e-voucher
  • NT $1000 for Lunar New Year/ Dragon Boat Festival/ Moon Festival cash gift
  • Birthday / Labor Day cash gift
  • Marriage/ childbirth/ condolence cash gift
  • Welfare committee

Employee engagement

Quarterly townhall meeting
Disseminating the operational focus dimensions and prospects, fully listening every feedback from our employee. We believe that we can overcome any difficulties by standing and working together with employees.
  • On-line Townhall Meeting: establishing the Business Continuity Planning to survive covid-19, conducting split operations and work from home during this pandemic period and addressing employees’ concerns.
  • Information update and operational strategies alignment: sustainability development, employee welfare, rebranding, festival celebration…etc.

Corporate Sustainability Campaign – four dimensions
Inviting employees to join sustainability campaigns and make it spectacular would not only nourish the spirits and strengthen the body, but also contribute to the society which is meaningful and beneficial.
  • Health improvement – Based on the Healthy Plate Program, employees could follow the diet daily guideline, also be filled up with delicious and nutritious meals; at the same time, we donated US$ 40,000 from entire enterprise and there were US$ 9,000 contributed from Taiwan to help diabetes patients by initiating Charity Road Run event.
  • Integrity and Trust – We hold the training every year and the attendance rate remain stable at 100%. Not only pursuing this work attitude, we aim to engrave the mindset into every employees’ DNA.
  • Talent development –Ran Lunch & Learn for executives to share their hobbies during leisure time and career development experiences. Moreover, we launched mentor-mentee program, young talent project and Advance Management Program to support employees’ career development.
  • Environmentally friendly – Initiating 1st Sustainability campaign for employees to invite their family to plant 500 trees together along the northern coast in Taiwan, which aims at reducing 50 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. By doing so, we are preparing for a better living environment for next generation, not just running a sustainability program.

Various clubs and groups
Zuellig Pharma supports employees’ leisure activities by funding and developing clubs and societies after work, encouraging employees to meet new people and make new friends cross the departments. Most importantly, it’s a way to have fun. We have clubs and groups like Reading group, Hiking Club, Boxing Club, Tabletop game Club…etc.

Talent development channels
Zuellig Pharma commits to develop internal talents and we formulated comprehensive internal promotion and internal rotation policies, providing broad and prosper career development channels for our employees.

Employer Branding

“Making healthcare more accessible” is Zuellig Pharma’s mission. We attract, recruit, engage, develop, and cherish the people who believe in our beliefs, can live by our 5 core values - collaboration, excellence, innovation, personal growth, and integrity. We believe employer branding is a key component of Zuellig Pharma’s important pillar of sustainability program and we stick with it from daily operations to various project rolling out, making every employee feel proud of Zuellig Pharma.

Make good use of digital tools to improve work efficiency
Zuellig Pharma is transforming to a digital organization by implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into operations departments and reduced overtime significantly. This contributes to work efficiency enhancement and improve employee work-life balance. In addition, the new-launched ezStock scripless system has noticeably increased data accuracy in inventory taking.
Zuellig Pharma Taiwan Can Help! during the anti-epidemic critical moment
Zuellig Pharma has the cold-chain capability in pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan for more than 30 years and own the one and only cold-chain technique of chilled (2°C to 8°C), frozen(<-15°C), and ultra-frozen(-70°C) to storage and deliver all type products. We are responsible for delivery of more than 80% vaccines in Taiwan. Besides, Zuellig Pharma commits to fully support covid-19 vaccines delivery if Taiwan government need our support.

During COVID-19 breakout in 2020, we proactively to propose a “lock-down plan” to TFDA at the very early stage and offered to provide additional support necessary drug delivery free of charge.
*Zuellig Pharma is honored to be interviewed by 2 well-known medias in Taiwan, Global News and Unique Broadcasting Inc, the editorial coverage has been published to make us known. (click https://youtu.be/3Osnobda2do to learn more)

Sustainability plan- Solar power
We installed the solar panels by rooftop PV system all around in distribution center, the power generation is equal to planting 258,072 trees since 2018, which is valuable and significant to the aims and objects of Zuellig Pharma sustainability program. Zuellig Pharma is operating and developing toward green logistics and environmentally friendly, meanwhile, we are committing to make healthcare more accessible.


1. 重視安全與衛生
  • Covid-19即引進「零接觸」的人臉辨識刷卡系統,可同時偵測體溫;善用社群溝通,及時推播防疫政策與最新訊息,追蹤員工旅遊足跡與健康狀況
  • 實施居家及分流辦公
  • 雲端視訊取代實體會議
  • 免費提供員工口罩、酒精、防疫照護包
  • 定期舉辦職安週,總經理親自推廣超過百項職安措施,內含急救、消防、電力及機械使用等12個主題

2. 多元包容平等零歧視的工作環境
  • 女性同仁佔57%;中高階女性主管比例高達52%
  • 中高齡同仁:24%;30歲以下青年: 17%;員工年齡層遍及23-61歲
  • 身障及原民同仁:1.7%
  • 友善措施:哺集乳室、儲乳冰箱、消毒器、托育優惠、友善車位、電梯
3. 暢通透明的溝通管道
  • 【裕利好聲音信箱】5日內回覆員工提供建言
  • 【Speak Up說出來】鼓勵並保護員工舉報違規行為
  • 設置友善職場及性騷擾申訴專線與投訴信箱
  • 定期舉辦員工大會、圓桌會議及勞資會議


1. 全方位的健康管理
員工健康為裕利的重要資產,提供全面的照護方案。 前段: 健康促進/疾病預防
  • 免費流感疫苗 (市值1000元)、HPV疫苗員工優惠折扣 中段: 健檢診斷
  • • 每兩年一次4500/6000元的高規格健檢照護及半日健檢假
  • 後段: 疾病照護與治療
  • 優於法令病假:5天全薪病假、8週全薪住院病假
  • 全方位的團險保障:最高36倍月薪定期壽險、意外險; 另有意外/住院醫療、癌症醫療、重大疾病、職災險
  • 團險照護家眷: 員工與配偶、子女保費100%公司負擔

2. 提倡工作生活平衡
  • 7天福利假
  • 志工服務假
  • 盤點/品質之星榮譽假
  • 裕利日
  • 春節early-off
  • 提供產假/育嬰假支持措施

3. 完善的薪資制度
  • 提供市場中位數(含)或以上薪資水平
  • 2個月年終獎金
  • 依公司營運指標提供激勵獎金、主管級績效獎金
  • 最高2萬元的人才推薦獎金
  • 年資獎表揚

4. 豐富的福利項目
  • 六千元旅遊補助
  • 千元企業福利網、電子禮券,貼近需求讓同仁好禮自選
  • 千元三節禮金
  • 生日、勞動節禮金
  • 結婚/生育/慰問金
  • 職工福利委員會


  • 線上員工大會:因應covid-19制定BCP計劃,宣導分區及分流辦公,並消除同仁對COVID-19各項疑慮。
  • 同步營運策略與資訊更新:永續發展、福利制度、品牌再造、節日慶祝 等。

  • 改善健康- 提倡營養餐盤計畫,讓同事飲食達到均衡,亦發起公益路跑活動,累計里程全數換算為美金捐出,救治無力負擔高額醫藥費的一型糖尿病友,在covid-19疫情嚴峻、捐款緊縮時期,台灣捐款金額位居亞洲第二。
  • 正直標竿-每年誠信正直訓練員工參與率100%,裕利不只追求誠信正直的工作態度,我們更把這樣的信念寫進DNA中。
  • 人才發展-高階主管分享自身興趣或職涯發展故事,促進跨團隊交流。更擁有導師制度、青年人才、國際領袖培訓專案,對員工提供職涯支持。
  • 友善環境-啟動第1屆永續生活,邀請同仁及家人在台灣北海岸植下500棵樹預計每年可減少50噸碳排放量。現在的行動,期待此永續計畫,可以造福十年後的我們及孩子們。


裕利致力發展內部人才,擁有完善的內部升遷及輪調辦法,讓同仁有縱向及橫向的職涯發展機會。2020年起推動LinkedIn Learning,善用數位科技推展學習型組織文化,提升員工核心職能。




善用數位工具 提升工作效率

國家抗疫非常時期 裕利挺身而出

*很榮幸獲台灣媒體-寰宇及非凡新聞台的肯定報導,讓裕利的冷鍊物流運輸技術及綠能計畫被大眾看見。(資料: https://youtu.be/3Osnobda2do)

永續計畫 太陽能發電