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PIAGGIO Vietnam Co., Ltd (PVN) is 100% Italian capital from European leader as a manufacturer of two-wheel (2W) motor vehicles. The company heads by Mr. Gianluca Fiume, President Piaggio Asia Pacific cum CEO of Piaggio Việt Nam. We hold a leading role in scooter market in Vietnam. The company is located in Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone, Vinh Phuc Province which has been granted the Investment License in October 2007. Vietnam then became a strategic market of PIAGGIO Group operating as the Headquarter of Asia Pacific with a steady growth, affirming its leadership in the scooter market. In December 2019, the company proudly marked its milestone by producing its millionth unit in Vietnam facilities.

With more than 900 employees, PVN is the Group's third-largest production operation, after Pontedera in the Italian province of Pisa, and Baramati (in the State of Maharashtra, the production site of its Indian arm, PIAGGIO Vehicles Privates Ltd).

Our Core Values

    We do our best to pay attention to our Employees, our Stakeholders and our Clients daily. We strive to satisfy them and make them proud to be part of PIAGGIO Group Family. We formulate different approaches to seal the generational gaps and diverse personality traits for all Employees to thrive and be happy. We embrace a broad and efficient culture that allows every Employee, regardless of personality or generational difference, to be heard and achieve their individual goals.
    We focus on the high quality of products we deliver both externally and internally as we aim at ensuring excellence at all levels. Building trust in our products, particularly in our reliability, is a key element to our business success.
    As a premium company, we have been focusing on people management, engaging and educating all our stakeholders: Employees, Dealers, Suppliers, Institutions, Authorities and other Stakeholders. PIAGGIO has been present in the market for the last 130 years and is foreseeing to sustain another 130 years!
    For PIAGGIO Vietnam, each Customer plays a key role. We always value our Customers’ needs and insights. Each Customer is unique, and we aspire to have them happy, loyal, and be our brand ambassadors, special and important to us, not occasionally but all the time.
    Contributing to the society and the environment protection has always been one of Piaggio Group's core values, and we are committed to fulfill our responsibility at our best efforts. Our attention to the social responsibility remains focused throughout our production life cycle and business activities which are operated with maximum respect for the environment and the optimization of all resources used at every stage to the procurement of raw materials and the production, distribution and eventual disposal of the vehicle at the end of its life.

Having joined Piaggio Vietnam as a Talent Intern, the past 2 years is such a valued beginning journey of my career. I appreciate all the trust and opportunities that PVN has given to me so that I can learn, explore and prove my capacity. The experience of rotation across departments allows me to throw myself into progressive challenges which encourage me to come out of my comfort zone and define my own path, while the enthusiastic excellent colleagues always support me along the journey. Piaggio has totally convinced me that “Pay attention to individuals” is not empty words but what we truly strive for.

Ms. Vũ Thị Minh Ngọc – Member of Marketing Dept.

Our People Agenda

    PIAGGIO Way global talent program speeds up the professional development of our best talents. Participants come from all over the world and develop global mindset & mobility, ability to lead in a multicultural environment, and courage to take new paths.
    PIAGGIO offers international assignments and careers in Asia, America and Europe, with challenging positions in all company functions. International assignments develop the ability to compete successfully in a global environment.
    In alignment with our Core Values, we focus on cultivating growth of each Employee, developing and empowering them so they can expand themselves and achieve their career goals. Not only functional & managerial competencies but also business understanding are our main areas in developing people.
    Reward and recognition policies are geared to acknowledge the employee’s contribution based on criteria for competitiveness, fairness and merit that are shared transparently with the individuals during the evaluation process.

Mr. Gianluca Fiume on Piaggio’s People management strategy

I strongly believe that people are the most valuable asset to make things happen. Piaggio's culture encourages individuals to express themselves and shine in their own way regardless of personalities and ages. This culture is expected to empower people. However, to facilitate this goal, managers should guide employees in the right direction as well as motivate them; the guidelines are based on Piaggio core values. Piaggio is interested in identifying the following characteristics in people: Selfless, Problem-solver, and Team-player. The daily activities that we do also focus on these criteria. I am very passionate and interested in identifying new talents and unlocking people’s potential, to make them push back their limits. After acknowledging the goals and core values of the company, it is up to you to build Piaggio Vietnam. This way, you can support and motivate others. When people are motivated, they will get more results and they will fly higher.

In Piaggio Group, we have our beautiful brands: Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi. Our fifth brand is our People. I believe people characterize the DNA of the Company. We recruit our employees to fit our company culture and enrich its DNA, those who desire to engage with what Piaggio Group and its brands represent: Design, Beauty, Freedom, Passion, Color and Italian Lifestyle.