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Sacombank was established on December 21, 1991, as one of the first joint stock commercial banks in Ho Chi Minh City with an initial charter capital of 3 billion VND. After 30 years of formation and development, Sacombank is now one of the leading banks in Vietnam with an effective, safe and sustainable development foundation. This is evidenced by:
  • The stable growth rate in terms of revenue and market share;
  • Young - dynamic staff;
  • More than 7 million loyal customers;
  • The extensive network of 566 transaction offices in 52 provinces and cities of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia;
  • Modern, pioneering technology platforms and a superior system of products and services for individuals and businesses;
  • The core value system and unique corporate culture.
On October 8, 2021, Sacombank was honored to receive the "Best Companies to Work For in Asia" award by HR Asia Awards for its transparent and professional personnel policies, which is highly appreciated, such as promotion mechanisms, compensation, benefits, training and modern technology investment in human resource management. In parallel, Sacombank has a corporate culture with human characteristics, positive energy spread, cohesion maintained and constantly evolved through the periods.

Sacombank culture

At Sacombank, the experience of 30 years and the advanced human resources management strategy from time to time have helped the Bank develop its personnel in an effective way. Human resources are internal strength and a "shield" to protect Sacombank against all challenges to reach out firmly. Sacombank currently has more than 18,000 employees. To unite individuals in a "big family", generations of Sacombank people have come together to forge standard rules of conduct, good spiritual values and initiatives towards goodness. To build a prosperous and culturally in-depth organization, Sacombank always upholds the solidarity and loyalty of each member to the organization and commits to accompanying development with the community across Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Sacombank people are always dedicated to their work, actively coordinate with colleagues and update knowledge to improve their capacity. It is also a disciplined living and working collective by inheriting good moral values from previous generations. In all circumstances, Sacombank people always aim to think positively, dynamically and creatively. Facing the serious effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sacombank people always maintain their trust and perseverance; strive to overcome difficulties to support and accompany customers, and desire to complete the business plan.

Training and development

Sacombank pursues a policy of promotion from low to high with the point of view that "Not only training but also a cultivation journey". Young employees with outstanding capacity are oriented in Sacombank's unique culture to grow and develop into successor personnel in the future. Training activities are comprehensively implemented at all levels, from interns, new recruits to regional managers and leaders. In particular, Sacombank focuses on training professional management skills, which helps form a professional staff in management and acumen in thinking. As a result, Sacombank owns a competitive advantage of its human resources.

Over the years, Sacombank has been building teams of managers and business officers who are sensitive and closely responsive to the constant change of the market. Training programs are organized suitable for each position with a variety of forms and content. More than 90% of Sacombank's managers are developed from within. Therefore, the planning of potential management staff is focused in the grassroots units through the activities such as interviews of inherited managers, talent contests, … This contributes to motivating employees to strive for career promotion and development opportunities.

In addition, Sacombank's journey of building people also begins from training associated with practice through programs with a bold community impact. Since 2010, Sacombank has actively approached and associated with colleges and universities nationwide to implement a program to recruit students preparing for graduation under the name "Potential Intern". Each year, Sacombank employs nearly 1,000 trainees nationwide. So far, more than 13,000 students from 153 universities/colleges have participated and 70% of trainees have been accepted after the internship ends.

Sacombank is highly appreciated for its transparent and professional personnel policies, which such as promotion mechanisms, compensation, benefits, training and modern technology investment in human resource management. In parallel, Sacombank has a corporate culture with human characteristics, positive energy spread, cohesion maintained and constantly evolved through the periods.

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Take care of employees’ material and mental life.

As one of the top commercial banks with competitive and attractive compensation mechanisms, Sacombank promulgates reward mechanisms according to emulation titles, bonuses completed beyond the plan every year. This mechanism is becoming more and more perfect to match the trend of the labor market.

Besides, Sacombank always encourages employees to be open, dynamic, dare to think, dare to speak and dare to do. The interaction between staff at all levels is standard, friendly and highly encouraging. In addition, Sacombank also has other treatment regimens such as credit, vacation, tourism, medical examination and treatment, sport and cultural activities, ...

Happy bank

The economy and the market are in a "new normal", Sacombank people will always be firm and consistent with the strategies set out to optimize the customer experience. It is carried out base on improving labor productivity associated with the income mechanism according to the bank's business efficiency, profitability and competitive welfare mechanisms compared to the market. Those contribute to increasing the cohesion and happiness index for each employee, to become a "Happy Bank" in the coming time. Since then, Sacombank will always strive to reach out, constantly contribute benefits and practical values to the development of customers, shareholders, employees and society.