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Vijay Kumar


Managing Director


No. 29-2A 2nd Floor,
Jalan Up 1/6, Taman Ukay Perdana,
68000 Ampang, Selangor

No. 29-2A 2nd Floor, Jalan Up 1/6, Taman Ukay Perdana, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

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Setia Access & Façade Sdn Bhd is a national leader in the design, supply, and distribution of building maintenance units and services. The company provides solutions for suspended access such as for those having accessibility issues to install facade materials during construction. The company’s activity is driven by three key factors: safety, design and innovation.

Among Setia Access notable achievements are that it has won an accolade in the Malaysia Book of Records by having the longest temporary gondola system. The company has also received outstanding appreciation letters as an honour from multinational companies like Samsung Construction and Jangho.

This honor, Setia Access & Façade Sdn Bhd aim to make a difference in building construction for my love of Malaysia. This award will absolutely be the difference-maker when it comes to expanding the business to the next level I plan to do. Whatever we do today, we always wanted to lead to innovation in this industry for Malaysia economic growth.

Vijay Kumar, Managing Director

These achievements have made the company a household name in the local construction industry scene. Therefore, Setia Access believes that it deserves to be a winner of the SME100® Awards. Additionally, the award will become an impetus for the company to achieve its long-term goals of expanding its business.

The company aims to make a difference in the building construction arena and takes its business to the next level. For Setia Access, in all the business activities that it undertakes, it will always strive to lead in innovation for the industry, thus contributing positively to Malaysia’s economic growth.