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Hj Norlukmal Bin Mat Ghani


President & Managing Director


Aras 5 & 6, Bangunan Kumpulan
Muara Persiaran Perbandaran,
Seksyen 14, 41000 Shah Alam,

Aras 5 & 6, Bangunan Kumpulan Muara Persiaran Perbandaran,
Seksyen 14, 41000 Shah Alam, Selangor

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The Speedofis99 brand was established in 2016 under Speedoffice Sdn Bhd by Haji Norlukmal Mat Ghani as the founder. The brand was introduced after he resigned as managing director and sold all his shares in one of the subsidiaries of Johor Corporation group in 2015. He has more than 18 years of experience and expertise in managing businesses, especially in corporate businesses.

Speedofis99 brand is built as an innovative business model to assist and facilitate the entrepreneurial community and the sustainability of the worldwide business community. It started as an enterprise and later was upgraded to become a SDN BHD in 2018. Its visions are to become the best professional corporate organisation in providing as one stop company management services.

The value of knowledge, technology, and innovation of Speedofis99 has been proven and it has been expanding throughout the nation; starting in the East coast and later to the Klang Valley in 2019.

The Speedofis99 roadmap and vision for future becomes clearer with its many achievements in just three years of operation. The management constantly strives to strengthen and increase the numbers of personnel and leader in tandem with its expansion and getting 3 star in SME Corp Malaysia Star Rating.

Now, it has several companies and business units from various sectors and industries that complement each other in the business ecosystem. In the next 10 years, Speedofis99 is targeting to have 99 subsidiaries companies within the group.

Speedofis99 also focuses on social development programmes (social enterprise) with brands such as Social Bispoint magazine, Speedofis99 Academy, and the Entrepreneur Development Community (EDC).

This award is very meaningful for speedofis99 as it demonstrates a prestigious achievement for use to bring further speedofis99 brand nationally as well as globally.

This award is also able to give more confidence to other industry players bring more collaboration with us for better achievement together.

Speedofis99 will enhance the professional services offered through technology, knowledge, and innovation towards more in line with the needs of the industry today and in the future.

This award is also in line with our roadmap target to bring further speedofis99 as the brand of choice in providing professional services to business organizations in Malaysia and globally especially in social enterprise programs.

Coach Hj Norlukmal Bin Mat Ghani, President & Managing Director Speedoffice Sdn Bhd

The Social Bispoint magazine is Malaysia's first social enterprise magazine that promotes entrepreneur development through branding, marketing and business positioning while the EDC brand is a coaching center and hybrid co-working space hub for collaborative businesses.

Meanwhile, the Speedofis99 Academy brand focuses on providing professional coaching, training, and facilities using proven and realistic modules for entrepreneurs’ development.

The company’s social development community focuses on the disabled, bankrupt, single mother, and higher learning student entrepreneurs, as well as entrepreneurial NGOs. It provides free marketing and networking assistance with other entrepreneurs.

For the record, the company's Social Bispoint magazine and EDC was launched In November 2021 by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives. Speedofis99 has also won numerous awards, including the Social Enterprise award in 2019, Socso Generator award 2020 (Terengganu) and the highest sales business management system award in 2018.