Awards and Recognition:


Established since 2016, Beyond Communication is a team of Vietnamese professional, devoted and experienced individuals coming from different backgrounds. As a startup built from the ground up, after 5 years, our company now has 32 professional full time employees and more than 3,000 part time employees working in different cities nationwide that operate on several field of marketing such as brand communication, trade & direct marketing services, commercial & corporate event as well as branding production & digital marketing. We commonly share values that has become the compass for our mindset for every project. We believe that by integrating our innovative ideas, digital & field expertise with insights from our partners & networks, we take actions to a new level, above & beyond.


Instead of separating offline and online activations, our approach is to connect them into an all-in-one 360* platform, digital & brand activation.

After going through such difficult years of COVID-19, our company has never stopped transforming in ways to adapt to the new normal society and market situation. We has strived to become an efficient marketing agency by utilizing deep insights of market & current trends, managing to obtain licensing for multi-campaigns and provide Covid-19 control solutions based on different project scales. We also provide innovative AI system for project management & security in order to deliver to our clients a better experience. In every projects, not only do we provide our clients with excellent service, we also commit on KPIs and project performance. Thence, we strive to make brand activation, events and marketing servies into something more innovative, more interactive and more effective – something that goes beyond.

First of all, it is an honor for Beyond Communication to become the winner for the SME 100 “Fast Moving Companies”. As a marketing startup, this is a profound acknowledgement for Beyond’s missions in bringing sharp solutions as well as our vision to be the most valued partner for our clients. Thus, from this milestone, with utmost confident and devotion onto our values, we strive to become an efficiency marketing agency, to take our actions to a new level, above and beyond.

Mia Thai, CEO of Beyond Communication
Our team team are deeply experienced in terms of project management. We have been managing and executing multiple projects and campaigns for both global and domestic corporates throughout the years by organizing roll-out plan of 10-20 events/projects at a time during high traffic season. We have experienced in managing projects in various scales, exclusive private events of 50 participants 3,000 sales ref in a year for to 10,000-audience-music festivals.

Beside from what we have been achieving with and from our clients, we love to give back to the community through our Corporate Social Responsibility activitie like sponsoring tuition fee for poor children in Kien Giang province, partner with Hai Ha Confectionery to give out free gift boxes of candies and biscuits during Lunar New Year. We recently accompany one of our key partners in making and delivering more than 1,000 sets of neccessities for the people in the living in lockdown area during the past city lockdown.


Although having a starting point as a startup since 2016, we have constantly strived to achieve an incremental rate of 20%-30% per year for the last 5 years in both company capacity and total revenue as reflected in our business and financial reports. The constant growth over the years is a proof that Beyond Communication and our members are on the right track and doing the right things.

The COVID-19 pandemic has knocked down many marketing agencies, pushing the marketing agency market to face difficulties and challenges. To survive in a declining market, We has create and apply new adaptive solutions like AI management system for COVID control, Virtual solutions to digitalize experience, Innovative online technology,etc to cope with and overcome challenges. With all the above, We has proudly transformed and become an efficient marketing agency that can bring clients’ and customers’ experience to a whole new level in the new norm.

What differentiates Beyond Communication from other agencies is INNOVATIVE.

“We are Innovative thinkers chasing our dreams by investing in Innovations & New technologies. And we believe that Together we will go Beyond.