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CEO/Director’s Name

Trinh Minh Nhat (Mr.)




The Sun Avenue Building, 2nd Floor,
Block S1, 28 Mai Chi Tho, An Phu Ward,
Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

The Sun Avenue Building, 2nd Floor, Block S1, 28 Mai Chi Tho, An Phu Ward,
Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Head Count

> 200



Company primary business and operations.

Established in 2006, majoring in Interior Design. Up to now, we own a strong design team with more than 30 highly experienced members. Besides, we also have a manufacturing workshop of 5000 square meters with more than 100 diligent workers. In 2017, to control the quality and cost for products, a purchasing office opened in Guangzhou, China. Not to mention our operation system, we have applied digital in project management and our upcoming plan is to apply it in developing each and every customer.

Overview of DBPlus’s Development Stages:

We’re lucky enough to seize this opportunity by digitizing our services, especially during the epidemic, in which face-to-face interaction has become a major barrier. As for the aspect of working engagement, it is also a habit that is inherently a part of the interior design and project management process ever since.

Achievements and unique selling propositions.

DBPlus has applied digital in project management and our upcoming plan is to apply it in developing each and every customer. From our perspective, there are not so many firms in the same field that have combined these perks together into their operation of the core value, production and digital management. Apps name: DBPlus Project Control
  • Suitable for Android and IOS users.
  • Get your daily project report and follow up your project process for different categories: MATERIAL, FITOUT, MEP, FURNITURE.
  • You can give comments and feedback on your projects directly on the app.
  • Project timeline is sent to you on the app.
  • Project photos are updated daily.
  • After project is finished, clients confirm and admin closes the project

We used to trade off C2C to catch up B2B projects with aspiration for new value and prestige in the market. However, base on our upcoming technological application, DBPlus will definitely be back with our End User which is considered to be an extreme potential market with the philosophy: "Every customer deserve equal service"

Impressive projects
  • Office
  • Residential and Hospitality

To DBPlus, this is a hugely significant award - winning. It reflects the effort of the whole team, and the contribution of each individual as well. This award also represents the outstanding growth of DBPlus, affirming to customers that we are always ready to “architect” customer’s experience : TO BUILD A BETTER LIFE - building a worth-living life, a worth-working job and a worth-owning business.

This award helps us recognize the importance of CSR in business activities, especially in the tough period of Covid-19 pandemic. We would like to distribute more for Vietnam. And for our specialized field, we might keep updating new trends in design to serve customers by our unique advanced applications.

Speaker: Mr Trịnh Minh Nhật – CEO

Why the company deserves to be the winner of the SME100 Award?

With more than 200 experienced employees in multiple fields and the urge to reach the dream of penetrating the consuming market all over the nation. It’s time for DBPlus to get ourselves out there and show to the world what we got.

These values will truly enhance the productivity for our inner communication and make a remarkable impact to our employees as well as our beloved customers that trust DBPlus throughout these years.

In the company, our main pursuit is to innovate and move forward to where we currently are. We’re proud to say that each and every project that we put out to the market or to a specific customer, our team always follows up every single task as well as takes care of the details in every progress.
To be more precise, we have an exclusive application that measures and keeps up with all of the performance of every single personage like KPI rates and sort of. By executing this type of application gauge, we can simultaneously qualify the working progress and base on that statistics to keep our employees motivated and fully engaged with their work.

By doing this, our employees will receive direct feedback and supervision from their superiors to enhance their skills and competencies, meanwhile, still be able to create a creative and open working environment for them to get the right guidance to learn and experience through what they do.