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176 Hong Bang, Ward 12,
District 5, Ho Chi Minh

176 Hong Bang, Ward 12, District 5, Ho Chi Minh

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Established in 2008, Fashion Connection Joint Stock Company (Faslink JSC.) is the merger between Xuan Phuong Nam Garment Joint Stock Company and An Thuan Phat Textile Garment Company.

During 10 years of operation, Faslink has always closely followed and continuously updated advanced garment technologies, certified with ISO 9001: 2008 management standards, and has been a Vietnamese High Quality product for many years. We are honored to accompany more than 900 large and small businesses operating in different fields, leaving a unique knowledge mark for each project.

Faslink strives to pursue a sustainable development model while maintaining its top priorities:

Ensure outstanding quality of products and services.Build a safe working environment for employees.Stay committed to customers, partners, social community.

Vision & mission
Faslink aims to become the leading company specializing in providing solutions for materials, accessories, uniforms and FOB service packages in Vietnam and in the region with a sustainable development strategy.

Our mission is to provide the most suitable material lines applying smart technology and professional apparel solutions to bring the highest value to customers and the community.
  • Health-friendly material
  • Simplify the storage process
  • Design meets aesthetic and creative criteria
  • Convey the culture and message of customers
  • Comfortable shape, helping the wearer to increase labor productivity
  • The production process does not affect the environment


The uniform package revolves around 3 criteria: Aesthetics - Quality - Utility. FASLINK brings safety and convenience, helps the wearer achieve the highest productivity at work, but also conveys the full message of the business.

Yarn fabric
Faslink was carefully selected based on the criteria of being environmentally friendly, safe for health and suitable for the humid tropical climate of Vietnam, launched high quality material lines, applied advanced technology. pioneer in production with intelligent and diverse features.

ODM production
Through this ODM manufacturing activity, FASLINK helps turn customers' ideas into a real design, under the leadership of talented Designers and Fabric Experts trained in France - the fashion capital of the world.

Core ideology

With the concept of quality as an honor, we are committed to strictly controlling the quality of each product with the goal of providing the best experience, helping customers to be completely confident when using the company's products.

We always pursue innovative ideas that can change society in a positive way, building products that improve the quality of life for customers and the community on the basis of knowledge and technology.

We are committed to always communicating the truth, producing quality products as announced. Besides, integrity at Faslink also means saying no to compromise for immediate profit.

By fair policies, we build a professional working environment with a spirit of mutual respect and a sustainable cooperation platform on the basis of mutual benefits for partners and customers.

Faslink is aware of the importance of sharing business performance with society. We contribute with job opportunities, programs to develop the Vietnamese fashion community, and volunteer programs.


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A collection of individuals who are passionate, aspirational, confident and always keep the spirit of seeking - the individuals behind Faslink's success. Along with the goal of building products with the right function, bringing maximum comfort to the wearer, Faslink has invested, researched and developed uniforms from the most basic element: Material. Thanks to the technology background and solid understanding of the source of materials, Faslink's team of experts is capable of consulting and developing new fabric samples (setting yarn density, fabric weight, adding additional features). from finishing technology, changing colors, textures, etc.) to meet the specific needs of each business.
In 12 years of operation, with a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians and designers, Faslink has made great strides in creating the most innovative solutions in the field of design and construction. production of uniforms. For us, uniform is a strategic tool for business, not just a garment. This philosophy and approach is at the core of our product development. Each uniform is designed by us to achieve 5 goals: expressing the spirit of culture and brand identity, suitable for a professional working environment, adapting to high frequency of use, meeting standards. high aesthetics and bring comfort and flexibility.