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68 BACH DANG Street, Ward 2,
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LOC PHAT BUILDING, FL 5th, 68 BACH DANG Street, Ward 2,

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Established in 2018 by the Board of Directors who are members with many years of experience and enthusiasm ; especially, is led by a Director with more than 20 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry. Up to now, LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS has increasingly affirmed its position as one of the leading enterprises in the field of freight forwarding, especially freight services from Vietnam to the booming North American market now.

According to Datamyne's latest statistics from the beginning of 2021 until now, LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS is ranked in the Top 10 of Vietnam's freight forwarders with the largest volume of goods exported to the North American market.

With the strength of the system, LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS can proactively declare and control import and export goods transported by sea, by air, as well as inland Transportation and customs clearance established by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (AMS), and ACI in the Canadian market. LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS as one of the major freight forwarders in Vietnam, offers its diversified services to customers with its personnel experienced and specializing on these services. LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS’s is offering the best logistics service by ONE TOUCH SYSTEM from marine transport to inland transport by constructing the newest container ships for document service and rapid and accurate business treatment. Customer’s cargo is divided into 20’/ 40’ CONTAINER according to its kind and is transported safely to the final destination. Therefore, we will do its best for customer satisfaction sincerely in each kind of service required and all the situations related to import/export. Highly computerized SMS system with scientific working on the filed makes it possible to move your valuable cargoes more safely, satisfying all parties with customized services. Any of your demand would be satisfied with LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS’s own customized service.

With its potential along with professionalism and prestige in business activities, LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS has become a close and reliable partner of many big freight forwarding companies around the world, belonging to major global logistics associations such as: WCA, JCTRANS, 5SLN, GLA, Seajet,... and is also a member of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and SCAC. Besides, LEGEND CARGO Logistics is a partner of many major shipping lines in the world such as: COSCO, ONE, OOCL, YANGMING, WANHAI, HMM, EVERGREEN, ZIM, TS LINES...

Along with the company's office and warehouse system spread throughout major cities in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City (headquarters), Hanoi, Hai Phong and Da Nang, LEGEND CARGO Logistics can provide services to customers across the country, with both FCL and LCL services. LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS’s Cargo terminal warehouse & CFS, CY with a wide space & total logistics system provides the one stop service for your valuable cargoes from warehousing, inventory control, custom clearance service the distribution with more efficiency. You can enjoy legend ’s Specialized Transportation System for the heavy project cargo, making the exact & safe delivery of Heavy Cargoes, Construction materials for Electrical Power Plant, Airport, Port construction projects. Bulky cargoes with heavy weight, over sized dimensions and big volumes like heavy equipments, vehicles, chemicals and danger cargoes which can not be loaded into 20’ / 40’ containers are transported by Bulk vessel with a plentiful of experiences. Besides, specialized service for the cargoes which need a temperature control is provided by LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS. Exact temperature preservation, the most important condition for this kind of cargo is carefully kept during the whole process with a careful handling.


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LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS’s is transporting your cargo to destination that you want with the best stability, quickness and inexpensiveness of transport cost as its target by constructing the inland transport system with custom clearance of import/export cargo comprehensively for unification of transport system as a part of customer satisfaction service plus policy. LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS’s economical efficiency of logistics and planning property of logistics transport system will lead efficient performances to your business. Therefore, you can feel the qualitative improvement of more simple and convenient logistics transport system directly through them. With the spirit of putting customer satisfaction at the center of all its activities, LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS always commits to:
  • Honest and professional advice
  • Always put the attitude and service quality first
  • Ensure delivery and receipt of goods, create value for partners
Besides business, LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS also regularly participates in supporting the community with charity trips in different regions and sponsors for sports programs. LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS is the main Sponsor of Tennis at the 6th "Olympic 2030" Sports Congress - 2020 with the desire to spread the message of "sport" to the business community. In business, Businessmen are not only talented and successful people, but also really healthy, young mentally to confidently carry out the great missions ahead.

With slogan: “LET CUSTOMERS LOVE”, LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS has non stopped effort to get successfully progressed from the beginning to renowned nationwide and worldwide reputation. LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS has grown to become a reliable logistics provider, consistent, and dedicated in offering its broad diversity of services and has progressed as one of the Leading International Freight Forwarders in Vietnam and worldwide.