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Mr. Linh Q. Le


Managing Director


W Office Building, 2nd Floor,
200 Pasteur St., Vo Thi Sau Ward,
Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City

W Office Building, 2nd Floor, 200 Pasteur St., Vo Thi Sau Ward, Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City

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The MODERN TOUCH was conceived in the city of Honolulu, Hawaii, which has one of the most beautiful and charming beaches in the United States. A chance to return to Vietnam with the family, Vietnamese-American Architect – Mr. Linh Q. Le has found that many domestic projects have inadequate handling methods, it’s not like other developed countries. The concern - partly because he wanted to be close to his family, partly because he wanted to dedicate himself to the cause of his country - prompted this architect to stay in Vietnam to start a new journey.

In 2013, MODERN TOUCH Design and Construction Company Limited - The MODERN TOUCH was born. Known as a Doctor of Architect with more than 25 years of experience in developing many large projects such as: residentials, commercial complexes, community projects, education and high-end resorts, spas… in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Vietnam… Mr. Linh Q. Le has steered the ship - The MODERN TOUCH to the big sea not only in the domestic market but also in the international market. A special feature of these buildings is that they are designed to meet the standards of function, energy regeneration and environment friendliness (LEED®AP).

Vision and Mission

With the vision of becoming a leading Design Consulting company in the “ Premium & Luxury ” segment, The MODERN TOUCH always carries with us the mission of “ Quality Design >.< Quality Life ” for each client according to the 5D standard: Precise - Sufficient - Worth - Beautiful - Unique.

Design Philosophy

The MODERN TOUCH wants to bring clients a breath of modern architecture while still honoring traditional spiritual values and distinctive brand and individual imprints. The motto of The MODERN TOUCH is to always respecting, listening to opinions and absolutely not imposing design thinking on clients. This working style and close interaction that has become an important catalyst to create architectural and interior projects with the most reasonable and delicate space. That is shown very clearly through the outstanding projects that The MODERN TOUCH has done such as: Movenpick Hotels & Residences Han River Da Nang, TMS Hotel & Spa Da Nang Beach, Tri Viet Hoi An Resort, Saigon Smile Spa System, the restaurant in Grand Mercure Hotel, Nam Viet A Mansion, Diamond Villa, Duplex and Penthouse…

Regardless of the nature of the work and the environment, The MODERN TOUCH always strives to devote all our heart and expertise to follow the design tasks and requirements of the client from Concept Design, Document Design, Construction Supervision until putting into use. Therefore, we has received absolute satisfaction and trust from clients.

The Modern Touch is honored to receive the Asia SME100 Award, which is an affirmation of TMT's ability after 8 years of development focusing on design consulting for the "Premium & Luxury" class. With the core design philosophy “We don't design villa, we design home. We don't design resort, we design lifestyle.” and the dedication of the great team at TMT, we have created valuable projects that receive absolute trust from clients and partners.

Mr. Linh Q. Le - Managing Director

Dedicated and professional team

The MODERN TOUCH owns a team of more than 60 employees including architects, engineers, designers, project managers, supervision consultants..., participating in many large domestic and foreign projects with the following roles: planning, architectural design, interior design, document design, project management, supervision consultancy, construction, etc. Each member, regardless of position, is involved in the entire project development process, make the most of their talents, elite qualities and strengths to create greater value for themselves, the company, clients, partners and the community.

Reliable and sustainable partners

Accompanying The MODERN TOUCH, it is impossible not to mention a number of prestigious partners with long and reliable cooperation such as Benjamin Woo Architects, WATG, Hyatt Regency, Movenpick Hotels & Resorts, Poliform, Gessi, Kohler, Cara Lighting, Eurasia, Formica… All together contribute and resonate in the journey with the mission of creating quality of life values for clients, the community and the world.