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Segawa So




28bis Mac Dinh Chi St.,
Da Kao Ward, Dist.1, HCMC

28bis Mac Dinh Chi St., Da Kao Ward, Dist.1, HCMC

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50 (including partners)


About Pascalia Group

Pascalia Co.Ltd was established in 1988 in Japan and has been in the IT industry for more than 30 years. Pascalia Asia Vietnam (PAV) was founded in 2016 and has started the journey since then and we currently have 3 nationwide branches which are located at Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hai Phong.

We are in charge of a wide range of businesses such as client work business, IT/consulting business, infrastructure business, data analysis business, in-house web service business, and offshore development business in a wide variety of industries. By continuously enhancing and updating, we always get a chance to work with new technologies everyday.

Pascalia Group - The Flat Organization

Pascalia is shaping our company culture as a flat organization where all the members are equal (including CEO, Managers, Devs). Regardless of roles, we are building culture together on a common value of mission and vision, where members are more empowered, operated with a greater degree of managerial independence and are expected to take responsibility for a range of traditionally managerial decisions in their work and contribution to the company. Moreover, since Pascalia is a flat organization, we also share stocks and dividends for members based on their performance. To us, Pascalia's assets are Pascalia members' assets. Every contribution of the members to the company is well-recognized, highly appreciated and rewarded. Every member is treated fairly in Pascalia. Because we believe that: the more you feel satisfied, the more you feel happy.

Furthermore, we are building the organizational structure according to the AMOEBA system where each project is considered as a small company, leaders, potential leaders and members (out-sourcing) will decide all the matters related to projects (including salary, sharing-profit). Leaders will be the CEO, potential leaders will be CTOs of the company. All of the decision-making depends on your team. With this system, you will actively create a dynamic, enthusiastic, and proactive working environment & open­sharing culture with your own work. Pascalia creates the environment where everyday you have tons of exciting challenges and opportunities at work.


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PASCALIA GROUP - The Place for Learning and Growth

We proudly say that Pascalia is "The place for learning and growth" for every engineer who is studious and excited to look for new challenges. We always motivate and support our engineers to actively develop skills they love and update new and "trendy" skills by our training and coaching program.

At Pascalia, we have multiple types of career paths to suit each character of each engineer. Since we are working with end-users, we actively control the project and are able to rotate members through projects. Accompanying our training and coaching program, through projects' rotation, engineers can develop their skills, work with their favorite fields and be able to upgrade their living standards.
Furthermore, we are working as a hybrid model. We are creating a place where Vietnamese engineers are able to work directly with Japanese end-users without any other subcontractors. We have established a working model to let Vietnamese engineers (PAV) work together with Japanese engineers (PA), which helps not only to enhance and update the technical skills of Vietnamese engineers but also Japanese engineers have more spare time to think of new technologies. It also leads to the fact that the cost also will be cut down to the more affordable price for clients. In this context, all of us are all happily working together.

The purpose of Pascalia is to create new social value for medium and small-sized enterprises, connect all the related people to make the community where we can provide all high-quality service with good cost to approach every single person in society. And to actualize the purpose, we focus on investing in our engineers and related partners for both technical and soft-skills.

PASCALIA GROUP - THE MISSION AND VISION - With an altruistic spirit , everyone will be happy !

After all, together with our members, clients, partners and all the related people, we would like to create a community where everyone feels happy and enjoys life everyday. It is going to be a journey full of exciting challenges and we strongly believe that we definitely can make it in the near future !

So, why don’t you join us to make the world filled with happiness ?