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All our clients work directly with the founders of THUONG HIEU VU. No exceptions.

The personalized, boutique scale of THUONG HIEU VU helps precisely identify client needs and requirements in addition to setting strategic targets and outcomes. We harness our personal experiences and our high level of dedication in order to ensure total project success.

The idea of combining Thuong Hieu Vu's call to protect the forest into a music video while implementing the brand strategy for the Minera Hot Spring Binh Chau has helped “The Forest” spread quickly, creating a good impression in the hearts of viewers. "The Forest" reflects the view of people who love nature and life in the context that the whole modern society is running after material civilization while forgetting about the problems of the natural environment. The call of enjoying the comforts of human life has overwhelmed the wailing sound of Mother Nature, as more and more skyscrapers rise and hectares of forest are cleared to serve the hobby of using precious wood furniture. Every year the forest area lost as a football field will be converted into a flooded village in Vietnam, then followed by disease and famine. The loop goes on and on because of man's endless greed for goods. In "The Forest", an excellent combination of beautiful lyrics and creative melodies, outstanding performances by artists such as Meritorious Artist Thanh Loc, singer Vu Cat Tuong, rapper Yuno Big Boy, saxophone Tran Manh Tuan, creating the powerful call to protect the forest and living environment.

This award will be a valuable complement for our team's belief, as an appreciation for creating our lifestyle, which combines the responsibility of protecting the environment into every marketing and branding idea.

After winning this award, we will keep raising our voice for the environmentally responsible lifestyle of marketing agencies.